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  1. I said;

    "It's important that the source says that this is the official name (i.e. not just the provisional reference). ".


    I have no axe to grind about this, but I don't like to see people getting hot under the collar about what appears to be a misunderstanding.


    We would argue that there is no 'official' name for that country yet...but then we would get into technicalities of what constitutes an 'official' name, who decides about it etc etc....an issue better left to diplomats rather than geocachers...even though we are sure geocachers can be a lot better than diplomats in a lot of cases (...or caches :ph34r: )


    Our participation (Shrek & Fiona's) in this forum is intended to raise awareness on this issue, not to try and force anyone to accept anything. So please do not feel like we are 'attacking' you in any way.


    Best regards,

    Shrek & Fiona

  2. In these circumstances... education is always the best option. I fear that if what YanniG proposed actually happened... many in Greek Geocaching community would be alienated and the fun of geocaching ruined for a lot of people to no end at all.


    We couldn't agree with you more!


    Best of luck in all of this, and I look forward to seeing your historical series... maybe something similar to Cache Across America series could be done.


    Could you please direct us to any of these "Caches Across America". Maybe we could find some very useful ideas by looking at those.


    best regards,

    Shrek & Fiona

  3. Well, after a research at www.un.org the name of the country in question is "Macedonia, The FYR of"

    I do not see this at the country list of gc.com but half of it...

    Do you have a link to the UN page that confirms this? It's important that the source says that this is the official name (i.e. not just the provisional reference). I can't easily find the relevant web page. The UN site often refers to the FYR of M but I believe that it's a convention they're using to avoid causing offence. I'm no expert so I could be wrong - but then Wikipedia would be wrong as well.


    see our previous post :ph34r:

  4. It is curious that we do not hear anything official from the authorities of gc.com ! ! !

    Isn't their answer above enough?


    And what IS the official UN name for the country in question (in your opinion)? I guess you ignored my earlier post because it was not what you wanted to hear! :ph34r:


    Dear HH,


    If you go to the UN site below you will find the 'proper' name under which the UN recognises that country.

    The country is not under "M" not even under "F" but under "T" for "The former...".




    This is exactly what we mean that people need to be educated. Remember Wikipedia due to its nature is NOT a valid source of information and should not be referenced when trying to support facts.



    Shrek & Fiona


    I would think that the geocaching community in that country was being very petty and simple minded. Remember this is a political debate between nations not one which the geocaching community can or will resolve.



    You are absolutely right about this. The geocaching community, even if it wanted to, cannot resolve the naming dispute. We also agree that disabling all of the Greek caches as a protest is an extreme measure, and would probably do more damage to our cause than good. We are glad to see well informed people like you that understand the reality of this issue, but at the same time we are saddened to see people here who based on their ignorance believe that this is a silly issue or an issue that does not deserve attention (even outside of Geocaching.com). It is those people that we feel have to be educated. This is why we have proposed to the Greek geocaching community a series of historical caches placed all over Greece that trace the history of Greece from ancient times up to now. In this way geocachers visiting Greece would also get a lesson learning about the history of the country they are visiting.


    Best regards,

    Shrek & Fiona

  6. This whole depate is silly (sorry about that).

    I don't know how you Greeks can be proud of war crimes made by Alexander. It's a fact because what else you can call all that empire building. So this all depends from what perspective you look at this thing. So drop this silly depate and let Macedonia be what it is.


    It is easy to insult someone. I could easily insult you by saying that you have no way of understanding this issue because you come from a country whose history is not older than 100 years. Oh sorry...what did you say? it is not so? Did I manage to strike a nerve there? The history of Alexander and Macedonia is the history of Greece. War crimes or not, bad or good this is OUR history and not theirs. But of course you would never understand because at the time when Alexander the Great was committing "war crimes" your people were up in trees chewing fruit or living in caves. Is that insult enough for you? Being ignorant and letting things just be what they are because we can't be bothered to set things right is what is silly.

  7. :ph34r: mipos thatan kalitera na apetisoyme na ipostirizete kai i elliniki glossa???...........


