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  1. Nice one, well done! keep up all that hard work, as Dan says...no more Moaning MORE CACHING
  3. What are the rules on Racism in Geocaching.....because having read the clue on this cache.... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&decrypt=y&log= I couldnt help but laugh but feel shocked at the same time..Should this kind of thing really be allowed? Arent we kind of in the day and age where sayings like this just arent said anymore... Pid
  4. HEHE...Thought i would let the posts mount up before I added my note... I can confirm thatof the last 100 38 were done in the dark....15 were done at Dusk and the rest done in the day....not bad going eh! I blame the summer for the 47 in daylight....it just aint dark quick enough!!! Cheers to all who placed. All who cachied with me and to everyone I met in the last 100! Heres to 300! Pid
  5. Fraid its all about the LONDON PRIDE Seasider *Looks for back up from Pharisee* hehe
  6. Nah mate,,,,your not that old...93 is a respectible age
  7. You mean PID not PALS!! I am a large contrbutor to pretty much all of Dan's caches, I just let him make the cache pages simply because he likes doing it.
  8. I thought for a moment there you had started a thread to tell Mr Blitz to GET CACHING! and so rightly so GET CACHING! hehe Good weekend all round.
  9. Speaking of lifts! Meery Christmas to you Hornet are going to be going to this again wink wink....nudge nudge....I owe you a pint I feel
  10. This was a cracker last year so will def be there again this year. Looking forward to it.
  11. Well Pun! nice Pun! and Well dun John! you are a true legend. nice one.
  12. Various answers from various cachers when asked the question.... What are you doing here in the bush in then??? Hornet: "I was just in the area people watching with binoculars" LIS: "I was just looking for my pension book, it seems to have gone missing" Dan: "I was looking at stars through my telescope" Pharisee: "I was hiding from the Luftwaffe..." "But its 2003 Sir" "Oh time does pass quickly when your having fun!" MCL: "I am in the area surveying the landscape for my new modern housing development, this is my GPS device to pinpoint where I shall lay the first brick to within 0.0001 of the square Mile on the OS Grid" The Cat: "I was on a long drive and need a pee so thought I would stop here and grab some fresh air...thats why I am in this bush" SimonG "Its my favourtie thing this...walking around in the countryside looking for my facia to my Car sterio" Tim andJune " We were having a picnic down in these woods today, you were always sure of a big surprize" Chris and Maria " The dog ran off...so we are walking dogless" HEHE
  13. A Splash Box could work! We used one for Wetlands 3 before it disapeered....Check out the pix below... You can probably get them in sailing stores or camping stores....
  14. Hands up who think Lactodorum will still be kicking around in the year 7498??
  15. Well....More money = faster cars... Obviously!
  16. Lost in Space....Whos that?? Nice one Neil...patt on the back....kick up the arse...shrug of the shoulders. Well done that man!
  17. With Women who cache, Its not getting attacked, being murdered or getting followed that worries me... Its them driving to the caches thats the BIGGEST problem.
  18. http://daisyandme.com/images/Butlers/14.jpg Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggh! Crikey I am now going to lose sleep....thanx
  19. well done guys! From Dan & Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.pidster.co.uk www.pidster.co.uk
  20. Have just been using something that I got out of a cache and thought to myself how great and useful it is... poses to me the question.. What is the best thing you have traded/taken from a cache? most useful item....or favourite thing... For me it has to be the Screwdriver set I got from Horent's cache in North Marston....absolutly brilliant!! I use it everyday at work and just generally find it wicked!!! -------------------------------------------------------- www.pidster.co.uk www.pidster.co.uk
  21. Doesnt really bother me but have to say they need to sort out the Travel Bug icon....it is absolutly pants. It used to look swich now it just looks like a 3 year old has just had an accident in Paint Shop Pro -------------------------------------------------------- www.pidster.co.uk www.pidster.co.uk
  22. Least my thumb wasnt in it!...I couldnt help it being dark ya git. -------------------------------------------------------- www.pidster.co.uk www.pidster.co.uk
  23. I know a bloke...his name begins with a H...He lives not too far from you..and he would more than likely oblige [] HA HA HA -------------------------------------------------------- www.pidster.co.uk www.pidster.co.uk
  24. ....Spose you deserve a well done from me for beating me while I got bored at home. HARSH... But well done anyway. -------------------------------------------------------- www.pidster.co.uk www.pidster.co.uk
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