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  1. This evening an oddity happened that made me realise just why this game is so great! I was in my garden playing football when suddenly the cache at the bottom of my garden was pulled over the wall...I went up to it and had a ganders to find a special ops team from America saving travel bugs from the travel bug clink..and thurilly nice people they were too! It was nice to meet 2 American cachers and was over the moon they had found it! Anyone else had a strange oddity like this? ...come to think of it I don't think there is anyone apart from me that is mad enough to have a cache in their back garden anyway..LoL...Well Dodgy Daved has I spose. -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  2. quote:PS: you & Pid missed a fun night-cache!!!! It included a locked ladder to get to a cache container up a tree (that then told you the cache was actually at the BASE of the tree); a wireless doorbell; a walkie-talkie, and a crate full of drink! Fotographic evidence please -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  3. Cheers Cat I will give you a ring later... An infection dan?? what sort of infection could it possibly be...hmmmmmmmm I smell vinegar... For everyones info Dan has been hobbling round on a bad toe for a few months now I am guessing that this is cause of his healths demise...Get well soon you complete badger!!! -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  4. Cheers guys...but gonna have to be Sat morning I think Working late Friday now -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  5. This is quite possibly the biggest momenteous shocker of all time... Dan has contracted the galloping raving lurkey and is in bed at the moment....he doesn't think he can make the HCC event this weekend!!! WHAT A FARSE. Whcih cacher out there is a doctor that can treat him before he misses it? or alternativley which cacher is prepared to take me down because I aint missing it for noone! Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  6. Dont worry Stu I was only joking....just thought it would be amusing to point it out. I certainly don't recomend it either....specially without a torch, Killer! -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  7. Found the page, it does look pretty nifty...although I must say I am rather gutted at the Guidelines....look at the one second from the bottom this is outrageous!!! http://www.hants.gov.uk/geocaching/guidelines.html -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk [This message was edited by Ben Pid on July 14, 2003 at 06:20 AM.]
  8. Wouldnt normally comment.....but this is amusing...How do you spell the word "Attach" ??? My camping pass for next weekend seems to have this comedy error! Pidster -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  9. Silly Question....But why an Airport in Iceland?? Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  10. All good stuff!!! Like the Advert. Nice to see things are moving forward so nicely. Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  11. Any thread that begins this way I would normally expect to break into a flame war or words. Nice to see its turned constructive! I think this means we are learning to comabt Trolls and flame throwers Agree we need to move this forward somewhat. Having the ability to plant caches with permission would make things a whole lot easier in the long run and the guidelines state alot of valid and reasonable points. Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  12. nope...I was particulary drunk....had 7 pints of the good stuff. What better way to spend a pleasent Sunday afternoon -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  13. Dan and Pid are caching campers on Friday and Saturday!! Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  14. Okay so I went to the Dan and Pid Bucks caching meet and had a couple of pints too many.....never the less I must say what a thurilly enjoyable afternoon it was and I thank everyone that showed up it was most enjoyable. Nice to put so many faces to names and see all the people I have met already again. Also was great to see Mr HWSNBN...Nice to meet you...I may just have to purchase shares in your company...JOKE! Much regcognition goes to T+J who planted a bear or two in the cache for everyone to find. Great afternoon. Hope to see everyone again at the HCC event. Pid p.s. Valhalla, Nessie, Andybug and Ladybird ya all nuts ;-) [This message was edited by Ben Pid on June 29, 2003 at 11:32 AM.]
  15. I reckopn Virtuals are good in city centres. But I don't see the need for them anywhere else. I much prefer finding a cache its part of the excitement without it just isnt the same....but in a city centre a virtual cache is ok as it takes you to the location and it would have been impossible to plant a physical there. -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  16. ))))) -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  17. http://home.btconnect.com/woodgreen/caching/essex_2003/1.jpg Who is the dude second in....I orginally thought it was Pharisee....but hes third in.. -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  18. All I can possibly comment and say to this is "Haaaaaaaaacho" -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  19. Congratulations!!! you crazy pair of insane nutters 500,,,, crikey ya almost as bad as Hornet now! -------------------------------------------------------- I'm Bad, I'm Bad you know it you know! www.buckscaching.co.uk
  20. Good on you Nige. Hope to see you next Month at HCC! Pid -------------------------------------------------------- I'm Bad, I'm Bad you know it you know! www.buckscaching.co.uk
  21. All depends on the weather and whether I have work in the morning....not worth the risk of getting lost at 1:30am if I am! -------------------------------------------------------- I'm Bad, I'm Bad you know it you know! www.buckscaching.co.uk
  22. I must comment marinor's avatar is the best I have seen these forums. Its a really good design!!! Nice one. ....Yes I believe its coz there are only ever clouds hovering over Scotland throwing out water onto the poor sorry highlanders.....FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR Freedom......no worries....you can have it mate lol -------------------------------------------------------- I'm Bad, I'm Bad you know it you know! www.buckscaching.co.uk
  23. quote:Dan and Pid do night caching......? Yes and the worst experience ever was when Dan left the torches at home!!!! and we had to do St Annes Afternoon out in the pitch black dark.....what a killer!! -------------------------------------------------------- I'm Bad, I'm Bad you know it you know! www.buckscaching.co.uk
  24. These look like a really good invention by GS. I look forward to planting some of them and watching you all look for them )) Ben -------------------------------------------------------- I'm Bad, I'm Bad you know it you know! www.buckscaching.co.uk
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