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  1. Here is a good story. Im going camping this weekend in Somerville, TN and then in 3 weeks im going to Loretta Lynns Ranch to camp for 4 days and I can only see a couple Caches close to either place. Which means I not much caching :laughing:


    BUT we will be making stops on the way. Ive mapped out the drive to look for caches.



    I've stayed at Loretta Lynn's Ranch, it's unbelievable the hiking and such in the area. You'll have a great time whether you get 2 caches or 100.

  2. Peanut butter jars can work, as JV accounted. But if the cachers screws that cap on, and not "completely" and somehow that comes off its a mess.


    Ammo cans have a usually straight forward design, it's either open or closed.


    Lock n' Locks also have decently good reviews as far as water sealing.

  3. I very rarely trade, Took nothing, left something (sometimes). What is inside does not cause me any great concern. I think of it as finding a really big micro, sign the log and leave. I have stocked some of my hides fairly well with decent trade items that I think the locals would want. Trade as you wish, it does not bother me. I dont care what I find in the container as long as I can find it and sign the log.

    The "trading" topic has been beaten from Sacramento to Kathmandu and back.


    And for the most parts, the people you are crying on here to, aren't the culprits, and are already mad about the same thing in their area.


    If you have a question, post it, if you have a general rant and justify it by asking "Do you think this is right?" or something that is mosiacally changed to mean the same thing, please don't post. It just causes angst.


    :laughing: As angst free, as a ninja could be. :unsure:

  4. Ammo boxes work a little better than peanut butter jars. Because, they are more resistent to weather and animals. If there is any trace of food on the container, and animal will rip it apart, film canisters ARE NOT waterproof either.


    If you choose to go micro, make sure the log won't be soggy after a nice rain.


    Cache on!

  5. Oh, I cannot wait to winter cache! (Seriously!)


    I've seen all the fun people have, and no more jaggers or poison ivy.


    Out caching I found some caves I never knew existed not so far from my own house, and they were in between two multi-stages of a cache. I just hit 100 finds recently as well.

  6. This week has been great. Got some really fun caches in, done some much needed hiking, got down and did a stint on our local bike trail, ran a 5k, and have been keeping active on the forum boards.


    No complaints here.


    (Let's here some good upbeat stories about caching or anything related recently)

  7. Hiders make the game, and break it.


    At the point when one cacher influences cache styles for a whole region, that have hidden too many.


    Variety is the spice of life, if there are too many of one thing, it gets quite boring to be honest.


    I'm addressing the "Title" rather than the OP, because the OP's argument sounded more like a "Hide more caches that I like, and if you like them too bad." Which is kind of OT of his on post.


    Find all types of caches in moderation, that will keep your "fire" going.



    :laughing: (Team AO Ninja)

  8. Wrapping a cache in a plastic bag is about as effective as screen doors in a submarine (I have only come across one--cache, that is).


    It reminds me of those inexperienced canoists who may pack their gear in a garbage bag; it just doesn't work.


    Plastic inside a viable container is a different story, but even then, the bags still are realistically only effective for separating and organizing the contents.


    It's amazing how much water a plastic bag can hold, even if it has gaping holes. :rolleyes:<_<

    Ziploc works quite well. Garbage bags and other such things are nasty when wet and/or dirty.

  9. We put a new cache out in my daughters name for her birthday the first one dissapeared, so we archived it and moved it started it up 2 weeks ago and only 2or 3 people have found or even got it, whats up the first one we did got hammered-is it the gas prices- where's all the cachers <_<:rolleyes:

    Alot of caches is the problem.


    When people place 10 caches in one day. They show up on people lists as unfound.


    Naturally they want to find closer to home caches with gas prices. So if in one day 10 caches popped up right in front of your cache spot, then it will take longer.


    Patience is key, make cache pages SO enticing that the reader just has to find the cache and see this awesome spot.


    Planning a great cache is hard to do, but always carry a notebook. I was sitting reading a backpacking magazine the other day and had a good idea for a halloween themed cache. Half of the story on the cache page, the other half laminated and placed inside the cache.

  10. I would like to see more of them. In fact, I have a cache ready to be placed as soon as I find a good hiding spot.

    I could be wrong but I feel that if you hide a members only cache, the cache seekers (paid members) will more likely take better care of your cache. I mean be less likely to trash it out. I believe this because they have an investment in this sport. their monthly or yearly premium.

    Don't know for sure if this is true but it makes sense to me.

    Any others?


    -Jeff :rolleyes:

    My gut feeling, is that they will treat the cache as any other cache that is available to them.


    All of my caches will be open to all cachers. If the cache is any fun to find, why restrict people and make them pay. Most of the finders will most likely be new, they will become premium if your cache was nice enough and they want to support a hobby they choose to take part in.

  11. I'm watching every cache I've ever found, which amounts to about 350 currently active ones.  Also most TB's I've found as well.

    :unsure: Are you crazy? :huh::rolleyes::huh:<_<

    I would go bonkers. :huh:

    I would probably mark SPAM on the emails if I recieved THAT many logs in my email per day.


    But that's just me. B)

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