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  1. Watching is my way I keep an eye on the surroundings of the hometown caches. When you start making simpler charts, You can start to see caching trends by the local community. Mathematically you can find the probability of who will get FTF's and so on.


    But that's my little stupid stuff I do at 2AM when I'm bored.


    I watch local Jeeps so I can get tips on new caches and their "approximate" location.


    Watch some TB's, and my only out-of-state watch is the infamous QUANTOM LEAP. Which once I get a summer to do absolutely nothing, I'm going down to Texas and getting this imaginary (former thread) cache.


    I'm even making a Quantom Leap bound TB.


    Snoogans you rock!

  2. :blink: We have a local "Log Troll". A cacher seems to find caches, or not find them in some cases, and rip them up in the logs. This cacher has well passed his "newbie stage" and is just out there to stir things up.


    Many local cachers have emailed him about the problems, and he'll fix some of the logs, but everyday I look through the recently found locals, and they're on there somewhere telling people how bad the cache is and why it's dangerous or this or that.


    What stirred me up is that I recieved an "accidental" email from the cacher, swearing about another local hider and mostly just "trolling" garbage that is meant to stir cachers up.


    What should I do about this nonsense?

  3. Personally, I see the avatar as a creative outlet, not as a venue for my mug.


    Personally I see it exactly the opposite way. My avatar is a small version of my profile page picture. It is a picture of who I am. When you see a post from me, you see me next to it.


    Frankly I think "cool avatars" are in the same class of oxymoron as "cool ringtones".



    You are correct!

  4. I bought a GPS a few years ago for no apparent reason, just for hiking, biking, etc. not even knowing something as this existed. Then I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago, and I am ADDICTED.


    I found my first cache a little over a week ago, and now I am up to 10, YAY. I can't even believe there are so many in my area, cuz we don't have much of anything here in Northeast PA.


    I'm looking forward to trying to find every darn cache out there!


    Thanks to everyone who turned this into what it is now :ph34r::ph34r:

    Northeastern PA, can easily be described as 10,000 micros on every street corner.


    The farther you get towards wooded regions you will have better hides that will get you out hiking, mountain biking, etc.


    I personally know a few of the better cache hiders in your area, and have some of their caches on my "to do" list.

  5. In the past few weeks, my children, my husband and myself have been along with another "official" geocacher. My husband actually found the first one by accident that started the geocache careers of the others that we have been out with.....can we go back and get "found" credit for these...or is there "rules" about this? I actually was the one who sighted one with a group....don't want to do the wrong thing, but it would be fun to have a complete list of the ones that we have found...even though we didn't have the GPS with us! Please don't flame me...I am a newbie asking for all our family...especially the 9 yo who is the geohound of our group and has found 10 or more before we had our own geo account.

    Who cares what other "number punchers" think, they only like to follow the rules when it's not them who's following them.


    I you technically found the cache then log it as a "Found".

  6. Ok but what should I log if I go to a cache that was presumed lost in a flood and replaced with a new container and then on the way out found the original cache too. Did I not find two caches for the "first time"?

    Notes are always the best way to go if you're not sure.

  7. heres the weird thing, i FOUND geocaching because of wheres george.. i was a georger before i was a geocacher, at some point, a bill i had entered became a geocache bill, who ever noticed it was involved here and when i saw it was a "GEOCACHE" bill i became curious and found this site.. i may not be very actice but i enjoy it when i can..

    I'm thinking that more people have came to Where's George? from geocaching.com than vice-versa.


    Either way, the two hobbies can coexist without these silly arguments about what is "circulation" and what isn't. Where ever I chose to place MY money, I will place those dollars there, because Where's George? may have owned the stamps, but I own my money. That's what gets me, where does WG? come off telling me where to place my money. I understand their argument, but it's such a vast amount of ifs in the whole thing.


    Whoa, I got on a rant. Sorry. :ph34r:

  8. 2 finds and 2 DNFs, and I notice now that one of my DNFs is now archived because it appears to have gone missing.


