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  1. Ok y'all, without getting into the details of the why, I find myself in a position where I have to part with my coin collection. I know I'm gonna lose my a.... keister on this but thems the breaks, even though I wouldn't want to totally give them away.

    Here's a list of the trackable coins I have, most are activated but will be adopted to whoever ends up with them and there are a few which have not been activated. There are a few non-trackable coins mixed in but I don't think I can itemize them here.



    Absolute Geocaching

    Alabama 2005 (silver)

    All American Geocoin #19 (silver)

    All American Geocoin #22 (gold)

    Appalachian Trail - Ga (bronze)

    Appalachian Trail - Ga (silver)

    Appalachian Trail - Tn/NC (silver)

    Appalachian Trail - Va (silver)

    Appalachian Trail - WV (silver)

    Back Brake Billy

    BikeDog (copper)

    Cache Run - The General (gold)

    Cache Run - The General (silver)


    Civil War #1 - Fort Sumter

    Civil War #2 - Manassas

    Civil War #3 - Shiloh

    Civil War #4 - Ironclads

    Duncan Clan (copper)

    Evil Micro (black nickel)

    Evil Micro (nickel)

    Found It!

    GCC Apr. 2006 Recycle

    GCC Mar. 2006 Hunter Orange

    GCC May 2006

    GCC Nov. 2005 Benchmark

    Georgia - Peach

    Georgia - Stone Mtn

    Georgia Micro (antique bronze)

    Georgia Micro (antique copper)

    Georgia Micro (antique silver)

    Georgia Micro (black nickel xxxle ONLY 12 MINTED)

    Geoscouting 2005

    Geoscouting 2006

    GGA 2006 (gold)

    GGA 2006 (silver)

    Kansas Sunflower

    Kansas Sunshine Micro (black nickel)


    Makin' Tracks (black nickel xxle VERY FEW MINTED)

    Not Another Micro! (camo)

    Parrolet (copper xxle VERY FEW MINTED)

    Police Geocaching Squad (gold)

    Police Geocaching Squad (silver)

    Pone-a-Friend (black)

    Pone-a-Friend (red)

    Puzzle Cache - Research

    Puzzle Cache - The Challenge

    Puzzle Cache - The Find

    Puzzle Cache - The Quest

    Satellite - Series 1

    Signal - April 2006

    Signal - February 2006

    Signal - January 2006

    Signal - July 2006

    Signal - June 2006

    Signal - March 2006

    Signal - May 2006

    Southeastern Tennesee Cachers

    Team Pez

    Team Skirtlifter

    Team Skirtlifter - Lamp Post

    Team Thorny (copper xle)

    Tennesee Micro - (gold)

    Tennesee Micro - (silver)

    Texas Bluebonnet

    World Traveler



    Cache Run - The General (bronze)

    Georgia Micro (antique bronze)

    Georgia Micro (antique copper)

    Southeastern Tennesee Cachers

    Team Skirtlifter Lamp Post

    GCC Feb 2006 Ghosts of Caching Past

    Signal - August 2006


    I'm asking $400.00 but I will entertain honest offers. I'll check back in a few to see if anyone's interested, if not I plan to tuck my tail between my legs and go to e-***.


    Oh, yeah, I prefer PayPal if possible.

  2. Cinco de Mayo, still no April. I canceled my subscription. I subscribed hoping for coins like the Benchmark, the FTF, etc. but have been disappointed in what I've gotten, they're all up for trade or already traded.

  3. Good or bad. It doesn't matter. This is about the 8 design that I have been working on for my personal geocoin.


    Just want some feedback.







    Lisa said to tell you that she likes it, she must, she's still laughing.


    Greg ;)

  4. We got a couple 'cachehopping' as well (well one is and two others are waiting for the right caches, I found two perfect ones this morning but found I had left all my coins at home before I drove out of state just to sign these two cache logs!).


    Greg Hall

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