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  1. Well done guys Was nice to see the car yesterday, was an absolute cracker to say the least!!! Pid
  2. Why thankyou, you big fat scallywag
  3. To get in to the registry it nees to be mentioned.... Click Start Then RUN type: REGEDIT then navigate like Windows Explorer to the above keys in the first reply.
  4. Cool, Well I finally found the ghost! and well its all pretty shocking. I am inclined to agree with Simply Paul, but really and truly I have to confess at it being the most convincing thing Ive seen.....all the other "UFO's" "Paranormal Poltergiest's" etc etc Ive caught on TV havent been like this.....so I think its real and not tampered with but.....is it just light or a ghost? Who knows.....but I know its a dadgum shame theres a cache there already...lol.
  5. OK....Heres the picture they uploaded.....someone draw me the lady they see.....coz this is really bugging me....DOH!!!!!!
  6. OK...Not the responses I was hoping for...I just cant see it...I dont know why! Ill keep looking.
  7. http://www.iopr.org.uk/4724/48702.html?*se...*session*id*val Check the link above, half way down you will see a link to a stream of an apprent ghost at one of Pharisee's cache sites video taken by some cachers.... Not sure whether this has been talked about on the forum b4 - sorry if it has....but I just wanted to know if anyone can see the ghost? because Im either really blind or it just aint there....Who sees it? Pid
  8. That is quality. Kept me amused for my lunch break cheers
  9. Not sure really.....the Built in hardware firewalls you get on these routers nowadays suck down your bandwidth hard! I was getting meerly 20meg out of a Broadcom PCIMA card and without firewall 54MB. shocking difference. What you were saying about the WAN side of it etc.....I would assume you would have to forward a certain TCP port for this to work. I would however DMZ the Router to the relevent Webserver and use a software Firewall such as BlackIce to block any unsolicited traffic....I am sure it has been done in the US - Just a shame there are no "Published" Co-ordinates for it. lol.
  10. Agreed on this....but to be fair the only viruses that could course me any damage are ones I would have to physically open in an .exe attachment and really and truly....I aint gonna be doing that Now I would do it with a wireless airstation attached to a Router that is using NAT...Then supply the WEP Key. That way it isnt AD-Hoc and if it is hacked all they can see locally is the router....or better still use a wireless Airstation with built in Router. Having said all this it is probably wise to leave Warchalking and Geocaching seperate...but needless to say it is still a seriously kool idea Peace Pid
  11. I thought so too, Could make a cool Locationless! Exactly....which is why making a connection is a good idea....IE a seperate website listing waypoints to Warchalks Virtual Geocache Warchalking has been born. No seriously it is blatently illegal...but that doesnt nesscesarily mean it wouldnt be fun!
  12. I have been thinking abotu this for some time now. And I I have thought about the possibility of combining Warchalking with Geocaching. How great would it be to have an online database of Waypoints to Wireless access points around the World! Check this link to read about the ins and outs of Warchalking! http://www.warchalking.org/ Whether the network's are locked down or not, it doesnt matter with Warchalking because you can use the international code to read what the WEP key is Surely someone out there has the relevant knowledge to make something like this live. Pid
  13. Only bit I want to quote.... DAN ... LOL.... I hope you read that! Just want to say....I didnt once mention the Ben Nevis cache...I really was just hypothetically speaking about Mountain caches in general... But seeing as it has been mentioned and you have all read the log...here is a picture for you all to admire....Dan and Pid - You'll never walk alone!
  14. LoL...Nice one! I really fancy jetting over to Man and checking the place out.
  15. Right plan of action.... One of us hang out at each cache in the vacinity of Birmingham all day Saturday from 9am to 10pm and the laws of averages say we will cache him Once caught, empty his body of organs and leave a note: You have been found by the "Dark cacher killer" Nice....what a loser!
  16. By the way....Any Arsenal Fans on these ere boards :D I have a a certain scoreline to ummmm rub in your faces for the last like 20 times you beat us...oh yes!
