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    Team Okie7 is from Central Ok....we just happen to be a bit scattered around the area. ttfn Donna
  2. There is a company that makes waterproof labels....they tested in dishwasher (after 30+ rounds the labels were still ok) that I will get. I know someone else has used these labels and even tested for themself. So that will not be a problem. I guess I will just come up with something of my own. Thanks. ttfn Donna
  3. I will put something over them to protect. Otherwise there is a company that makes waterproof stickers. The company ran their label through dishwasher to test...30+ cycles and still ok. I just dont want to have to buy a bunch of stickers when I can print my own labels/stickers. I want to use the G + symbol then have info about geocaching. For example: Official Geocaching gamepiece, etc. ttfn Donna
  4. Where can I find a templete or something so that I can print my own labels for cache containers? I would like to have several sizes (micro/film canister, regular, ammo can, etc). I have a few I want to place in high traffic areas and would like to label them so as to Not cause alarm. I have many Avery labels #8167 and several Avery #3261. I would like to use regular address labels as well (not sure of the number/size). Can anyone help me? ttfn Donna
  5. Back on this signature swag issue again...sorry to drag it out. I have looked at making poker chips, wooden nickels, pathtags, etc. Most of those are a bit expensive. We have a group of 3 adults and 4 kids....that is alot to do. Each person wants their own signature item. Right now daughter Lil_red and I do beaded lizard keychains. I have also made some hemp cord, leather lace, rex lace keychains. My friend and I both have made handmade beaded keychains as well. Many times our items will not fit in the smaller cache containers. Ok, so...should we just stick with the beaded lizard keychains? Should we stick with the variety of handmade stuff? Should we get some sort of signature coin (wooden nickel, pathtag, etc)? Should we do a combo of all of the above? What do you think? What would you like to see in the swag? ttfn Donna
  6. I want to say 'thank you' for this post. I hadnt thought about how I logged finds till reading this post. We still make the logbook kinda short sweet and to the point as we are usually a group of 7 and it takes so long just to get all of our names signed. However, we make notes in a notebook and make up for it (at least I think we do) in the online logs. I know that we have chatted with one owner who has said he enjoyed reading our posts. Some of the online logs have started to look like short novels. Anyway, after reading some of the adventures in the online logs and this post...I have gotten better about logging finds. Thank you. ttfn Donna
  7. My dd Lil_red and I have been seeing some really cool geocoins. We think they are all cool. Lil_red and I are looking to see if we can find some reasonable geocoins. Some of them are just way out of our price range.
  8. As a child I had a favorite bushwacking aka walking stick. It finally bit the dust. Now that I am geocaching, I wanted to be prepared. I have a wooden dowel that I drilled a hole in (handle end) and put string. Although we all call it a bushwacking stick, it is mainly a pokey in places you dont want to stick hand stick as well as to gently move vegetation aka Poison Ivy out of the way. I put the hole and string so that the kids in our group would not confuse the ends. I dont want to touch the end that has been near the PI. If I were to find a cool stick on the trails I would use it but so far not much luck. My wooden dowel works well for poking, walking, etc. ttfn Donna
  9. I can think of several things. I am pretty new, still learning. Even when I think I know what I am doing, I learn even more. A trackable (Travel Bug or Geocoin) could go missing from any cache, members only or not. I would think that to a point a members only cache would be safer...only members can view online but then muggles can stumble upon it still. I have heard many stories of trackables only lasting a few months before they are MIA. I have heard stories of someone seeing that their trackable was last grabbed by someone/thing (muggle, elements, premium member as well as free member) then never seen again. I keep being told over and over that anytime you release a trackable into a cache you are taking a chance to never see it again. Some people are lucky and see theirs, others not so lucky. If you are worried about your trackable I would think that a quick email to the cache owner could help you. If nothing else the cache owner could let you know status, move to non member cache, etc. The only thing that I have found to be certain about this hobby/sport/adventure/addiction is that everything changes. Good luck. ttfn Donna PS. My friend and I are premium members. We go caching with our children as well as her dh...they are free members. So they kinda have to go with us on our treks.
  10. I am new to this and recently found a Caching Pill Geocoin. I would love to have one of those but then I would love any...you have to start somewhere.
  11. I got this and now am trying to figure it all out. Please help me. Do you keep all cache info here? Do you delete cache info after you find the cache, or keep it? How do you use GSAK? I mean, what all do you do with it, use it for, etc? ttfn Donna
  12. Ever since we went to Windows XP, I have had problems. My pda will not sync with my puter and so I havent even been using it. I have tried everything I can think of to get things working and still nothing. Its getting really frustrating. I finally gave up for a while, but now would like to use it again.