    Mia tetoia protasi eixe xanaginei otan o Antonis dimiourgise to forum. An den exoun allaksei ton tropo me ton opoio douleyoun ta fonts tote den tous symferei dioti ena elliniko gramma pianei san 4 latinika...opote kai xreiazontai 4 fores to xoro apothikeysis mono kai mono gia na exoun ellinika.

  8. ...nomizo oti gia ta cache poy bazoyme edo stin Ellada,tha epprepe i perigrafi na ine sta agglika sigoyra,alla kai sta ellinika (greeklish)...

    tha eprepe nane kanonas na grafonte sta agglika kai sti glossa toy kratoys opoy topothetite i cache...

    distixos omos emeis i idioi perifronoyme ti glossa mas.Den exo dei kanena na to kanei...

    meta i Makedonia mas marane kai o sfeterismos.............................


    Giati grafontas greeklish den sfeterizesai tin elliniki glossa? :ph34r: Tha legame oti oxi apla tin sfeterizesai alla kai tin katastrefeis! B)


    Sovara tora pantos, grafontas kai elliniki perigrafi isos itan kalo. Emeis apla den to kanoume giati theoroume pos gia na ftiaksei kaneis account sto Geocaching.com pou einai olo sta agglika kai na psaksei na vrei caches exei idi arketi gnosi agglikon opote den xreiazetai na leme ta pragmata dyo fores. B)



    Shrek & Fiona

  9. .....poly fasaria gia to tipota nomizo...tosa xronia poy egrafan Makedonia den to skeftike kaneis na diamartirithei,tora mas pire o ponos??

    Akoma kai an to allaksoyn se FYROM,sta profile ton pekton apo tin sigkekrimeni xora den prokite na allaksei tipota .Oloi Makedonia kai dimokratia tis Makedonias anagrafoyn ...

    telos stis Hnomenes Polities tis Amerikis iparxoyn kamposes poleis me to onoma Athina.Den ida na diamartirithei kaneis gia ayto....


    H diafora file tetras einai oti autes oi poleis den sfeterizontai tin istoria tis Athinas. Den lene oti autoi einai oi pragmatikoi Athinaioi apogonoi tou Perikli. Isa isa otan akoume oti yparxoun kamia 20aria Athines ston kosmo polles fores yperifaneyomaste giati xrisimopoioun auto to onoma. Auti i diamaxi me ta Skopia gia to onoma omos den einai gia to onoma auto kathe auto. Emas den mas endiaferei an oi Skopianoi theloun na onomazontai Makedones i oxi. Sto kato kato eite meneis sto Athens (Greece) i sto Athens (Georgia, USA) Athineos legesai! Emas mas endiaferei na min diastrevlonetai i istoriki alitheia prokeimenou ena ethnos na apoktisei ( stin sygkekrimeni periptosi: klepsei) tin ethniki tautotita tou. Auto einai pou prepei na stamatisoume kai auto stamataei mono me tin synexi enimerosi, ekpaideysi kai epimorfosi ton istorikon gegonoton.



    Shrek & Fiona

  10. Dear friends,


    The problem here is not just about a name. As someone wrote here sometimes we can even feel pride if someone else is using our name. However, the issue here is more complex and I dare say in some ways sinister too. You see, the region that is now called Republic of Macedonia up until 1945 was called Vardar.

    The name Macedonia up until then refered only to the Greek Macedonia region. After the end of WWII Yugoslav leader Tito named the region now called FYROM, Macedonia (The region incidentally occupies about 25% of what was ancient Macedonia). Tito did this as a first step to claim the region of Greek Macedonia (Which occupies about 55% of the ancient Macedonia - the rest is in Bulgaria). Claiming the Greek Macedonian region would provide Yugoslavia with access to the Aegean Sea. However, Tito never succeeded in finding an excuse to invade Greece and gain access to the Aegean.


