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  1. LOL...That was a wicked video.....A BEAUTY!!!! A BEAUTY INFACT. Cheers for that. And Lesley...sorry you didnt enjoy it, but you still have nice conkers. Pid
  2. Wellllllllllllll done you guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys!
  3. Could someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of the cache page....I cannae find it anywhere attall. ta
  4. Well done Man of Pumpkin.... Big up yo chess
  5. If only you had all been at the Halloween meet last night
  6. Oh come on....thats not entirely my fault I am called that, girls will be girls.
  7. LoL@Omally...you could have made it the highest cache in Britain! lol - I'd have smoked it. The origanl post by Dan though.....deary me, bless our ignorance.
  8. Big Up to da rubber chicken.... Massive total respect pon da rubber chicken's chess. Ossy Osbourne back atcha Ninja.
  9. lol - Sorry guys. I just went to Google Image search. http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=andybu...+ladybird&hl=en Classy!
  10. Oh the Hurley Unlock saga.... yes that was a cracker...I even got bought the book at the Geocachers Christmas Bash by Tim and June. And as for the Vectis series....well errrr. I thought it was really harsh, but then I would think that because I've been on Mastermind
  11. SP - what hair regrowth program did you go for in the end? let me know which it was because it does seem to have been a remarkable success!! Nice one.
  12. Im liking the peak district idea to be fair... although if you went for that option might wanna speak to the House Of Boo who are planning the Carry On Camping 2006 event.... Think the Bugs know someone who owns a campsite there.
  13. Yeah it was a scam. I've been stopped in town plenty of times by random hooky men who ask you if you wanna buy a watch.... I mean even I had a 100% Guarantee the stuff was genuine, not fake and always going to work I'd have still walked away. I don't buy off randoms...
  14. I say fairplay! Its your cache so its your choice... I might have asked him if he could answer how many steps there were, but on the other hand he probably didnt know anyway... like earlier poster said, Can I log it from my Holiday in 1995!?? Pid
  15. Really sorry to read this Alison... Bad News.... Bloody teefing Gypsies I tell ya! @Simply Paul..... Ooooh you sexy thing.
  16. ^^^^ The above was written because some people at the cache seemed to believe I was an Old man! ^^^^
  17. Big Up the Bug Crew and de man dem Ollie massive fo such a totally wicked and criz event cache. safe
  18. Alma, Go easy on him, he didnt mean to offend - and he apoligised. No need to stir it up again.
  19. First, congratulations to London for winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympics. This is the first I have heard of it as I was on holiday this weekend. Second, my prayers are with those in London as they recover from the terrorist acts. Eeeeer yeah, the Olympics.... This could be interesting now...
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