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  1. Agreed! This would be a good usability update. I was just thinking about that today while out geocaching. That would be a great feature. -WW
  2. download the update manually. it works fine for the 400T. -WW
  3. I'm happy with mine. Sure there are issues to work out as others have stated. But overall a great GPS. -WW
  4. I always had good luck with the window suction mount also. -WW
  5. Anybody thinking about buying it, JUST BUY IT!!! It still works. It might not be perfect just quite yet but in time it will be. The problems with the COlorado is not even close to the Triton line. - WW
  6. Had this same issue with my 400 not locating satellites. After a couple of minutes it asked me if i wanted to autolocate or turn sats off. I did the autolocate and they came up right away. For the record, this was several miles from where I last had it on. -WW
  7. Picked my Colorado 400T from REI and have had it on pretty much all day. Works perfect and have had no issues at all. Well the only problem I have had is registering it with Garmin. As they do not have the serial of the unit in their system yet. -WW
  8. There is no such thing as a 4 GB SD card..... Anything over 2GB is SDHC. There sure is! And it's "non-HC" - WW http://www.memorysuppliers.com/tr4gbsdsedin.html
  9. not to sound condisending or anything but what is the big deal with having more that 1000 waypoints?? I mean that's already alot, right?? - WW
  10. I zoom scale that shows the 40-foot contours, as big as possible still showing 40'. Also pick if possible with water features and not roads. You're really awesome, customs screenshots. Thanks I wouldn't see a reason to. The more expensive price is for the pre loaded maps and the extra mem to load those maps. -WW
  11. What is it a "hybrid" of? A GPSr and what? Runs on ethenol and batteries. Gives you about 24hrs battery time. -WW
  12. There are no manuals for the Tritons on the Magellan site yet. -WW
  13. They're not selling quite yet. There is a "*" next to it and this is what it means: "Sizes and colors marked with an asterisk(*) are currently out of stock, but can be backordered. " -WW
  14. I don't see any reviews for the units on TigerGPS.com. Where do you think her purchased it from?? I think that guy is full of s***! -WW
  15. I've always had good luck with TigerGPS. -WW www.tigergps.com
  16. I thought about that before I bought my 60Cx. I'm not a hardcore hiker or anything and didn't need a e-compass or altimeter. So just went with the Cx.
  17. I'd also check to see if your cable powers your GPS while connected to the computer. Also if it charges the battery through USB. That should verify the cable is good, -WW
  18. Hmm, I think I might be interested in looking into this one. - WW http://www.magellangps.com/products/product.asp?segID=391
  19. Version 1.05 is the latest firmware update. It doesn't do much in the way of fixing anything that's useful to myself though (waypoint projection, battery type selection, full hints rather than truncated, etc). That's what I'm hopeing for, but havn't heard anything in way of new firmware yet. -WW
  20. Was curious if anybody has heard of any new firmware updates for this unit? -WW
  21. I agree that it is pronounced as if it were money. But you may find that Down Under it is pronounced with a hard A -- like the A in "face" -- but still one syllable. (Does anyone think this sounds like a Sonic commercial?) Well I've also heard it pronouced cash-shae. Which seems to be a more proper way of saying it. -WW
  22. I think he means down the back of the explorist. Some people will connect the cable to the explorist upside down. -WW
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