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  1. Thank you, guys!! I was just getting annoyed about the test on my list. Now I just wiped it away .
  2. Danke für die Info. Hast Du das als Mail bekommen? Oder wo haben sie das geschrieben?
  3. Hier wurden definitiv neue Caches gepublished und es kommen keine Notification Mails an. Und ich bin da nicht die Einzige, bei der das nicht mehr klappt.
  4. Same problems here. Notifications on new caches are not working for me in Germany. Strangely enough I get them for my second homezone in Denmark. Logs on my own caches come through. So are logs from caches on my watchlist. I am on gmail which never caused any problems so far. Have reported it to the support. Also tried, what on4bam writes about changing the distance. Let's see.
  5. I am back on track. On all channels. ?
  6. Just tried the app. They are all there ?
  7. I meant in my phone's browser. Sorry. I am not working with the app, but I could try. Yes, it looks like a main problem. Let's hope they will all show up again ?
  8. Same here. Blank page on the laptop and on the mobile phone.
  9. Late, but mail sent... Thank you!
  10. I do not want to miss another math trade I´m interested
  11. Thank you very much. My mail provider is Arcor. I never had any problems with them before concerning emails from geocaching.com . I have also contacted Groundspeak and got a quick answer on this. It seems the messages are coming through again though - without me having done anything. I do hope it was just a short glitch.
  12. I am not getting any mails anymore since two days. No mails on my own caches. No mails on my watchlist. No mails on new publishs. I have checked my spam folder. Nothing. I am working with windows 7. Please tell me that it will be back soon
  13. I like the new beta messaging system. I have tested it and have also given feedback through the survey. But - I do not get any email notifications since the new release, neither on my caches nor on new publishs. I have checked my spam folder - there is nothing. I am just getting nothing anymore. Why??? Please tell me it will come back . Greetings from Germany! Nicky
  14. Yes please, I would love to take part !
  15. I was happy to buy the friendship hummingbird at GCF in Ulm. Now I am even happier that I could buy those other beauties in your store. Thank you !
  16. Nicky BJ


    I cannot log in at all to my profile... I did a reset of the password. No chance. Please fix this!
  17. I am having the same problem. Out of a sudden, I cannot access my profile. Cannot login . Tried to reset my password, still no chance. Any chance this will stop?
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