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  1. ....Spose you deserve a well done from me for beating me while I got bored at home. HARSH... But well done anyway. -------------------------------------------------------- www.pidster.co.uk www.pidster.co.uk
  2. Ohg the memorys! this was absolutly AGES ago I did this cache....like 3rd cache we ever did in bout March 2002. SHOCKER. Sorry bout the thumb Dan! haha -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  3. Not trying tomake you look stoopid but the why be so serious bit of Dan's post is his Signiture that Automatically appears at the end of every post -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  4. What is wrong with a bit of card and a stanley knife? After printing off a sheet in a stencil font saying what you need it to.. Thats what Hornet did anyway. Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  5. Hmmmmmmm who could it be I wonder :s Oh *** I really havent the foggiestidea....Sorry I mean oh GOD. -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk [This message was edited by Lactodorum on September 17, 2003 at 06:24 AM.]
  6. Hmmm that wasn't an advert...it was meerly an answer to a question...I mean I answered it truthfully...its not like I lied and besides when someone gives me such a great oppertunity to mention my cache I can say it without advertising because it seems logical to answer with out that intent -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  7. Dan and I planted a GOLD CACHE made enitrely of gold its called ramparts rise if you are interested. -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  8. Yes and dont I know it...You were 3 caches ahead of me at this point and when you found the Indian Takeaway in resorted in the "HAHAHA I am on 100, ner ner ner ner ner" taunts for the entire journey hom e I got my 100th at Homewood Bound, not exactly memorable but it was pitch black dark -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  9. I will also drink to that! Recieved a reply from the placer today, saying he would check my answers...then we can see where it is I went horribly wrong. Will let you know. quote:We were just 2 adrift on Vectis South and 6 adrift on Vectis East but as these number only related to the least significant figure in the subsequent co-ordinates they were easily close enough for us to find the location we were looking for. Although I have to comment....even these 2 numbers being wrong is a shocker and to me makes the cache unfair. Lets face it if you lot cant get it perfectly correct then Dan and Pid had about the hope of survival of a Polar Bear in the Sahara desert. Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  10. quote:Luck? Utter tosh! Our final co-ordinates put the cache within a few (> 10 metres) of its actual location. This is confirmed using an Ordinance Survey map You are mistaking what I am talking about. I don't mean the co-ordinates for the final part of the final cache. I mean the co-ordinates of the car park that you have to work out by going to North, South East and West locations. I am sure the co-ords you worked out for the fional cache did take you to within 10 feet. But the co-ords you worked out for the car park by working out the numbers were not correct....if they were I apoligise and Pharisee is lieing to me....but why would he? -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  11. Don't worry Peter... we have many plans..hehe. -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  12. True...however the co ordinates you worked out in the end were not the correct ones because the numbers you got were not right... BUT luck had it that it took you to within the right vacinity. Luck had it by us that it wasnt the case.. I have emailed the planter my answers and he is yet to verify which answers we got wrong...I don't think it was any of them. I just think the decryption chart was not right on the print out. Lucky I had help to hand. Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  13. Hornet today bagged his 600th cache at one of mine and Dan's caches. Well done mate! A very big achievment....but that doesn't mean you don't have far too much time on your hands..LoL. Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  14. That certainly looks like him from behind...sorry....Quartet then ;-) now wheres that Bus Stop?? -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  15. quote:I can confirm that The Quintet of b4 us all got different answers The Quintet of before us.... Thats: Pharisee, Motley Crew, SimonG, Merman and Omally.... All got different answers... John told me that when you had completed the parts for North, South, East and West you all worked out the final co-ordinates seperatly and got "Different Answers" .... ...Sorry I just "ASSUMED" you would know what I meant...afterall I was supposed to know what "Traffic free Island" meant! -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  16. Nice one Motley Cru!! Way to go.. Hope you enjoyed the Vectis Series as much as we did ... hahaha Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  17. Think Dan and I owe Pharisee a public thankyou for his help today. We have been in the Isle of Wight the last couple of days doing a few caches and catching some chillout time from work... We did the Vectis series whihc is an absolute shocker of a cache seies!!! Wont go into the details I'll let you read the logs, but lets just say its multi's like this that make me cry--- SUCH AMAZING locations, such blinding views in quite possibly the greatest caching place on earth...let down by either 1.) My brain 2.) Bad PLanning or c.) The cache page printing out the table to work out the answers incorrectly.....although you probably all think its A.... I can confirm that The Quintet of b4 us all got different answers But cheers for all the help Pharisee we would have been stuffed without you and probably up some mountain somewhere dead..hehe. This time "Age and Treachery" triumphed over "Youth and Ability" but whenever you need a hand with some hard manual Labour just gimmee a call...that is of course if I can cal you when the going gets tough with knowledge ;-) haha Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  18. I think Ireland should be allowed its own forum on Groundspeak! who agrees? -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  19. quote:Originally posted by Slytherin:Carry a dog lead with you at all times. CORRECTION: 2 Leads, one for the dog and one for the Missis -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  20. To combat this problem we go at Night -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  21. Go John! Nice one. Pid -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
  22. Harsh! keep it shtum Wide boy I might not be Pele but I sure know how to kick around in my own garden _ -------------------------------------------------------- www.buckscaching.co.uk
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