  17. no no Hornet...nothing personal....just well....don't Watford play in latex? lol OK OK....Will shout ya a pint or 2 at the next quiz night.
  18. Well 9 - 5 in the Winter months matters coz it gets darko at 4:30.....and as for dragging a partner round....lol...well personally I prefer to cache in company coz it makes it all the more enjoyable...and no Mister....nothing sexual. lol
  19. Without me !! Cheeky Bugger. Congratulations ya pesser fengie thingy....now I would be on 300 aswell if didnt work 9-5 weekdays.
  20. Thats a brilliant cache page that totally tells you everything. Unfortunatly not all cache pages are like this.....people need prompting to write about it I think.
  21. I see what everyone seems to be saying regarding the ways people read cache pages....but seriously...why is it toally completly and utterly the cache finders responsibility? when they do not know until they go for the cache (or put in memory map) where it is going to be..... I dont think having NO warnings about possible dangers helps new cachers who don't know its entirely Their responsibility to know about it all and use their comon sense......and even if you think it is... Any help is good help, and Im sure if you had the oppertunity to know of something that could save your life on a particular cache you would be thankful....incase your Common sense didnt cover the fact that walking into a rifle range is a bad idea. Pid
  22. In disagreement with several points raised... I really don't think everything should be down to the cacher who is doing the cache, at the end of the day I seriously feel cachers in general put alot of trust into other cachers who place caches...I mean at the end of the day we all find the Lunch Boxes OTHER people who we often do not know planted in a location of their choice....all GC.com has got is the placers word that its safe, and meets guidelines so then it is approved.... I hate hitting unexpected dangers on a cache hunt....and I know for a fact that if something bad happened to me I would be looking for someone to blame other than myself...naturally you wouldnt see it as your own fault if you stepped on a Land Mine finding a cache planted just off the footpath of a Military base....your fault for going there? No way....you just did a cache that got approved and trusted the planter..... but subsequently lost both legs and arms If there was a box on the cache page that was there to fill in specifically to give warnings....it would: 1. Save the Owners bum because it prompted them into not forgetting to put a warning in 2. Save GC.com's bum when man with no legs blames cache hider who then in some shape or form blames GC.com for whatever reason. 3. Make cache hunters think twice about going for it 4. When filled in would give hunters more of a choice in areas full of caches... Basically it can be done without the aid of a box....just cache planters doing it unprompted...but if there was something to prompt it...you can't forget to put a warning in and as can be seen on virtually every cache page there arent no warnings... Pid P.S. Naefearjustbeer! YOU NUTTER, Just read your log...LoL, KRAZEEEEEEE! probably the steepest hil I have ever seen surely attempting it was always going to be futile ?
  23. Been out walking etc the week just gone in the Caringorm Mountain range with Dan...recipe of Disaster you may think,....well not far wrong actually. But hey it was fun. Just wondering and Brain storming about the guidelines on caching and the rules about what you put in your description of the cache. There seems to be no firm trend on cache pages with potentially Dangerous routes and Changeble weather in the Territory....I mean its all very well plating a cache at the tip of Scafell Pike in the Middle of Summer....but I think it would extremly harsh to write on the cache page something along the lines of.. "Brisk stroll up a steep Hill, lovely weather when planting" ...What then happens when Joe Bloggs attempts it in shorts and TeeShirt falls of the edge of the cliff face plumets to his untimely demise...?? I must say I havent read thurilly through the GAGB or GC.com guidelines, to see any relevances to this kind of thing but Obviously caches are still getting approved with these potentially fatal possibilities with no real warnings or things to let potential cachers know dangers.... Personally I think a great Solution and great little addition would be a seperate box on the cache form you fill out when you make the page...located between the Description and Clue that is called WARNINGS: in there you type things that could save future cachers lives....and if you type anything in there in automatically turns to Red on the cache page when Submitted... Its just a wild thought but could be VERY useful for getting you out of scrapes...specially to nutters like me who like Night Caching a Warning saying "BEWARE GUN MEN COULD BE PRESENT" would have been useful on a couple of occasions. LOL Let me know what you think Cheers Pid
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