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  1. I, for one, have got to have one of these coins (I PayPal'd for a set)!!!! I guess I need another badge like a hole in the head! Greg
  2. I think my mailbox is broken, I'll need to call in a repairman I s'pose. Greg
  3. Another pretty good day: A.T. set (2) Sattelite series (#1) Jan Signal (see post in the 'Signal' thread)
  4. Well, I must be one of the luckier customers. I got my first Signal today and although I am very disappointed with the enamel which does have 'fisheyes' and what appears to be trash embedded in it, the coin seems to be of much better quality than what has been described by others. I think the color of the enamel does overpower the finish of the metal strongly and the coin has to be tilted into the light to be able to discern the lettering but my tracking number is centered on the pad and does not run off the edge and is comparable to some other coins in my posession. All in all, I am satisfied with my coin, or would be if I had paid $6-$8 for it. If the finish quality of the rest of the coins in the series doesn't improve, I don't think I will be wasting any more money on them. Greg
  5. A couple of weeks ago a fellow cacher and I had "dad's day off" on the same day and decided to mount a marathon caching adventure (350 miles round trip) and found a new film canister micro on the back of a sign. We signed the log as co-ftf and have been watching the GC website but still haven't seen a new post. btw, the cache was near the intersection of Floyd, Gordon, Walker, and Chattooga counties in case the owner reads this thread and wants to e-mail me. Greg Hall
  6. I can't give my opionion yet as I STILL DON'T HAVE MINE YET!!!
  7. Nothing!!! Uh, withdrawals!!! Oh the inhumanity of it all!!!
  8. Thanks Billy, I got my package today. All the coins were in excellent condition and the phones ARE bigger than I expected but great! I already gave one of the microcoins to a young cacher and have the other one ready to drop into a good micro cache this weekend. p.s. I'm still looking for something to trade you for the other coins, I'll find something shortly, maybe someone will trade me something for the extra 'Skirtlifter' and 'Lamppost' I have then we can deal. Greg.
  9. Two Phone a Friends and two more Tenn. Micros (to turn loose), cool coins Billy.
  10. Dorkfish and Kansas. Oh yeah, Absolute Caching last Friday.
  11. I'm interested in one. Greg the GaAustringer The Hall Clan
  12. Thats really good, but I would have prefered something involving torchs and pitchforks I was beginning to think that was where we were heading, talk about being quick to yell.
  13. I like it, may take one my self if I can. GaAustringer
  14. I love puzzles but reading these two caches just crossed my eyes!!! GaAustringer
  15. The Hall Clan wants a set, two if I can talk Lisa into it! GaAustringer
  16. Open, open, open....... GaAustringer
  17. I know I've got you on the phone now but I'm still posting this reply. I love it, tell Katie that the idea is perfect, I'm in. Greg the GaAustringer
  18. Don't Dodge it, RAM it!!! (Ram 1500 that is). Then again, when we aren't gettin off the long black hard thing with yellow and white stripes on it, we take the Nissan Quest (my wife's, I swear!!! ) The Hall Clan
  19. Thanks to everyone who emailed me, I finally got my parts in and have repaired my gps unit so I no longer need a keyboard . Gregory S Hall the Georgia Austringer The Hall Clan
  20. I got to agree with everyone here who recommends Premium Membership (even if you go with the $3/month option instead of $30/year), GSAK and either CacheMate/GPSSonar. You get the posting description, hints, and the last four logs (gives you an idea if the cache is missing, changes in cache site, etc.), very handy if you have the same habit I have: load 75-100 cache's into the GPSr from the area I feel like driving to and then decide which ones to try when I get there. Best expenditure I've made since buying a GPSr. Greg Hall the Georgia Austringer The Hall Clan
  21. Doubt it, I’ll bet you never dealt with Magellan. Amen, preach it brother, my head is still spinning. I am bidding on a "bleeding screen" unit on ebay now, hope the other guy doesn't want too bad tomorrow, but I'm willing to go pretty far for it though. Greg Hall the Georgia Austringer
  22. Called three times, stayed on "hold" for more than 45 minutes each time (cell phone bills get steep when you do that). I've found it difficult to say the least trying to contact a "real" person at Magellan. I'm hoping fellow cachers can help me more. Greg Hall the Georgia Austringer The Hall Clan
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