    Now, after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the break-up of Yugoslavia the people living in what is now called FYROM became an independent nation. So they have a need to define their national identity, history and heritage. THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES. They claim that they are descendants of Alexander the Great and the ancient Greek tribe of Macedon. They do this because they would like to have a glorius past and history. For us however, history proud Greeks (and we have every right to be so), this is unnacceptable. We will not allow someone else to distort history and historical facts in order for them to built themshelves a heritage. Some of them even go as far as saying that Greece should give up the name Macedonia because they are the true Macedonians. Alexander the Great did not speak Slavic, did not write in Cyrillic. He spoke and wrote ancient Greek. The Slavic tribes arrived in the region ~1,000 years after the death of Alexander the Great.


    I hope that now you understand a bit better this very sensitive issue for us Greeks. It is not about the name, it is about what the name implies. It is as if the United States laid claim to the history of the British Empire just because they happen to occupy some of the land that used to belong to the British.


    Best regards,

    Shrek & Fiona

  11. Kalispera kai pali,


    Den nomizoume oti i sosti taktiki einai na apomonothoume apo tous ypoloipous Geocachers tou kosmou. Opos eipame akoma kai an eksafanistoun ola ta caches poy yparxoun stin Ellada to Geocaching tha synexisei kanonika apo touristes kai allous.


    Sto thema allagis tis onomasias ta pragmata einai para poly dyskola. To pithanotero pou mporei na epiteyxthei (kai auto poly dyskola) einai na allaksoun tin onomasia se "FYR Macedonia", opos ginetai stis selides tou BBC. To na eksafanisoume apo to Geocaching.com tin leksi "Macedonia" den prokeitai na ginei. Opoio country list kai na deis sto internet i xora anaferetai san "Macedonia" kai dipla isos yparxei kai to FYR i to Former Yugoslav Rebublic of, an kai stis perissoteres dystixos einai sketo "Macedonia" i "Republic of Macedonia".


    Pisteyoume oti i epimorfosi einai to kalytero mas oplo. Exoume tin Istoria me to meros mas. Sto kato kato den einai i onomasia pou prepei na fovomaste alla to ti proothoun mesa apo tin onomasia, diladi tin diastreylosi tis istorikis alitheias prokeimenou na apoktisoun ethniki tautotita. Epimorfonontas etsi ton kathe tourista i xeno geocacher pou erxetai stin Ellada kai vazontas ton na to psaksei ligo to thema prokeimenou na vrei ena cache tote tou dinoume na katalavei oti oi arxaioi makedones oudemia sxesi exoun me tous anthropous pou zoun stin xora ton Skopion. Emeis elpizoume syntoma na etoimasoume mia seira apo caches pou tha lene tin istoria tis Makedonias apo tin arxaiotita mexri simera.



    Shrek & Fiona

  12. Parakato einai i apantisi pou pirame apo ton Erik sxetika me to thema.




    Shrek & Fiona


    > Hi,


    > Nice to hear from you. If you hid a cache in Greece written in Greek it

    > would be approved, but you'd loose the potential tourist visits to your cache. A cache hidden in Germany

    > but written in Greek would probably be approved too, but as a puzzle cache. :blink:


    > Seriously, I would not have published the cache you cited if it did not say "English description later..." and

    > if caches weren't so few and far between in Greece. In Italy and Spain, other popular tourist destinations

    > for Germans, we have asked that caches be in another language besides German, and it looks like we'll

    > need to do the same here.


    > I'll remind the owner of this one.


    > Regards,

    > erik

  13. Paidia auto to thema einai terastio kai polyploko. Parakato einai merikes skepseis sxetika me auto to thema.


    Dystixos exoume na kanoume me etairia kai oxi me enan organismo o opoios prepei na akolouthei to diethnes dikaio. To Geocaching.com einai Amerikaniki etairia kai i Amerikaniki kyvernisi exei anagnorisei ta Skopia os "Republic of Macedonia" mazi me alles 115 xores. Opote mporoun na mas poun oti efoson i kyvernisi tous anagnorizei tin xora auti me auto to onoma tote ki autoi tha xrisimopoiioun to onoma auto diladi Makedonia. Se auto emeis mporoume na antitaksoume pos o OHE kai i EE anagnorizei ta Skopia os FYROM pou den nomizoume oti tha tous sygkinisei kai poly.


