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    Cache info

    I am fairly new to geocaching. Up until now I had only done Virtual caches. Now I am really getting into this. Other than the paper trail from printing out cache info, does anyone keep info on caches you have been to? Do you log them, journal them, etc? (Other than logging/listings at geocache site.) If so, what info do you use or list? Same thing for Geocoins and TBs. I would like to keep a notebook of some sort with info on all caches I go to as well as some sort of notes. ttfn Donna
  2. I didnt mean to sound harsh or anything. I just dont seem to be having luck finding anyone in my area. Those same people are also listed as members here. The local site though doesnt seem to have but maybe 3 posts for 2005, everything else is 2003-2004. These people also dont seem to visit here to often. I dont drive all over. I have a roaming range so to speak. I stay withing my comfort zone only. There are 800+ caches listed in my town as well as each of the surrounding towns that I go to. I would think that with 800+ caches per town that I should have to drive all over the country to find anything. I just cant up and drive all over the country to start with. Plus, my dd goes with me, so that has to be factored in also. Thanks for the help. ttfn
  3. I just figured that there is already some sort of gatherings in my area. At least it looks like it used to be that way.
  4. My place is too small for any get togethers. Im not a beer person. I guess that maybe this is the wrong thing to get into. TIA.
  5. I found 2 sites for my area but one is too far away. The group that is in my area sure doesnt seem to have much action. Many of the forum posts are dated 2004. So, how do you find others in your area that also enjoy geocaching? I would like to have others to search with, also make sure I am doing this right. TIA. ttfn
  6. Well, so far my finds are only 2 Virtual caches. But I have been thinking about the swag. I am still working on this....as I want nice but not super expensive items. So far I have signature handmade lizard beaded keychains/zipper pulls, rubics cube key chains, plastic puzzles, bandaids. I plan to add bracelets and such. I guess first I need to find some caches to trade. Dd also is working on her swag box. She has same/similar items in her box. Just have to get out there, check it out, and get after it. ttfn
  7. Thanks. Dd and I want to do this right. I didnt want to do something then it be wrong. ttfn
  8. I cant complete this one and neither can dd until we can email the person the pic. I used the link here to contact the cache owner but until they email me back I cannot sent a pic in order to complete this one. ttfn
  9. My dd is 9 so she can sign the logs. I just didnt know if that would be ok with some cachers. If we find a Virtual cache, she has to do the requirements of it just like I do...so it seems that she should also be able to log it. We did 2 virtuals yesterday and she was answering the questions (at least looking for the answers), she took the pic of me w/ gps as required also. I have her do both requirements. Makes her do some brainwork while there. ttfn
  10. Awwww....just love stories like this. My dd was absolutely happy to hold the gps and use it. We were driving along (knew where cache was, but running errands) and dd was saying turn this way and turn that way, etc. So even though we werent going to the cache site at that time, she was directing me the whole time. Just gotta love the lil ones joining in...just too great. My dd was even happy to pic some awsome swag to leave behind. She is also thinking of signature items, handmade items, etc. This has her lil brain a moving now. ttfn
  11. I have several caches logged into my gps. Dd and I actually knew where 2 where just by the description. The 2 we knew of were both virtual caches. We didnt have time to do anymore than just the 2. We set out late, didnt have time. Anyway, we have emailed the cache owner with the required info. Now it is just a matter of waiting till we can log them. Dd was running that gps like a pro. She also is getting a lesson in using the camera. Dd will be a pro at this before long. She is already thinking of great ideas for her swag. ttfn
  12. Now...that sounds like the real reward. I know it is all about the sport, fun, time together...that is ok with me. I consider swag as a bonus so to speak. I dont mind leaving some personalized/signature trinket...just to say I was there. I just wanted to point out that we all have different tastes. That we all value items differently. I didnt mean to take the fun out of this. I know that there are disappointments in life, nothing in life is fair, etc. My dd and I have found a new hobby. We plan to have fun. For me, the swag is just a bonus to mark our journey....we just want to leave a little 'we were here' sign of sorts. ttfn
