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  1. We had a local cacher were I was living a while back that would only and that still only hides micros. To keep him from fill a local open space ares with micros in an area the had place for large caches I hid a very large cache the contained several tupperware caches that were already sotcked with log books etc. Each one of these had a tag with a recomended distance to hide them from the large cache. This was so that we not be to close to on another. They also had to be placed within 24 hours of being taken. Well it worked and now most of the area is micro free. Plus all those other cacher have tomaintin them now :rolleyes:

    You are a godsend. Down with the people hiding 10,000 worthless hides to pump their stats.

  2. Maybe new cachers should write the test questions; veterans could supply the answers.

    Maybe we could just have a Getting Started section of the forums, where newbies could ask the questions and veterans could supply the answers! :ph34r:


    If we Groundspeak were to implement a test, whoever is going to attempt to "verify" that new hiders know what they're doing should be someone with a substantial amount of experience. I'm not exclusively talking numbers, but documented experience in hiding/finding a wide variety of caches over a very large area (i.e., many states and countries). I've got the numbers part down, but I've only cached in three states. Therefore, I can't speak for anything outside those three states.

    Let's implement a test so that anyone interested will we scared away by our Nazi regime. :ph34r:

  3. 30calibur ammo cans can be as low a $3.

    Buy Dollar Store swag, and small .50-$1 stuf like carabiners. ($8)

    Pencils, Pens- $1 will cover 5+ caches.

    Notepad- .75


    That's as cheap as I can wiggle through for. If you're placing a quality cache $10 is your average minimum.


    If you really don't want to spend any money on placing them, I suppose some sort of Tupperware you have lying around would work. Things can be "makeshift" but my best advice would be shop around. And when you find swag online, buy in bulk to set a cheaper price.

  4. Although it is not the farthest hike to any US cache by far (there are many with far longer hikes), I feel my recent Psycho Backcountry Cache #4 -- High Country Cave cache (GCQNT7) is notable for distance, elevation change, and final elevation. It involves a 3.2+ mile hike one-way to reach the cave mouth, starting from the trailhead parking lot, which is at about 7,000 feet, and climbing to almost 9,000 feet at the cave's mouth. The last few hundred feet involve some step ascents, and the last leg of the journey to the cave's mouth involves a near-vertical climb to the mouth in the cave in the face of the waterfall which emerges from the cave. The trek once inside the cave is less than a quarter-mile, but is, of course, spelunking. There is a cold wind of about 20 mph which blows from the cave mouth at all times, and that wind velocity increases quite a bit in the narrower tunnels and squeezes!

    I done some looking into on this cache. The topos and other maps really do the rating justice. I may be out this way next summer. I would love to snag that cache!

  5. well like i said i upgraded to a map 60c and love it. if you cn stretch that far you wont regret it.

    Yeah, I'm kinda leaning that way, but then I think, what if I don't really get into this than I would wish I got a cheaper unit and was out all the cash. I just don't know. I went out with my friends once and have been looking for a hobby like this but maybe I won't really get into? Is it possible or is it too addicting? :laughing:

    The sport is addicting, but if you don't get into it, a cheap unit will collect dust. If you were to get something like a 60C(S), you'd use it all the time even if you don't geocache.


    I can't say enough about the autorouting and database of services and businesses. I've been staying in a strange area for a few months and my 60CS has been invaluable. If I'm in the mood for Thai food, I just click on "food", then "restaurants" then "oriental" and bingo I have a dozen choices listed in order of distance from my location. I hit GoTo and my 60CS takes me to the front door.


    If I'm driving and the gas tank is low (I have a bad habit of waiting 'till its way low), I click on "Services", then "gas" and I know where the nearest one is and again get directions.


    If I need shampoo, I click on "shopping" then "pharmacy" and every CVS and Rite-AId in the area appears on the screen.


    If co-worker invites me to a party, I don't ask for directions, I just ask for the address and let my 60CS take me there.


    And thats just the autorouting. There are many other neat features that have nothing to do with geocaching.


    I can check a screen that tells me how long it will take to get to my destination at my current average speed. At the end of a trip I can see my top speed, average speed and the amount of time I spent moving and stopped.