    I was only out for a couple hours and all 4 caches were located in Stanley Park, but it was a lot of fun.


    I'm really impressed with my Vista C, today was my first chance to really use it and it performed pretty good under to tree canopy in the park.



    You will get more used to caching and bat 1.000 soon. The Vista C is a remarkable GPSr if equipped with CitSelect and TOPO's, you may want to look into those programs.

  9. Well then, as far as I am concerned.....no more FTF 'GIFTS'

    HHmmmm ...no rule that says you must log.......I guess that would make it easier..for me anyway...then I wouldn't need to even bother rushing home to 'Document my find!! Thanks for the the help....clears it all up from my perspective!!



    Don't let the few jerks in the game spoil your attitude.


    Play the game you want to play, if they interfere, just don't give them any more attention, and make them feel like an idiot because they spent $10 in gas to go get a stuffed animal with a dog tag strapped to it.


    I think they are just really simple minded people that just are out there to make us mad.


    But don't jump to conclusions, sometimes people will forget to log TB's and they'll be gone, and 3 weeks later may be logged out of a cache 10 miles down the road.

  10. Hey whats the deal? I was told that I can't place a cache while I was 'traveling', I suppose because they think I can't maintain it. I'm new to geocaching, but so far my kids and I really like it! Now I read about several cachers here in MN who appear to take 'Road Trips' from one end of MN to the other, looks like they throw caches out the window as they go! One Fella, a 'King' of some sort took a road trip from the TC area all the way down to SE Mn dropping off 15 caches on the way! Looks like every reststop along the highway has his footprints all over it! I've checked and he has dozens and dozens of caches from one corner of Mn to another.


    I'm a pilot for a living. I get all over the midwest every week. I have a cabin on the North shore of Mn and have friends who have cabins around MN, We share them with each other. I could maintain many more caches, but according to the 'rules' have to place them near my home. I'd like to place more caches, but want to stay within the guidelines. Who do I talk to about this? I'd like to place more caches near my cabin!

    Explain the complete situation of the geocache. If the approver still doesn't believe you can maintain it, get a local cacher to where you want to place it, email the approver that they will maintain it if needed. Several cachers have caches thousands of miles from where they live, and they have the local cachers take care of it because the emailed with the cachers before they hid it, and the cachers complied.

  11. I have read the postings about "going paperless". We are new geocachers. We will probably be travelling across Canada a couple of times a year as our daughter and grandkids live 3000km away from us. We already know that geocaching gives us great breaks in a long day's drive. So, all that being said, here's my question? We're going to buy a new computer. The only thing we'd use a laptop for is geocaching and transporting digital pictures around with us on our trips. We are happy with the monitor, keyboard and mouse we already have and are a little hesitant about how we'd like a laptop's keyboard (we're both touch typists). I like the idea of getting a desktop for home and something else for the road. Will an old palm pilot hold the info for a lot of caches (say several hundred for long trips when we don't know our exact route)? Or should we cough up the cash and get a newer PDA that has more memory and internet capabilities? Sorry, I know this is a long question but you need all the info. We're using a very basic Garmin GPS but are happy with it (plan to get a cable to download waypoints though). Thanks.

    A laptop would be the ultimate road caching machine. Download all the points along your route, USB connect your GPS to it and synchronize, you can track your movement on the laptop and decide what caches you want to do.

  12. I thought I seen the "Where's George" bills listed as in some of the other users profiles, along with the number of found, not found, TB's etc. I found one and wanted to add it but I don't know how to log it on this site, or do I have to login to their website and add it and they are linked? From what I read on the forum here I didn't think that was possible? Please let me know how or if you have stopped doing this?

    Whatever you do, don't put it in a geocache. <_<

  13. Paperless? How about cache pageless. Who needs the page?


    If it ain't a puzzle or a multi made like a puzzle and wasn't tagged as one, I don't see the need.


    If you overlook the caches before you leave and see they are not offset, hints usually won't help you any more than just looking.

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