  13. I know what you mean...trash is trash. There are people who will bend the rules, break the rules, etc. Unless there is some geocache police that are going to patrol all caches (is that a word?) then it is really a judgement call....poor judgement by some. Dd and I are in it to have fun, learn geography and such, and hunt....just gotta love a good puzzle. I am hoping that if aside from the obvious (fun, time together, puzzle solving/hunting) that dd will at least know what to do for others. I am hoping that she will get the right idea about swag, trading, logging accurately, etc. That accomplished, I know I have done well. We plan to do a Virtual cache and maybe a couple others this weekend. I know where the Virtual one is and also a couple others. Just have to go complete them, log, etc. Even set dd up with her own acct here...she wants to log her finds. Reading up on this some groups (family, friends, teams, etc) will find and log then have a set routine so that they dont give it away for the others...so that a find is found by all. Dd wants to do things that way...we go in together but she wants to 'discover' the find herself...at least as much as she can. Hardest part is that there are many in my area that we cant do. There is a McToys one that dd really wants to do....area is infested with Poison Ivy....we are both highly allergic...not worth a trip to ER. Thanks. I know that it IS about the hunt, logging, etc. That the swag is/is not a bonus. I am a scrapbooker and so I want to journal, scrapbook each cache we do. I want to complete a scrapbook of our caching fun. The swag would be a great way to log each experience. I also really like the Geocaching Christmas tree that someone posted earlier....Great idea in my book. ttfn
  14. Please dont shoot the messanger. I am a newbie. I have read, researched, etc about geocaching all weekend. I have gps, pda, email, cache hunting gear, etc. I feel that I am somewhat prepared and ready to go. I have several caches in my gps and just have to get out there. I debated this...do you hide, hunt, both....how do you start? I posted here asking several questions, checking all resources, geocachers creed, getting input from here and others that geocache. Now I read posts like this and start to worry. There are several things I see here. How do you rate the swag? I mean I think of that old saying 'one mans treasure...'. Some people and children like Mctoys while others dont. Some like hot wheels while others dont. What I am saying is that even with completely new items...how do you 'put a price on it' or rate it? A hot wheels car could range anywhere from a nickle up in what you pay to get one. KWIM. I personally dont need or like stickers, cards, etc....but that doesnt mean that others agree. I may like something that one person considers trash and so on. We are all different and so we will all see things different. I know that as long as I see it as 'what would I want to leave/find?', 'what is a better item to leave', etc. I can only do my best. I know that some collect signature items while others dont care. Some only leave swag for children, or not at all. Finding the cache and logging are the 'reward'. I have heard it all this weekend. It is an individual thing....we each view it different. I have a handmade signature item I am thinking of using. Reading all the posts about disappointing finds, trash finds, poor items, etc....makes me wonder if I should even do this. I am trying to do this as correctly, ethically, etc as I can. My dd (age 9) is super excited about this and is also wanting to use handmade signature items for swag. Now I worry about if my item is ok to use. In thinking about hiding a cache I also have been searching around for what is acceptable, get. I also was thinking about the swag for this. I have thought that if I make my cache of higher quality items....then that will set a standard for others, increase the number of better caches, etc. Then I wonder about that. I ask start to wonder about batteries and pens....will they leak, will it ruin the cache/cache items, etc. I guess you can see I have been looking at this from all sides/angles. I dont want to put a bunch of effort (thought has already been working) into a cache that is NOT 'worthy' and wont be checked by other cachers. But I also dont want to put all this into it for nothing....wasted effort. I know that the hunt is the important part. I know that the time with dd is important. If I do this correctly, then I am also setting a standard for younger/next generation geocachers. So I went on....this has been bugging me. It is a big part of why I still havent actually gone out to start looking. Thank you for listening...if you are still reading. Just thought that a newbie point of view might also show what others are seeing in this. ttfn
  15. Got her set up. I guess she can have basic acct and down the road I will upgrade mine to premium member. Thanks. She is so excited.....even thinking about signature items for herself. ttfn
  16. How do you make the tokens and/or signature cards? I have been looking into this and would like to know how to do that. ttfn
  17. Thanks. Already have notebook for this. As you said, I do want to record info for each hunt. Thanks for the help. ttfn