    The only thing my 60CS can't do is steer and who knows, maybe with a firmware upgrade... :laughing:


    Some other uses:

    I've used it to find my way back to my car after a day of hiking.

    I've used it to see how far I hiked.

    I've used it to make trail maps and to build hiking trails

    I've used it as a speedometer and odometer on my bicycle.

    I've used it to calculate my verts and speed while skiing.

    I used it to measure the acreage of my brother's property.

    I've used it to find my way back to my hotel after a drunken night on the town.

    Briansnat is right. Our 60CS gets us ANYWHERE we want to go. We have CitySelect on it, so if we type in restaurants it tells us how to get there, beeps, shows us where to turn. Routed us the whole way to where we went on vacation.


    It really does anything you need it to do, and then some.

  6. Why does it matter? 180 E is the same as 180 W.


    To ask it another way, is 90 degrees east or west? It is both, but they are different places. 180 E and 180 W are both valid descriptions of the same place.

    I think he just wanted to know one of those useless facts, that's neat to know, but you'd never use it in real life.

  7. Since when did walking around a public park become suspicious? :laughing:


    I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations. ~James Madison, speech, Virginia Convention, 1788

    When you do it after hours...or if you do it like you are looking for a drug stash...or placing a bomb.


    With all the "security" scares nowadays, just about any innocent thing you do can look "terroristic". And they'll approach you (while the real terrorists are getting away).

  8. I hate to show this, because I think of it as a form of cheating, but...




    My only FTF was on a 4/4 cache, way off in the boonies that no one wanted to go to. Sat for 2 weeks before I got to it. Just take your time and enjoy the hunts. Your First FTF will come.

    <_< I'm with you on cheating.


    FTF's are only fun, when the bloodhounds aren't out cloddhopping around and ruining the location, just to get a FTF.


    We usually wait till they clear out.


    Run your PQ's on "My Account" if you're a Premium Member, it'll email them to you.

  9. Wondering what you all think about leaving scratch-off lottery tickets in caches? Do you think people would try their luck and take them as trade, or scratch them off there, determine they lost, and then trade for something else? Other thoughts?


    Thanks -


    One cache is a "lotto theme" and it's scratch off. The owner DEMANDS 10% of the winnings, if you do infact win.


    <_< Caching for commision, I suppose.

  10. We just got started in GEOCACHING last month after lurking around this site for about a year. I started out with 2 DNF's


    This week I was taking my son to soccer practice and I knew there was a CACHE in the park he has practice in. So we get the palm out and look for Fisherman's Swap, I get the GPS out and pull in and park right near the cache. the hint was a GREAT HINT it helped. So me and my son start squeezin between trees and weeds and walking the edge of a creek and try not to fall in. I get to where the GPS says we are standing on the CACHE and I tell my son now look for something that just doesnt look right and he points down right in front of me. I look down and move some stuff and there it is our first find in a ammo box. My son was so excited Im glad we got there before soccer practice cause he let out a yell everyone woulda herd. So we signed the log and left something and took something and now my son is hooked.



    Read alot of your local cache pages. I'm sure there are more caches that are suitable for you and him to do together.


    This is great for family time together. Kids and parents alike all have a blast caching!


    Welcome to the sport!

  11. Research local history, talk to land managers. Use a waterproof container (aka Ammo Can). Urban caches should also be checked with land managers.


    Do not be under the impression, that because it is small, it is legal on private property. Micros must be approved by the manager.

  12. Difficulty is how upset and frustrated are you about finding the cache that is not related to how much you're bleeding, exhausted, sick, or physically trashed by the hunt.


    - T of TandS


  13. Most Palms work very well with paperless caching.


    However, our team uses Pocket PC's, which I feel are INFINATELY better.


    But, my brother uses Palm and it works swell.

  14. Pocket PC





    Waterproof Boots

    North Face Hammerhead (daypack & hydration unit)



    Cell Phone


    TOPO Map

    Protein Bars

    Trading Items




    These are for more advanced, long hike, and fun caches. If this is on a parking lot micro, we don't go out looking like Indiana Jones. <_<

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