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  1. Unbelieveble. I can't believe this has happened, It was always inevitable....and to be fair (not trying to stir) but on the Al Queada scale of things this attack is relitively minor, I am happy it wasn't bigger yet still shocked and upset anything like this could happen so close to home. I pray for anyone whose there and those waiting to hear. Peace
  2. ha-ha-ha Must say although that is shocking it is HIGH-ly amusing. lol
  3. Even one like this? joke. I've got an old Siemens c45 you can have, been lieing round for ages, send me ya postie and its yours.
  4. Clicky! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/1600225.stm I think this is a quality idea for a cache. lol - great find and love the page too!
  5. Congratulations guys. Sending this from an internet cafe in Aviemore! Well done.
  6. Don't worry SP I think you are safe from even more fame...haha...You already cracked the nations TV screens our Monitors can't handle it aswell...GC.com wouldnt put us through it.
  7. Nice one Paddy Nice One Son Nice One Paddy lets 'av another one!
  8. Bet you dont get a high quality DVD version of them though
  9. Arrrrrrgh you completly forogt one vital word in all of that... Security! Make sure you lock it down. Too many people dont! Its shocking.
  10. Congrats on your first cache! Heres to the next 500 You'll be there before you know it. Pid
  11. The background not being there is also an issue for me....so many of my pages have the background on them too. I personally think a happy medium in the size of the table is the best way to go..... Any bit of background is better than it currently is.... Apart from that its spot on in every way....Especially in Firefox!!! Possibly think some curved edges wouldnt go a miss, butit isnt nesscesary. Pid
  12. Like it. All except the background thing....the only problem is the table on the left hand side! its been given a value to go directly down to the bottom.....if it didnt the table would stop at the bottom of the last left hand button and it would make all cache pages with backgrounds look so much better----Humpf!!
  13. Nice one Paul - all gravy! and cheers CSC for the video upload.... Couldnt hear it at the meet - too much talking lol. Pid
  14. At work til 5:30pm Grooooooan! Get the 6:30 Train up to London....be there by about 8 I would think... Should be a goodun. Looking forward to it.
  15. LOL @Geo Ho... I don't think I would swap her out of a cache thats for sure. Although Geo Dating sounds like a good idea, Im not sure how it would catch on- I think the response would be void. But who knows, it might bring a few people together.
  16. How do actually agree to the disclaimer! theres no agree button on it edit: Oh I seeeeeeeeeeeee, its all clear now.... *blushes* This is a good new feature in my opinion! and way better than the 3rd party one that is floating around.
  17. I reckon this is the most pointless thing ever, It hardly give the guilty party any gain or anything so why bother..... I say let them get on with it, its hardly a crime its just pointless. If the cache placer wants to delete the logs then I say fair enough, otherwise just let them get on with it. Not even worth its own thread imo.
  18. Simply Paul puts in a candle I tend to put in anything that is in my pocket and fits.
  19. I reckon you should hire the upstairs room again to be honest.... Makes sense if theres over 10 of us. The downstairs seemed pretty packed last time.
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