  18. Well...I already had gps (still in package and new), pda (been using that a while now). I just figured that since I already have the gadgets that I might as well use them. Thanks for the welcome. Wow...so many scrapbookers that are also geocachers. That is just too much fun! I do plan to scrapbook each and every adventure. I also plan to take pics and log it all. I just havent figured out exactly how I want to log it all (other than online logs). ttfn
  19. I have no clue how to use Easy GPS (but waing on data cable for gps), GASK, or cachemate. I have them on my puter. I opened and tried to just learn my way around. I still have NO clue what I am doing. ttfn
  20. Also, when you sign a logbook....do you put your username from here, your real name? How do you sign a logbook? ttfn
  21. Ok, I posted last night that I am ready to get out and Hunt. Dd is driving me nuts. I have a Virtual cache to start with...know exactly where it is....just want to test drive gps with this one...you know, get a feel for it all. Then I have several others on the todo list. Dd (age9) is going nuts as we drive by that Virtual cache all of the time....even she figured it out by the clues. There are a few that I cant do due to PI...dd and I are both Highly allergic...so we dont need trip to ER...althought I have been trying to figure a way to the cache around the PI....hehehe. My question is: dd wants to log her finds as well. I know that some familys/groups go and either the first finder logs or each one finds and logs. Dd is not registered here. She wants to log, sign logbooks, etc. Can she do that? How or what needs to be done so she can log finds? We dont want to 'break rules' or do this wrong. Thanks for help. BTW...last night I input 6 caches into gps so I can get started. ttfn
  22. Thanks to LiberT, I have several cache in my gps....now to go a hunting. I know exactly where the virtual cache is that I spoke of. The cache description was enough that my dd (age 9) even figured it out. I have to email a pic or answer to questions in order to call that one mine....just wanted to use it to work with my gps. I thought since I know that one, I cant mess up. You know, a great way to try out my gps. Thanks for the help. I will take any help, advice, suggestions I can get. I already have gear: gps, survival kit (has compass, light, mirror, whistle, swiss army knife, lighter, etc), 1st aid kit, baggies, pda (for future use), water bottles with carrier, bug spray, stick (although I will be looking at getting a BIG one), work gloves. All of this is stuff I already had. Lol...I am a scrapbooker, teacher, and soccer mom. Hopefully I will be posting about my finds soon. I just wanted to start small, simple (if there is such a thing), and close to home. A small success is better than a big failure. I figure that I will get better as I go...maybe not smarter but I will learn. Ok, I will become a good student before I am done...lol. TIA. ttfn
  23. Enter...by hand....It took me an hour (after all the reading) to just get home marked. OMGosh...what have I got myself into?!?!? The cache I know the location of is a Virtual cache...have to email a pic or answer a ?...dd keeps asking 'when are we gonna go hunting treasure?' She is all ready to go and I just wanna figure this goofy box out. I am 'technologically challenged', 'athletically challenged'...I am challenged. Lol...I have been reading geocaching sites all weekend, read posts all day yesterday, spent today trying to figure out GPSr. I even walked up and down the block to see how the GPSr works, and what I was doing. I'd say that maybe in another year or two I might be able to navigate my way in and out of the driveway. BTW, LiberT....like the comment in your post about snakes. I also hope the snakes Passed class and KNOW to get Lost! ttfn
  24. Ok, I have printed out some cache info. I know the location of a couple in my area just due to descriptions. I have Garmin etrex GPSr and Handspring Visor pda. I am waiting the arrival of the data cable for gps. I downloaded EasyGPS, GASK, cachemate. I dont have a darn clue how to work this stuff. I have been reading instructions for 3 days. I really dont want to hunt in another country when I have Never been out of the USA. I would like to start small and local. H E L P ! I am already going out of my mind. My dd and I have been so excited to start this new adventure but I dont know what to do with all this gps, pda stuff. I am technologically challenged as well as athletically challanged. Many of the caches in my area also list Poison Ivy as a threat (dd and I are HIGHLY allergic)...so that also limits our hunting. We are so ready to start this journey but I dont know how to get any of this software stuff going. Lol...I guess I need someone to take me by the hand with this. ARG! I just want to play and have fun. Anyone have suggestions? TIA. ttfn
  25. Do you know what software/programs will work with my Handspring Visor for paperless recording? I have already found a Virtual cache...just have to get it finalized then logged. I do plan to start small....better to have small success and work up than to have big failure and not enjoy. ttfn Donna
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