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  1. The diffuculty should deal with, how hard it is to find. How hard it is to obtain coordinates (puzzle), how hard it is to find legal entrance (protected by private property, may have to cross creek or something), how to actually get somewhere (if it's on a cliff and you need to find out the most plausible way to get there).


    Basically, whatever your mind has to do. It's rating the strain you put on your mind.

  2. My son introduced my wife and me to Geocaching when on holiday together. We went with him to find four caches and joined in the actual hunt and signed the log books with our given names, having no user name at that stage. When we returned home we registered, adopted our own user name and started to log our finds.


    The burning question is... can we count the finds we made with our son before our own registration? We note that other teams sometimes hunt together so may we now retrospectively add four caches which we took part in finding even though not official, registered cachers at that time. Please?!



    When it comes to that, don't worry about logging anything. If your names in the logbook with a date, your name can be online with that same date.


    You "joining" date means nothing in that situation.

  3. Does any have any SWPA Event Caches in the works before the end of the year?


    I ask this because I may plan one if no one else, locally, will be having one soon.

  4. I think I'm ready to place my first cache. I have only 36 finds right now and haven't found anything like the container I want to use. I bought a 2 gallon paint bucket and made it look like a log. Think this will be OK to use?









    I love it!!!


    I would make one if I was creative enough.

  5. Camo cloth, or tape would work.


    Word of advice, if hiding a micro, please go with a waterproof container. I have hidden a 35mm micro and all it was, was a pain to go an put a new log book in everytime it rained.


    There are some really clever micro ideas on eBay and Bison containers are waterproof as far as rain is concerned. They are also very 'camoflauged' as well.

  6. I am a gadget freak, as I suppose many of you are as well. I've always wanted an excuse to get a metal detector, but could never come up with a use for it. Recently, however, I realized how much easier (and fun) it might be to find a cache using a metal detector rather than just turning over rocks.


    Has anyone here ever used a metal detector to try and locate caches?

    People use them in huge rock piles where ammo cans are located.


    They work very well from what I hear.

  7. It's more or less one of those things you just have to grin and bear it.


    I was actually looking forward to finding one of your caches, but I haven't gotten around to it. I had "O'er the Fields" on my watchlist.


    Hopefully I can get the one other before some more development crews get some "great ideas" about that spot.


    Sorry for your misfortune...


    Team AO

  8. There should be some qualification process for hiding your first cache.  Let’s say, you have to find 10 (arbitrary number) caches, or pass a test or something before you place your first one.  :D


    This might help to ensure that you at least know how to use a GPSr.  (example)   :D


    There are at least two new caches on my nearest list that are placed by newly joined cachers; in both cases the newbies have listed no finds.  I just don’t understand the logic; I do appreciate the energy and enthusiasm.  :D  :mad:

    this is my cache. i have been geocaching for over a year now. i know how to use my gps i checked and the coordinates are right on. its just hidden in a really good spot. i have found almost every cache in plainfield i just never list them. dont start talking bad about people just because they hide there cache so well that you cant find it or they havent updated there finds. now ill go back and check again to make sure the coordinates are right and ill update my finds but nextime before you go talking bad about someone you need to email them to ask them questions.

    <Coughing> PM's are the way to go. You're right. So why did you just say that right in public when you could have abided by the method you suggested for him to use. <Cough, Cough>


    Really folks. :huh::P

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