    Tora sxetika me tin "apergia". Einai poly akraia energeia alla polles fores akraies katastaseis apaitoun akraies energeies. As doume omos ti pragmatika mporei na symvei an to kanoume auto. Oson afora tis syndromes den nomizoume oti tha tous peiraksei katholou. Posa esoda exoun apo syndromes kai TBs apo tin Ellada? Me tipota den ksepernan ta $1,000 to xrono. Poso midamino gi'autous an analogistei kaneis posa registered members exoun ana ton kosmo.


    Apenergopoiontas ola ta Ellinka caches tha meinoun merika pou exoun mpei apo touristes i apo xenous pou zoun stin Ellada. To Geocaching stin Ellada oson afora tous touristes tha synexistei kanonika apla me ligotera caches. Episis tha fanoume emeis os autoi pou dimiourgoun provlima. Oi perissoteroi Geocachers pou erxontai stin Ellada apla tha ekneyristoun pou apenergopoiisame ta caches.


    Proteinoume loipon na antimetopisoume auto to thema me taytoxrona me dyo tropous:


    1) Na oristei kapoios antiprosopos ton Geocachers stin Ellada kai na milisei apeytheias me tin dieythinsi tis

    etairias eksigontas tis eyaisthisies ton Ellinon cachers kathos kai tous diethneis kanonismous (px. OHE kai EE).


    2) Anamfisvitita oi Skopianoi paizoun poly vromiko paixnidi kai kati prepei na kanoume gi'auto. Opos poly sosta eipe o filos mas o Sakis oi perissoteroi xenoi xrisimopoioun to onoma Makedonia gia na perigrapsoun tin FYROM logo agnoias. Ekei loipon pisteyoume oti prepei na patisoume emeis. To deytero loipon meros tis prospatheias mas tha itan na topothetisoume para polla caches ana tin Ellada pou tha proagoun tin Ellinikotita tis Makedonias me istorika stoixeia. Tipota tou styl "Macedonia is Greek" alla ta caches pou tha vazoume na epimorfonoun tous touristes kai xenous gia tin pragmatiki istoria tis Makedonias.


    Ti lete?



    Shrek & Fiona


    Kai merika statistika:




    Caches: 17 - Geocachers: 3-4




    Caches: 364 Geocachers: 25-30

  14. Mias kai exoume piastei me ethnika themata...Prosfata eidame ena cache to "Herodotos Spring" (GC139ZM) tou opoiou i perigrafi einai mono sta Germanika me ena "English description later..." sto telos. Os Ellines oi opoioi den gnorizoun Germanika den nomizoume oti auto einai sosto. Fantazomaste pos an kapoios ekryve ena cache stin Germania i akoma kai stin Ellada me tin perigrafi grammeni mono sta Ellinika den tha ginotan pote approved. Ef'oson loipon kalos i kakos ta Agglika theorountai pleon i pagkosmia glossa den tha eprepe na ypirxe enas kanonas pou na leei pos otan kryveis ena cache i perigrafi tou tha prepei na einai stin glossa tin opoia milane stin xora pou einai krymmeno to cache kai/i sta Agglika kai meta se opoia alli glossa theloume?



    Shrek & Fiona


    Kai gia na mhn theorhthei oti ta bazo me to saki, nomizo oti kalo tha htan na mhn eimaste genikotera kai poly eyaisthtoi se "oriakes" ekfraseis, otan aytes den mas prosballoyn prosopika. O kathenas re paidia ekfrazetai opos exei mathei h opos exei synhthisei. Ti tha kanoyme tora? To daskalo, th mama h ton mpampa? Sto kato kato ki emena me enoxlei apisteyta poy o sakis grafei Ellada=trogli, alla den ton xezo dhmosia. Perimeno na to kano otan synanththoyme apo konta... :rolleyes:


    As to kleisoyme to thema sas parakalo poly kai na pame na vroyme kanena koytaki! :D .


