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  1. Hi all. I heard about geocaching a while back but kinda blew it off. Recently I heard about it again as well as letterboxing. This time my curiosity was peeked. I have done online seaches, collected info, have GPS (Garmin etrex), pda (Handspring Visor). I have found several caches in my area...already printed the info for the Hunt. What else do I need? I know a pen/pencil is needed for signing logs. I would also like to log my adventures but am not sure how to do that. I also keep reading about software for pda....what would work with my Handspring Visor? I would greatly appreciate an ideas, help, advice. I am excited to get started....already got info on one.....a vitrual cache, but need to follow up on it...then I will have my first find under my belt. ttfn
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