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  1. Fysika kai skeftikame oti to cache auto isos na einai ena kakougousto asteio i farsa. Omos prepei na yparxei ena klima empistosinis metaksy mas. Me auto dedomeno, an ontos to cache auto einai farsa tote tha prepei na ginei amesos archived kai to username auto na ginei banned apo to Geocaching.com. Den nomizoume oti prepei na anexomaste tetoiou eidous symperifora i opoia sto kato kato mporei na odigisei kai se akrotites tou styl opos se ekeino to arthro tou CNN sto topic "Geocaching and Trouble with the Authorities". Fantastite enan tourista pou den xerei oti to aerodromio Makedonia einai kai stratiotiko na kanei gyrous me GPS ekso apo ton fraxti tou aerodromiou, na exei kai kamia fotografiki mazi tou....ti exei na pathei... :ph34r:


    Agapite Saki, check your email!!! sou steilame mail meso tou geocaching.com eksigontas pos mporeis na valeis photo sta forums. :blink:



    Shrek & Fiona

  2. Bravo for the new caches here in Greece at the northern parts,


    but please, add more lines to your descriptions.

    Half of a line as a whole cache's description is not what people who will hunt your cache want ! :)

    If you were about to start a hunt for a cache would you like to find such minimalistic information about it?

    The more information you write on your caches the more people it attracts !




    Hello Yianni!


    We're guessing that you are reffering to the cache "panos" ( GCTC7T ) that appeared today! As we are from Thessaloniki this cache went immediately into our watchlist :huh: However, after looking at the cache location with Google Earth it looks like this cache is sitting *** inside *** the perimeter fence of Makedonia Airport only 300-m from the main runway!!! :) . We are wondering if the cache location is accessible to the general public! Please adivise! More info would be wise when hiding a cache in such places.... :)


    Shrek & Fiona

  3. Dear Antonis_GR,


    Thank you for your message! All of your points are very logical and valid. Please consider the following points also:


    This is the post we were referring to:

    "Finally, after a long discussion at the First 2006's Greek Geocaching Meeting, we decided with 4 votes to 0 to write our messages in English. "


    "but all communties must run under some rules, or we move to anarchy. Do you think that posting without rules is better? Can you protect this forum from advertising-, porno-, racism- or whatever else links or messages without restrictions and edits? "

    Of course we are not suggesting that there should be no rules! Rules and restrisctions should be in place where they are needed and enforced accordingly. But don't forget...rules and laws are made to serve people not the other way around!


    Keeping the forum clean is extremely important and this is the best argument for writting in English. As you pointed out there is a solution to your problem and that is Greeklish: If someone posts a message using Greek characters you could simply remove it from the list and ask that person to re-submit their post using latin characters (Greeklish). Is this something that could be done?


    How about these general guidelines?


    1. The official languages of this forum are Greek and English.


    2. All Forum Topic subjects should be in English (to make searching easier

    and compatible with other forums).


    3. For technical reasons people who wish to converse in Greek must do so using Greeklish. People who use a Greek character set would have their posts removed and asked to resubmit using a latin character set. (This restriction can be later removed if the language character issue is somehow resolved in the future.)


    If the whole Geocaching community used English in their forums that would be very helpful. But you have German speaking, French speaking, Spanish speaking etc forums...so it seems unfair not to allow Greek geocachers to converse in their own language. Are we the only two Greek geocachers who feel this way?


    Best regards,

    Shrek & Fiona

  4. We had a long conversation about the language we will use in Forum and finally, we decided to post messages in English for various reasons. And we will keep it!


    I think that for the first (Forum posts) we have make our majority decision.

    Dear friend Antonis_GR,


    Regarding forum posts, please keep in mind:


    - The Greek Geocaching community is larger than the four people who attended the 2006 First Greek Geocaching meeting, so the majority that you claim may not be valid!


    - This is not an organisation with a manifest where members can vote for this or that. This is a forum!


    - If you look at the PROSKLITIRIO topic you will see that people were perfectly happy writting messages in Greek and/or English.


    Please don't misunderstand us, you did a fantastic job creating a Greek geocaching forum where geocachers from Greece can come together to talk and discuss things.


    However, *** please do not impose restrictions on people ***


    Trust people to use their common sense and use whatever language they believe would get their message accross.


    Happy Geocaching!

  5. We agree! English should be the universal language for Geocaching not only in Greece but worldwide. However, if you try looking for caches in countries such as Germany, France, even Holland and Russia you will find that the cache descriptions are in the native language! What is even more frustrating is when people (for some reason mostly Germans) log their finds in their native language even when the cache is located in Greece and the cache description is in English!


    We are not suggesting that we should post cache descriptions in Greek (given the extremely small Greek Geocaching community that would not work) but we feel that, at least here in the Greek forum, people should be given the chance to write in Greek or at least Greeklish (to avoid database storage issues) if they feel like it.


    Our best regards,

    Shrek & Fiona

  6. Γεια σας και από εμάς!


    Ήμαστε οι Shrek & Fiona (aka: Ζάχος και Κατερίνα).


    Ανακαλύψαμε το Geocaching μόλις το προηγούμενο καλοκαίρι και από τότε όποτε μας δίνεται η ευκαιρία παίρνουμε τα βουνά και ψάχνουμε! :ph34r: Χρησιμοποιούμε ένα Garmin GPSMAP 60CS και ένα Garmin Forerunner 301. Ήμαστε από Θεσσαλονίκη αλλά αυτήν την περίοδο μένουμε στο Ηράκλειο στην Κρήτη.


    Καλό Gecaching σε όλους! :ph34r:

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