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    Needless the say the cache will meet ALL nesscesary guidelines - WHATEVER they may be. I went about it the wrong way, assuming people would understand the theme last year etc etc etc.


    Sensei summed it up.


    So then, back on topic......


    Ideas, Suggestions for Halloween all can be spoken about right here!



  2. Clearly if there is something else in the offing then I need not go to the trouble.....


    I felt the Halloween bash had to happen because this year simply wouldnt be the same without it.


    The no kids thing.....


    I was just following tradition.....Never been a kid in sight the last 3 years :-)


    Personally I would like to sort out the camping, but havent got a clue where to start looking.

  3. Hello there fellow cachers!


    I have been having a think and with the end of October fastly approaching and not being contacted by anyone. I wondered if there was any plans going down for a halloween cache bash this year?


    I am thinking of organising it and getting the page up as soon as possible.


    This year - I think it should be with a bit of a twist, not the usual camp over in pub garden thing we have done for the last 3 years but just a night cache that will take a while and a few drinks in a pub somewhere nice......


    The cache ofcourse I wouldnt like to give the game away, but the idea is


    1. Exceptionally normal (for someone like me this may come as a surprise)

    2. Something never tried before

    3. Take about 2 hours in the dark, somewhere near Milton Keynes

    4. Will require 3 teams at least and lots of brain.

    5. No Kids! we wouldnt want to scare them out.

    6. Wouldnt cost a bean!


    Any takers? or am I too late for this idea.....



    p.s. Don't try and guess what I have in mind. It will be beyond you ;o) honestly.

  4. Link to event page - Having suggested the venue and provided co-ords for it, I'd been told I might be co-host for this... It seems I wasn't helpful enough :)


    Well, I felt you were extremly helpful Simply, but you expressed no interest in being a co-host so I assumed you wernt up for it....ah, it doesnt matter anyway, I'll add your name to it if you want - but its all done now anyway.


    And Pharisee, I knew you were going to Tirol - haha - that is why I said it!

  5. I know these Camping attendees can't make it :-( but hey - There is still halloween!!!!!




    The Morgan Mob


    The Wellington Boots (Hard standing)


    third-degree-witch & MrsB


    House of Boo




    Davy Boy


    Phillimore Clan


    The Royles (Hard standing)










    The Great Redmondo (hard standing)


    Scally & the Princess


    Captain Goretex




    The Ollies


    The Moor we Hunt…


    Red Kite


    Father Jack (Friday night only)




    The Cache Hoppers & Pop up Pirate


    T-Girls (hard standing)

  6. Guys guys guys, just to let you know I am still alive and I apologise for my lack of attention to the Geocaching "massive" of late, few hectic things going on in the last few weeks that caused this to go on a back burner (bought a house..etc etc.) aaaaaaaaaaanyway, pleased to annouce the date is set....


    GC15A3H - Bucks Indian Summer Meet 2007


    Should be verified in the Morning.


    September 15th in Little Missenden, in the Crown.


    Theres a Sensei cache just 0.60 away :-).


    Hope you all have enough time to be free, would be good to see some old faces aswell and new ones. Pharisee - that means you! haha.


    I'm looking for to it. Going to be a cracker.



  7. Hi guys,


    Well I feel its that time of year again, not that we have had the weather for it but hey - its still sunny sometimes....


    I am planning on sticking with tradition and organising the Bucks Cache Meet 2007 for in a months time, fairly short notice - but it can still be done.


    Was thinking the weekend before the Bank Holiday on Sunday 19th August.


    In a fairly nice pub I have in mind, as ever - nothing heavy just an afternoon's cachin' and dashin'!


    Yay or Nay?

  8. Well I just found out about this thing, a guy has just started where I work and used to work in this area.


    Something about finding spheres that lead you to cash prizes etc....


    All the information is here:




    To be honest this is the first I had heard of it, and I am just wondering if any of you guys here play it....


    Says Geocaching.com is involved....



  9. Can I just remind everyone that SP is in fact a top secret agent who saves the world almost every day. We should be keeping both his real identity and many aliases secret to prevent bad guys trying kill him in a dastardly way*.


    * Some of this may not be true


    Well this would definatly explain a fair bit, every secret agent has to have his fair share of pin up chicks :laughing:


    His mission today, find and locate the lunchbox up a tree at all costs - without anyone seeing him.

  10. So there I am browsing through my weekly installment of Kerrang magazine I flip the page and have to take a second glance, its Simply Paul - what the devil is he doing in Kerrang! I ask myself...maybe he got a record deal after his TV performances in recent times.....or maybe....its just a dead ringer with ginger hair. Who Knows....




    But made me laugh nevertheless. lol


    Do you think its a Simply lookalike?

  11. With regard to using stealth when muggles are about - I would like to state, that IMHO, I think we either credit them with too much savvy or we are being over cautious to the point of paranoia.


    Obviously, where retrieval requires climbing trees or diving into water or under bridges - this may draw unwanted attention to ourselves but some magnetic micros can be retrieved easily in full view of everyone without arousing suspicion.


    Sometimes, being too cautious itself, draws unwanted attention.




    Indeed "some" magnetic micros can be retrieved easily in full view of everyone without arousing suspicion - Although some of yours certainly do not fall into this catergory. lol - namely the one in Morrisons car park that is not easy to spot thus involving at least a 10-15 minute search looking like a complete wally. haha - now if you knew where it was then indeed it could be done with stealth, but due to what is near its hiding place makes you most definatly want to extend your search. :)

  12. Nope, if you plant a multi you can put the locations as close as you want. The 0.10 Guideline only applies to actual cache locations of single parters being that close to another cache and the starting co-ordinates and Ending co-ordinates of Multis being that close to another cache.


    Pretty Positive on that.

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