    Filika, Antonis


    Antoni, exeis dikio se auta pou les kai emeis isos antidrasame ypervolika. Alla otan kati ginetai mia-dyo fores to agnoeis meta omos ginetai enoxlitiko. Elpizoume oti o filos mas o Sakis (kai to leme auto xoris katholou ironia) na katalavainei ti ennoume. Hmaste sigouroi oti sto meeting pou tha diorganosoume stin Thessaloniki ton Septemvrio tha ta thymomaste ola auta kai tha kanoume plaka. Opos eipes ki esy den theloume na xathei i 'mageia' apo auto to paixnidi. Rantevou loipon kapoia mera tou Septemvri file Saki kai Antoni kai oi frapedes kerasmenoi! :D


    Kalo Geocaching se olous,

    Shrek & Fiona

  16. :) xaxaxaxaxaxa giannisp gia na sou doso mia e3igisi na katalabeis ti pezei mesa edo.

    Krataei xronia afti i kolonia me ton shrek (oxi tin fiona).

    Mpes ligo ston kopo na diabaseis pio palia forums kai tha deis oti otan ego ekana kanena pipereto sxolio o shrek amesos prosbalotan gia to axreio (pou omologoumenos exo) epipedo mou,

    Etsi kai tora molis anefera tin le3i (3ereis pia) enistate kai thelei na mou balei piperi sto stoma!!!!!!!!

    Akomi tha prose3es ton apithmeno farisaismo pou epikratei.Ti thelo na po, gia poles meres oute mia kalimera den legotan mesa sto forum alla molis ipothike i le3i (3ereis pia) pesan oloi na me fane



    Tin kalispera mou se olous sas


    PS shrek gia 3anades to post mou ,nomizo oti to kaliterefsa :cry:


    Exeis apolyto dikio! Den prokeitai na xanasxoleithoume mazi sou. Mono pou sto xanaleme, oti sto forum mpainoun paidia (eite to pisteyeis eite oxi) gi'auto prosexe ta logia sou. Tha parakalousame ton/tous moderators tou forum na paroun thesi pano se auto zitima.


    kala myala,

    Shrek KAI Fiona

  17. :) gianni den exeis adiko !

    distixos giname ermea tis texnologias.An kai ego panta elega ''trote tin texnologia me to koutali'' enoontas oti kanei kalo stin kaliterefsi tis zois mas ....alla oxi kai etsi,koitame kai ligo ton dromo

    Mou arese akomi kai i topothetisi sou ''epitelous giname europeoi''An kai malon oi europeoi pesan stin dikia mas blakeia kai oxi emeis na aneboume sto diko tous epipedo

    Eimaste europeoi os pros to euros tou *****,malon!!!




    PS asxeto alla to gemenidio pou ebales ti rolo baraei???


    Kapoios moderator oligorise! Tha synistousame to parapano post na diagrafei.


    Tetoies ekfraseis einai anepitreptes sto forum opou epaneleimena exoume pei oti diavazoun kai paidia. Saki EISAI ADIKAIOLOGITOS NA PROSEXEIS TIS EKFRASEIS SOU! Poly oraios "Eyropaikos" tropos na ekfrazeis tis apopseis sou. Ef'oson niotheis oti i Ellas einai trogli kai exeis toso arnitiki apopsi gia tin xora pou zeis tha sou synistousame na metakomoiseis se mia xora analogi tou "epipedou" sou.


    Shrek & Fiona

  18. :huh:


    Ekana enan elenxo se ola ta cache tis Ellados kai eida oti mono 8 eixan episkepsei xthes apo 4 atoma sinolika!!!!!!!!!!!


    Malon einai apokardiotika na noumera tis e3aplosis tou geocaching stin Ellada


    Kala file Saki,

    tora to katalaves oti oi ntopioi protimoun to frape kai na aplosoun tin arida brosta apo tin tv?

