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  1. It was time to get a new GPS unit so I bought the new MAPGPS 65s. Right out of the box I started having issues. I would load a group of caches and confirm they were indeed in my unit. However, when I turned the unit off and then back on, all of my data disappeared as caches and only to be found as waypoints. The problem is as everyone knows, waypoints lack the usability of caches. I contacted Garmin and the gentleman who was helping me just happened to have his MAPGPS 65s with him. He tried loaded caches onto his unit, checked to see if they were there, and when he powered his unit on/off the same thing happened. I downloaded and sent all the files from my unit to their tech staff. I'll post the results and the solutions here.
  2. Name: Tommy Geocaching Handle: tundrabums (for our whole family) We've been Geocaching since 2005 while living in Alaksa. Callsign:KF5HSB (technician class for now) Garmin rino 530 Garmin rino 120 (2) for the kids Garmin eTrex (very old)
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