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  1. I'm 15 and my partner is 48. I like to hike, fish, backpack, canoe, run cross country, play soccer, baseball, football. Non-outdoor activities include reading about iron furnaces, caving, listening to classic rock, among many other things.


    I'm kind of one of the "lone" teen cachers. I've spoken with probably 10 I've come across online, but it is not frequent a person without a driver's license is the one who's into caching so much.


    My father, lately, has begun to catch onto the "hook" of geocaching. I've started to go and find more and have recently attained the 100 find mark (even though it means nothing in the grand spectrum of things, it's not about the numbers) and have really enjoyed most of the caches (minus a few).


    The forums sometimes make you leave with a bad taste in your mouth, but I have one opinion about geocachers that has remained steadfast in the short time I've been here...I've never met a geocacher I didn't like, not matter how big and bad they are online, they are the nicest people you could ever meet when you meet them in person.


    Sometimes these forums bring out the worst in people, but it's all fair game on here, got to have some thick skin.


    Good luck caching Flyfisher, and hope to see you on the trails!

  2. Found a cache this weekend . . . don't know HOW it was placed nearly 35 feet up a metal light pole but there it was, magnetic & in the open.


    Left my boom truck at home this trip but I found the cache, just couldn't sign the log . . . should I be able to log the find, is it legal.


    We all love the owner, called him & he just laughed at us - oh the pain!. You know him, the guy loves creative caches like his "Holy Wastewater' that generated so much fervor recently.


    Any thoughts . . .

    Do what you feel is right.


    Everyone has their own opinion, and you can't please everyone, so I guess the best you can do, is do what you feel in this position in the right thing to do.

  3. Spent nearly 25 dollars and drove ten hours (roundtrip) placing three caches that I put a lot of thought & planning into, near where I had several others . . . placed it meeting all of the guidelines and never could get it approved by the reviewer.


    From here on out, if I place more, they will be inexpensive/worthless in case they sit abandoned and unvisited due lack of reviewer approval like the several I have created that now, rest-in-peace.

    Geolittering, are you saying? If the reviewer has a problem, then maybe you should address the problem.


    Most of your hides are micros, so all your attempts at hiding caches with trading items inside we are shot down?


    And you let them sit out there?


    Maybe I made to much of this post, but most cache containers aren't biodegradable, and shouldn't be left idle.

  4. Yesterday,

    Team Alamo hit the lofty mark of 10,000 cahces found!

    His milestone cache was TA@10K:The Grand Finale-The End of the Road. the finale of an 11 cache series commorating his finds.


    I have been priviliged to accompany Lee on many (for me) cache searches. He has many great hides and always make newbies feel at ease. Remember Lee, there are still >190,000 more out there!

    Holy Crap! So how many finds per day since he joined has he averaged?!


    10,000 is legendary.


    Congrats. :P

  5. Halloween cache bash event & walk siloans



    N 51° 35.520 E 000° 03.208

    British Grid: TQ 42341 90129


    or convert to NAD27 at Jeeep.com



    In United Kingdom

    Hidden: 10/29/2005

    Use waypoint: GCQQJ2

    check out the event and see if it your kind of thing :)

    You should probably post this in your local group if you have one. So you can get the word out to a more localized community.


    Hope you have fun! :lol:

  6. I know I already had a turn... but today was another beautiful day; I walked 7.6 miles of bike paths for three caches, and took this picture which I really really like:




    I was there at just the right time of morning. The sun was bright, the sky was clear and cloudless, and there was no breeze to ripple the water, so it was as clear as glass. When I walked past the same spot an hour later, the sun was higher and the wind had picked up, and the mirror effect was gone.

    I'm now using that photo as my wallpaper. Thansk for sharing that with us! :laughing:

  7. I live in Pennsylvania. There is a location in State Gamelands #296 that is a haven for trash. The trash I try to pick up, but it is so spread out and in abundance a CITO Event would be plausable for the area.


    I have scowered over the rules and regulations for the gamelands, but wasn't sure if the event would be allowed. Maybe a PA cacher who has experience with the practice of group CITO in the PA SGL.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Fake things are nice and fun. But, when you get to the point where you come to the location and begin to destroy nature because it may be park of a cache hiding location, or this or that, it's not longer fun...it's disgraceful.


    What's the point in hiding a cache no one can find?


    Make them fun, but make them practical at the same time. :laughing:

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