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  1. RIP Toby You'll be Mutt-chly missed.
  2. Nice One Guys....You've done the right thing, trust me. Sorry I had a sip, hope you don't mind
  3. I think mods like Eckie and Lacto are hard to come by - they dont take much to heart and rarely rise to anything....as both their aliases... No disrespect Mossy old boy- but I don't think i could say the same about you when you had the reigns. Pid
  4. It'll be the same as it was in the time before Eckington and Lactodorum took control.... there was a similar chain of events leading to the last resignation! and in the time between new moderators US moderators did it.... and no they don't like any referance to anything against the rules/guidelines, one mention of a pub and it doesnt get approved. On hinesight it may mean we get to plant shed loads of Virtuals now
  5. You Couple Of Quitters! Come on man, at least keep the job going until we've found someone else....leaving the whole of the UK caching community in disarray just because you got a bit of a hard time is shocking. Put your toys back in the pram boys and think of what you have worked for since the last big bang! If you want to quit then so be it, but least you could do is wait for someone else! You'll be helping yourselves aswell as all your "friends" Thats my view anyway. We are our own community! we need you. Thanks for all the hard work anyway. Pid
  6. In my opinion it all depends on what your view of a forum is.....you either believe it to be a right of full disscussion and freedom of speech or you see it as a moderated "chat room" type of discussion board....Unfortunatly, Most moderators see it the latter way. You give someone an inch and they take a mile- Feelings of power can get the better of so many peoplewhen it comes to administration. Lock Down seems to give some people a kick.... Its very wrong in my opinion, stopping the freedom of speech of other people just because you have the want and power to do so. It does nothing for the movement of this website and nothing for the community of UK Geocaching it just creates an aura of power and dictatorship from "Someone Above". I hate being pushed around and bossed, I get enough of it at work....I don't need it when I come online to chat about a hobby I have. I agree moderation is a requirement of every forum and we have a couple of top mods on here in Lacto and Eckie, who follow the ethics of myself in particular- They moderate fairly and they in turn get treated with respect. My view on what happened yesterday is that closing threads willy nilly is wrong,HOWEVER.....its been done, it sucked- I don't think it'll happen again so let's move on now. Peace
  7. Shocking. Well I dont think it needs to be blown this much out of proportion to be honest- its been Archived.... Get Over It people. Such is life.... I say just put money in a designated cache we all choose, not one that has blurb all over the page.....and person who lives nearest to it collects the money. Might make it only avaliable to Forum members but its a start. And its legal!
  8. All I'm going to add to this discussion and the one that has been closed is this lovely link: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3e-009e12a4b97a lol
  9. Quite Often.... We go caching at night and realise its impossible.....only to go back in daylight and find it instantly.
  10. I like this kind of promotion.... what they forget to mention is the standard ttl is 24 hours for DNS to propergate around the internet......so yeah it'll get activated, but I bet its 24 hours b4 it goes live properly.
  11. This Year I did / attended 119 Caches In 3 Countries. My Awards are as follows Favourite Cache of the Year This is hard, very hard...so I am giving a top 3. 3- Just a cache by John & Hazel This was a lovely hot summer's day, had brilliant fun doing it and the main reason I loved it so much is because we shouldnt have found the cache! But we did. lol 2- Pyg 'n' Hell We're Knackered!! by spreaders Brilliant day we had walking up Snowdon and this was a real cracker of a cache. If just for the walk up Snowdon this gets my vote. 1- MILITARY INTELLIGENCE by Simply Paul Well what can I say? What an unbelieveble find by SP!!! Everything was right about this place for me....it was dark, eery, creepy, random, fun, cold, and most of all easy! Loved the location and thurilly enjoyed doing the cache. The best bit was getting at it! BIG UP Simply Paul for this. Other great caches I have done this year include: Testing, Testing Burrows Bench and Blue Lagoon Loved all 3! Best swop of the Year A Compass Very Useful! I have one on my GPS but the real thing was an added bonus Favourite Software Application Eeeeeeeeeeeer I just follow the arrow Favourite Web Site http://www.simong.org Classic Comedy! Personality of the Year Mark the Cat Inspiration to every UK cacher. Im the proudest I could be to say I met him- RIP Mark- Sadly missed but never forgotten. Most useless clue of 2004 (ut of ones I did) Menai Micro LoL....What a load of s**t! Best Twist for a Cache Hook, Line & Sinker Dan- You never cease to amaze. Best Series of Caches Canal Mania and Snowdon View caches. Best Event Halloween Monster Cache Bash -No contest. All in all a thurilly great year! Can hardly wait for 2005.
  12. Here Here Nice one Alibags! Merry Xmas and all that. Was a thurilly bloody good doo.
  13. Dignity....Does Simply Paul know the meaning of this word? lol- You certainly didnt at your last cache.
  14. Oh dear, Uncle Elwyn TB is rather extreme...but fair play to him.
  15. Ummmmm....eh? I think knowing to many people in IT is a bad thing, because they know you are a cacher and so know exactly how to infiltrate the forum. lol.... Thanks anyway, whoever you are.... Merry Christmas to everyone. Pid
  16. I just read a fantastic article in a newspaper I found on the train, amused me somewhat. It was the Sun. Which is probably why it amused me...anyway... It was about crazy coffins people are buried in and crazy things people do to have the last laugh. Some of them included being buried in a Tardis, having Ashes shot upto Space, Having Ashes sailed out to sea on a viking longboat....to name a few.... LoL. Which leads to my light hearted question on the caching forum (not meant in a morbid way)...Who would have a last caching laugh when they have passed away? Some of the ideas could include: Having ashes buried in a lunchbox Having ashes made part of an active cache or multi cache Having Grave stone used as part of multi Having Ashes made into a travel Bug Scattered on favourite cache site. So....Who would seriously consider this? I think having ashes scattered on favourite cache site is a good one. Wouldnt mind that! know its a great place.
  17. LoL @Simply Paul....it 'out to do with a bad toe mate. Lets hope by the end of January he has realised that he needs his gps and needs to cache.
  18. ...for a While!.... Yes I have been asked to make the thread here about Dan, hes hung up his GPS for a while because of personal reasons. He says he'll be back as soon as possible so don't worry that hes disapeared and not finding your caches! as soon as everythings normal he'll be back in the wild. This is a perfect oppertunity for you numbers people to over take him. *cough cough* Andybug..Ladybird *cough cough* I howver am still caching to my hearts content, even if it is really cold! Oh and Buckscaching.co.uk is going to be up for sale any time soon...apparently.... so if anyone wants to take it over, contact Dan dan@buckscaching.co.uk Peace Pid
  19. Thats a cracker. Im going to have to show my Niece this on Xmas eve, its a must. Nice one.
  20. Ummmmmmmmmmm Congratulations Everybody....
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