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  1. I saw a cache similar to this. I like the idea of when the cache page is like.... A plane at X-Coordinates, flying a X-Bearing, at X mph drops an ammo can out of the plane. Using the information provided and some physics problem one can probably solve for where the cache is. I cannot find the link to the cache that was similar, but I liked the idea.
  2. I would really not like to be the "Last to Find" on anything. That would say if it got muggled, it may have been because of my bad rehiding job. I always do my best to rehide caches as good or better than I found them.
  3. If they really "had to tell the truth" they could have directed the parks director to contact Keystone or a person experienced in land management. edited to just emphasize main idea, and weed out garbage.
  4. Those Indains were 100% primitive in the commercial, but had a top of the line 60CS....really funny and awkward.
  5. You're best approach to this hide, would to go out and find a few for "reference". Not 50, but maybe into the 20's. -Take into account how much traffic the area recieves. -If a cache is off trail, will cachers possibly be stepping on delicate and precious plants? -Is the location rewarding enough to place a cache? In no way should you rush to place a cache. <b>All bad caches were placed by cachers who feel obligated to place a cache for the sake of placing a cache.</b> What until you have inspiration rather than intimidation as the fire under you to push you to hide a cache. Follow all guidelines, and don't rush to place urban micros. Rushing those caches turns into a mess. Good luck.
  6. If it's just property, and not a building where you must buy an ice cream cone to get the coordinates, then it's fine. The game commission sells hunting licences, and people place caches on stage gamelands which is owned and managed by the game commission. Those aren't considered "commercial" caches. By the description above I see the area in no direct violation of that clause.
  7. That doesn't sound right, the firetacks are part of the "trail" and most definately not "stages" of the cache. To my understanding it was only stages that need to be submitted. I'm not positive, but if you really want to I think you can "appeal" it to TPTB and they will review the listing for you.
  8. Isn’t that forgery? No, because everyone is mtn-man. Just Co Admin ....(joke from "Quiggle" thread.)
  9. If it's a good virtual, in a place that cannot support a cache, it's a good "cache". Now I refer to cache, because after a few weeks of months, you don't remember the box, or what was inside it. You remember the experience, when I think of a good "cache", I think of a good experience. I would like to see existing virtuals be grandfathered, because they are not many virtuals in my area, but the ones that there are, they have historical value, and have the "experience" part of the cache as well.
  10. I realize that there have been many "caching ethics" questions, in the past. And I also realize that these seem to be the roots of angst filled threads, but if this thread turns into that, I'll close it. I just want an answer, and why that is your belief. Scenario: If you are along with a friend, family member, or any cacher with another screen name on a hide. And you never actually "found" the cache, because you placed it with them, but it is under their screen name.... Is it ethical to then log that same cache as a find under your own geocaching.com account? Please keep it on topic, answer the question, and try not to address others views they may post in this thread if it is only to fill this thread with angst. Thank you!
  11. ....Why? I know of many caches that have been in place for 4 years, that are still great caches! If the reason for this, is that many caches are not maintained after two years in your area, SBA logs are made for that. I really couldn't think of any other erason for a "2 year term".
  12. A parking lot micro? I absolutely love those caches. I almost pee my pants from the excitement as I use extreme stealth to grab those little things and quickly stamp my name on the log, as I stealthly replace it I get a rush. Oh yes, place more of these things. </sarcasm> I bet the approver wouldn't archive a cache that's in a park because it's a "commercial" cache. Go hide one in a German park!
  13. Micros roasting over an open fire. I would sure like to see an Christmas themed geocaching event...that's inside. That would be cool.
  14. I see your point, Gorak. Just we don't like to see anything that could even be interpretted as bad for the sport. The article also mentioned how we laugh about how a cache was placed illegally. People may interpret that as that we don't abide by laws, which could then trigger towns and cities to not allow caches in the borders of their public property and parks because we are not law abiding people. The article is bad on MANY levels.
  15. The writer mustn't have much integrity or focus to write something like that.
  16. The antenna doesn't have a great effect on signal compared to an internal patch. We own a Legend, Vista C, and a 60CS....and I like my Vista C the best, the signal is almost always right on, and the mapping software like CitySelect and such are great! It's also cheaper than the 60CS.
  17. Grownups hanging around playgrounds taking pictures? Sounds like something that would invoke a tap on the shoulder, and an officer standing right behind you.
  18. Oh yes, there are spiteful and mean members who come down on others for small and petty things. They go around and monitor others stats because they have nothing better to do, and then they wait. They will pounce throwing everything you ever did or even didn't do against you. Don't worry these people can be found anywhere, and geocaching has a few of them. The name of the "group" is not one that is appropriate enough to be said here, but we all know what they're called. Ignore them. Plain and simple, there are more nice and welcoming people in this game that you could be talking to. If these people become so infatuated with "stalking" your stats and what you do, go ahead and let them. Don't feed into them although, if you just ignore them, and play nice...they'll either give up on doing it because it doesn't bother you, or they'll find another person to "geo-stalk".
  19. Actually, I do not think this should be a sub-cat of bridges. It is a bridge, on one hand...but for a entire different type of transportation. Trestles are contructed different, in most cases, and have alot of different features. Some train bridges are identical to road ones, but atleast more of the trestles in my area, are HUGE single lane truss bridges that span over a 1/4 mile in length across a valley.
  20. Now, I like the creativity, don't like the idea. Sorry, for the bad review on the idea. I'm more of a woods and location person, this sounds more like getting coordinates to just any old building that you have a pen of.
  21. Good point. But should a person who goes out and finds 250 micros in one day have any more "experience" to hide caches than a perso with 100 finds that all required a lot of time and effort? The number of finds is just a number, experience is a whole different category. Anyone can hide a park n' grab, anyone can hide a 10 mile hike to the middle of nowhere. It takes inspiration to hide a good cache. Do not ever go out to hide a cache for the sake of hiding it, or it will be lame, uninspired, and boring. Wait till you're sitting there, and an idea pops into your head for a great cache, develop it, place it in a great location, and let people find it. A person with 2 finds could hide a great cache, because it's not about the cache, it's about the location. As for coordinates, a person with 0 finds can still know how to accurately mark coordinates, don't discriminate.
  22. Entrances to old coal mines. I love to find these, would help people who have this as a hobby get the motivation to buy a GPS and may gateway to caching. Or vice versa. I can't be the only person facinated with old mines.
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