  13. Remember some people are new at this and didnt know how to do this the best way. For us it wasnt/isnt a numbers game. We really thought that people want it short, sweet and to the point. You cant put much on the log in a micro. I guess the best thing is to put a short note in the log at the site of the cache, then put the details into the online log. Many of the caches we have done are small or micro. Some that are listed as small only have log book (I am talking altoid tin, mint tin, waterproof matchbox, film canister, etc). We even checked the logs and it was all TNLNSL, T-___ L-___ SL, etc. That was all we saw in those sorts. Some of the regulars had longer logs. As for the online logs, we have seen a mixture. There are some talented people that are great with the details as well as the stories. Some have had the basic this is #_ of _ finds for the day. Some were telling the owner of needed repairs. I have personally emailed a cache owner to ask questions, thank them for the great cache, get ideas, etc. I would rather have meaning behind my log than just some garbage to fill space. Sometimes there is nothing noteworthy to log. This has made me rethink my procedures. I will be taking notes with each hunt. I will be trying to do a better job with the logs. I will try to let the cache owner know that I do appreciate what they have done. Thanks.
  14. I really like this game idea..."HuckleBuckleBeanstalk". My biggest concern with the youngest in the group yelling is that it alerts muggles. We have seen some muggles in our searches that could be 'up to no good' and may harm a cache....dont want that to happen. I like your idea. It makes it into a game, signals a find to the people in our group, allows others in group to find, doesnt draw attention of muggles. Thanks.
  15. I'm going to start adding "Unfortunately, we saw no nudists at this cache " to all of our cache logs. I wish we had done this from Day 1... Could be Fortunate....
  16. Trust me, they would be returned and FAST...
  17. Some friends and I have just started geocaching...so we are new to this. I had never thought about how to sign log. We try to keep cache log short...KISS. We have done alot of micro/small caches lately that have been TNLNSL...and that is what we posted. We do try to put a lil bit of info in...great hunt, etc. Your post now has me thinking about the online logs...guess I will be doing a better job of posting. We go as a group (children and adults) and sometimes it is hard to remember all that happens in the hunt. I will try to do a better job of posting logs from this point forward. I totally understand what you are saying and will remember it.
  18. I dont think we would be leaving the children IN the cache. Lol...
  19. I have a Handspring Visor but for some reason it does NOT like windows XP. I have been debating getting a newer PDA...this just adds to my 'want/need'.
  20. I have the basic yellow Garmin etrex. I am noticing that it really goes bonkers in the heavy bush. I dont have tons of money to buy an expensive model. Is it normal for the etrex to go bonkers in the woods? What models go bonkers? What models dont have any trouble with heavy bush? Without spending a ton of money what is a good one to get? TIA.
  21. Those that use PDAs in their hunt, what do you use? Which ones to avoid? Any other info that will be helpful?
  22. I retrieved an older empty pez from one cache. I thought it was a pretty neat idea for swag. I dont know that I would even try to put the candy in with it. I think I like the 'garbage can' idea. My dd would also love that...she loves the candy. I also dont think that just because someone uses pez dispensers as a signature item that means they are off limits to others. You can read the log to see who left/took pez. Just my 2 cents. . .
  23. My daughter and I are kinda new to geocaching. We have been making beaded keychains with a tag that states 'swag made by...'. Do people really like signature swag, I mean is it worth the trouble? What kinds of signature items are out there? What do you like to find? TIA. Also, if you do leave signature swag...do you leave it at all caches that have room for swag, or do you pick and choose where you leave these items?
  24. What is the best way to do things? We have a group that goes. Several adults and several children. Most of the adults and some of the children/teens have their own swag. My daughter and I have signature swag that we made. Anyway, the other children want to swap swag. How do you do this? Is it ok for each child to swap items? How should this be done? My dd has signed up and is a member, so she can log her finds. But, what about the others? Should each person sign up, swap, etc? Can each person swap without signing up? What is the correct/best procedure for this? The youngest child is 7 and really really feels left out. We just started caching and so this was the first cache with swag for the kids to visit.
  25. I just got some friends into this great hobby. We have several children between us ranging in age from 7 to teen. One mans trash is another mans treasure is super true. Each person in our group finds something different that they want to swap out. My child and I have made our own personalized swag. The thing is that just because we think our swag is cool doesnt mean that someone else does. Just like with the kiddos, each one finds something totally different to want for trade. Yes we love the hunt but sometimes we like the cool card/patch/token in the cache. Many times we find micros with only a log. We try to leave things that are nice (but beauty is in the eye of the beholder), and how do you define 'nice'?
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