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  1. Cool. Thanks! <adds to list of caches to visit />
  2. Boy, as luck would have it, I get to travel to Europe again for work. This time to Vienna. I'll be departing on the 28th of July, returning on the 5th of August. If you have any travel bugs that need to go across the pond... I'd be more than happy to take them on a ride. Normal sized travel bugs and coins should be deposited at either: "The Big Rooster" or "On your knees at Red-Wood" If you drop bugs for the trip, please write a note in the log that they are for "The_LangHerd" to pick up. ... or if you'd like, feel free to drop a line, and we can meet up to swap. Thanks! The_LangHerd
  3. That would be great! What would be the best way to contact you to arrange to meet ahead of time? Thanks, John
  4. Greetings! The_LangHerd is looking for some volunteers. We're presenting a 'Geocaching' fun event at Horace Mann Elementary School in Redmond for 4 consecutive Wednesdays in May (9, 16, 23, and 30). It's a two hour block each day (1pm to 3pm) that we'll be spending with a group of kids (up to 30), showing them how the sport of Geocaching works, and helping them to construct, hide and seek the caches they create. It looks like it's going to be extremely popular with the kids. The first half of day 1 will be spent explaining the technology and the sport. Then the kids will seek a couple of caches. The second day will be spent working through a simple puzzle, and a multi-cache. The third day the kids will spend building their individual geocaches, and building a permanent cache. It's the future "Horace Mann Colts Geocache", which will be hidden in a nearby park (unless we receive permission from the school to place it on the border of their property). The fourth day the kids hide their caches and the groups will take turns seeking each other team's caches. As it stands right now, everything will take place on the school property. We may be walking to a nearby park if the school insurance bubbas allow it. What we need..... Volunteers that love kids! Please bring your enthusiasm and your patience. Working with kids can be challenging sometimes. We will have 2 GPSs on hand, but could use more. The goal is to have one per group of kids. Probably 5 total needed. Any cool geocaches you have pre-built that are not placed yet. We'll be building some during the class, but want to give them some ideas for their own. They'll just be hidden for a day, so the kids can find them. You'd get them right back. What do you get in return? The joy of watching kids learn a new sport. Much laughter! Watching kids do stuff is absolutely hilarious. Your name placed on the official Horace Mann Colts cache If you are interested in helping out, please reply here, or contact us at cachemonkey@gmail.com. Thanks for any support you can provide... The_LangHerd (aka John & Wendy) p.s. Any cool (kid friendly) GeoSwag that could be donated would also be appreciated
  5. Wow. What a great trip. Copenhagen is so pretty. Only managed to geocache 3 times while there due to scheduling and lack of sleep. On the last day that I was there, I did rent a bike and go for a nice 10 mile ride around town. Found 5 caches and swapped a couple of bugs. I sure hope to visit again.
  6. That's a bummer... I have a couple that I"ll relase over there. I've been in contact with a few cachers in Copenhagen, and they have been so kind! Providing all kinds of good infor for "new" travelers to that part of the globe. Maybe next time... rumor has it that it may be Singapore for the next trip... Yippee!!!
  7. Hello! I'll be visiting Copenhagen from 3/3-3/10 for a business trip. I expect to have a "bit" of time and would like to do some geocaching while I'm there. I've never been to Europe before, so it's going to be quite the experience. Could I please get some recommendations for some good traditional caches in Copenhagen? Would anybody like to arrange to exchange some travel bugs / coins to go across the pond to the Seattle, Washington (USA) area? If so, please post here or send me an email at cachemonkey@gmail.com Sorry. I only speak English. Thanks! The_LangHerd (John)
  8. I'm getting ready for a business trip to Copenhagen. If anbody needs some bugs transported to the other side of the pond... bring them on.. I'll be headng out on 3 March. Please drop a message. I have two caches in Redmond in which they can be dropped for rapid retrieval. "You have Chup-Chup in your pocket" http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b8-914b36b7bc88 and "On your knees at Red-Wood" http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4c-afd255e08a43 Have a good one... The_LangHerd
  9. Just wanted to post a note of thanks to all that replied (on the forums and in email). We just returned from our vacation. It was great! We had a wonderful time searching for some great caches... including a pretty good evil cache (Irene).
  10. .... adds to the bookmark list getting ready for the trip... Really, Thanks for the links. We're leaving Wednesday evening and will be playing down on the coast for about a week and a half. It's going to be a good time. Maybe we'll run into a few fellow cachers... (Just look for the moron with a nice bulky laptop and a USB gps hanging over his shoulder) John
  11. Folks, Thanks for your input. What's important to me.... Relative ease of use. Not having the signal hop around like a jackrabbit Bang for the bug Good compas ( I like the 3 axis) Not important: The latest and greates Barometric stuff drive mapping (that's why I have a laptop with streets & delorme) From what I have seen so far, the Ex500 should do us just fine. Plus it's quite a bit less expensive. Thanks for the input (and the lack of flames)
  12. I'm almost afraid to ask this question. There seems to be two camps in the GPS world... Magellan and Garmin... It gives me the Mac vs. PC or Windows vs. Linux flashbacks.. We've narrowed our search / choices to two models. I'm looking for valid reasons for selecting one over the other. I've read online pleanty of good and bad about both in different reviews. We'll be using the GPS for geocaching, of course, but also plugged into the notebook for driving... plus hiking, hunting and just enjoying "geek" toys. This will be our first handheld. So far, all of our caching has been done packing a 12 lb laptop with Delorme or Streets and a USB gps receiver. Just tired of packing the weight out into the hills. Thanks, John (of The_LangHerd)
  13. The_LangHerd will be visiting the Southern Oregon Coast for a week and a half. What are some of the best caches in that region? Don't really mind some light to moderate hikes (we have youngens). Anything that deals with "local" landmarks are totally cool. We prefer standard cache's. The kids get kinda bored searching for micros, and they really enjoy trading stuff. Thanks a million!!! p.s. please feel free to email me through the website as well. John
  14. Darn. That would have given us a good excuse to keep heading out that way and finding more of the caches. If it's not picked up by Alciato, we'll grab it on our next run up that way. Once "A thirty pound test" is archived, we'll place another one in it's location. It was a pretty cool cache, and a nice view of Redmond. Thanks for taking the time to review both of these. John
  15. I sent an email to Team Misguided yesterday evening requesting to adopt the caches listed below. Ground Speak tech support was able to help me correct my forum login issues, so I"m posting here as well. Hi, The_LangHerd would like to adopt "A Thirty Pound Test" (GCQ2MT). We live right across the street from the cache, and have verified that it's gone. We would love to bring it back to life. It was a fun cache to find, and a fun one to watch people try and find. The last time the owner logged into the geocaching website was on Monday, October 24, 2005. Additionally, this past weekend, we found "Tanner Mill" (GCHE3Z) cache by mistake. Did not realize that it was archived until I went to log the cache. We would be willing to adopt that one too. It's in great shape, and should not be a problem for folks to locate. The coordinates were right on for that cache, just the way into the location was a bit overgrown. We trudged through the berries and it opened up into a great little location. As you can see from our logging, we are an active family caching, and maintaining our single placed cache. We have tried contacting both cache owners through the website, but mail was bounced from both users. Please let me know. Thanks, John (aka GeoDad of The_LangHerd)
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