    Giauto ormisane mesa stin xora mas oloi oi ksenoi kai se ligo tha mas petaksoun ekso...

    Oti den petyxan oi tourkoi 400 xronia, to petyxan i nokia, i vodafone, kai i savoura-tv.

    H neolaia - kai oxi mono, koimatai ton ypno ton vary file mou...akoma kai otan perpataei koitaei kato ... sto kinito !!!




    Symfonoume apolyta!

    Auto einai ena terastio thema pros syzitisi (poly perissotera tha mporousame na poume se kapoio meeting).

    Mia alli apli sygkrisi pou mporeite na kanete einai na deite posa caches yparxoun px stin Portogalia. Mia xora idiou megethous, plythismou kai peripou tou idiou voiotikou epipedou me tin Ellada. Stin Ellada yparxoun ~340 kai stin Portogalia ~1000. Dystixos i nootropia stin Ellada einai tetoia pou asxoleies san to Geocaching fantazoun eksogiines! H nootropia omos allazei poly arga kai mono me sosti ekpaidesi. Tis proales to sxoleio opou douleyei i Fiona ekane ena taksidi stin Dania kai ekei mia apo tis asxoleies pou eixan organosei oi Danoi itan na dosoun apo ena GPS se kathe mia omada paidion kai ta afisan eleythera stin poli na mazepsoun diafora krymena stoixeia gia tin poli tous, kati san ekpaideytiko Geocaching diladi :) . Edo oi kathigites tou sxoleiou den exoun idea ti einai to GPS. Fantasteite diafora stin poiotita ekpaideysis. Exoume akousei polla 'koufa' tou styl: "Giati na paro GPS gia na me parakolouthoun oi Amerikanoi pou pao kai ti kano???" :cool: :cool: H Dania exei peripou to miso plythismo tis Elladas kai peripou tin misi ektasi....etsi gia plaka peigenete na deite posa caches yparxoun ekei!



    Shrek & Fiona

  19. P.S: ta ypoloipa sto meeting


    Dystixos, an kai theloume para poly na erthoume ki emeis sto meeting gia akomi mia fora den tha mporesoume. To na pas apo tin Kriti sto Pilio gia ena mono S/K den einai kai to pio eykolo pragma :)



    Shrek & Fiona





    Diladi theleis na mas peis oti rixneis idees kai oloi emeis oi ypoloipoi tha treksoume na valoume ta caches?

    Den nomizo oti to athlima xreiazetai paxya logia.Ean den treksei o kathenas mas na valei apo ena cache to mina, to athlima tha pethanei...DEN PREPEI NA PERIMENOUME ETOIMA APO TOUS ALLOUS...

    Oi ideologia pou pas na peraseis einai lathos kai den exei thesi sto geocaching.Ean theleis na valeis kapoia caches, auta tha einai euprosdekta, alla otan les aorista na "topothetisoume" e, auto theoro oti den prepei na perasei asxoliasto...


    Oso gia tin arxi sto geocaching tin exoun kanei prin apo sena atoma pou vrikan ligotera apo 50-60 caches se oli tin Ellada kai valane ta dynata tous kai tin gemisane me perissotera xoris paxya logia.


    Edo isos yparxei ena thema symperiforas, pou isos tha prepei na syzitisoume. O sixoremenos filos mas (apo ta kalytera nick names pou exoume dei! :huh: ) ekane mia protasi. Den prostakse kanenan na kanei auto pou protinei. Erxetai loipon o YanniG kai tou leei na kanei ta logia tou prakseis. Ki eno o YanniG mporei na exei tis kalyteres protheseis kai apla na milaei me auton ton tropo gia na mas "piesei" na valoume caches, o tropos me ton opoio milise sigoura den einai o kalyteros. To na pei kapoios mia idea sto forum den einai kako, akoma ki an den mporei na tin ylopoiisei! Kai isos na min ksexname oti to Geocaching se kamia periptosi den einai "athlima". Einai paixnidi! Alloi xairontai auto to paixnidi vazontas caches, alloi vriskontas kai alloi kanontas kai ta dyo. Isos kapoioi vlepoun auto to paixnidi ligo pio sovara apo allous, isos gia allous na einai tropos zois kai gia allous opos eipame na min einai tipota allo para ena aplo paixnidi. To an kapoios exei vrei/valei 100, 200, 1000 caches gia emas den exei kamia simasia. Simasia exei na apolamvaneis kai na xairesai auto pou kaneis.




  21. File Saki,


    Giati na arkestoume sta topografika simeia? kai otan ta vroume ola meta ti tha kanoume??? Tha mporoume vevaia episis na pernoume syntetagmenes apo periptera, pyrosvestikous krounous, staseis leoforeion, piatses taxi, gefyres, pezogefyres, diastavroseis, diavaseis, limania, aerodromia ktl ktl......elpizoume na epiases to noima :D:D:):D:D:D:D



    Shrek & Fiona

  22. Τέλος θέλω να ξέρεις ( και οι υπόλοιποι που διαβάζουν αυτό το μήνυμα )ότι εγώ από εδώ και εμπρός μόνο στο Ελληνικό portal θα ανακοινώνω τα νέα cach που θα τοποθετώ για να υποστηρίξω την προσπάθειά σου

    Φιλικά sakis


    File Saki,


    Pisteyoume oti auto tha itan megalo lathos gia dyo logous:


    1) To koino pou tha mporouse na vrei ta cache tha einai poly periorismeno 10-20 atoma apo tin Ellada enanti ekantontades touristes apo to eksoteriko kai


    2) Pisteyoume oti to geocaching einai ena pagkosmio paixnidi sto opoio den prepei na eksairoume tous mi ellines "varvarous" :ph34r::mellow::ph34r:. Fantazomaste pos an to epithymeis den yparxei periorismos na grafeis ta cache descriptions sta ellinika kai apo kato na exeis kai metafrasi sta agglika. An kai den to exoume dei auto akoma se elliniko cache pisteyoume tha itan poly pio xrisimo apo to vazeis ta cache se ena portal opou den tha mporoun na to diavasoun osoi den xeroun ellinika.


    Sxetika me to elliniko portal,


    Antoni ekanes poly kali douleia kai me poly kali prothesi. Omos, opos eipes ki esy den imaste toso sigouroi gia tin xrisimotita ellinikou portal me autin tin morfi. Emeis exoume na proteinoume kati isos pio xrisimo. Tha mporousame isos na axiopoiisoume autin tin toso kali douleia oxi apla os mia elliniki antigrafi tou geocaching.com alla os kati sympliromatiko. Oloi mas exoume kanei kapoio taksidi gia na psaksoume i na krypsoume ena cache kai eksaitias autou na doume nea meri. Kanontas auto to taxidi peirame empeiries sxetika me tin diadromi, tin perioxi ktl. Tha mporousame se auto to portal loipon na kataxoroume ena pio analytiko log gia kathe cache pou na periexei perissoteres plirofories gia ton topo. P.x. An kathisate kapou na fate se kapoia taverna kai sas arese, an yparxoun alles diadromes konta stin perioxi i kati pou aksizei na dei kaneis kai den anaferetai sto arxiko cache description. Antoni, syxgaritiria kai pali gia tin prospatheia kai tin protovoulia.




  23. Gia na veveothoume oti ontos einai farsa isos kapoios prepei na kanei mia volta apo ekei kai na dei oti ontos den yparxei prosvasi sto xoro. An kai ap'oti fenetai sto Google Earth kata 99% einai farsa. Dystixos emeis einai ligo dyskolo na to kanoume auto kathos vriskomaste sto Hrakleio autin tin stigmi. Sto metaksy afisame ena note sto listing tou cache zitontas dieykrinisi apo ton katoxo tou cache autou.


    :lol: efxaristo gia tis odigies shrek kai fiona :D;):D:lol:

    avrio tha balo ena ena neo cach kai iste oi protoi poy to mathenete!


    Den kanei tipota file saki! :D:D:D


    Shrek & Fiona

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