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  1. Either that or a scene from Deliverance starts to unfold...in which case I drop GPS and run...
  2. I don't use hints, or the page. I just plain old cache, with a GPS with 1,000 waypoints loaded...
  3. "You can't find a cache? Cast your nets to the other side of the boats!" And when they do so, they find the net fills with hundreds and hundreds of ammo cans.
  4. Coming from an owner of both a PSP and a PDA.... AMEN!
  5. Corruption lies within everything, and it would be naive to say that not one reviewer has ever abused any of their powers. Of course, we can't blatantly point fingers, but I don't think that anyone intended to do so. So often does something posted by the OP become twisted into a downward spiral of posting in bad taste. This battle can swing back and forth, and I really see no point. When you boil it down, you're fighting about a silly puzzle that gives you numbers so you can go be the first person to sign your name in an insignificant box in the woods. I don't have any respect for people going for the FTF's anyways, so what's the point to ridicule someone who would use their powers to cheat. If someone chooses to spend their time aimlessly fighting over something as silly as a box in the woods, than maybe they should consider to give geocaching a break for a while and find a more relaxing hobby.
  6. My answer to the OP is, people continue to hide lame caches. They will break rules to do so. Rule of thumb, if the cachers are uncomfortable finding your cache due to "No Tresspassing" signs, the cache should probably be archived.
  7. Yep, it's like seeing hotdogs being made. TOO funny.
  8. Flashlight, water, protein-packed food, small first aid (if on a longer hike).
  9. If someone actually stoops to muggling all the caches in an area for the sake of muggling them, then they really are a big-time loser. As if they could not find anything better to do than to steal other people's belongings.
  10. The cache would probably have to have no tree cover. If the cache was in the middle of the woods I would imagine you would have to be really lucky to find the cache just by using Google Earth.
  11. That's kind of a one sided view there. But, how do you know what the paper he showed them was if you weren't standing there with him?
  12. I understand your point. But without getting indepthand looking at past precedent. Geocaching.com hiring models is a funny idea. Atleast to me.
  13. I was looking for caches to find next weekend, and on my sidebar I see people modelling geocaching.com apparel. Was there a geocaching.com model tryout? Am I the only one who finds this funny?
  14. I'm pretty good at finding caches without having any idea of what the container size is and not having a hint with me. We upload 1,000+ waypoints at a time, and never have the page. We're usually hit and miss, but if a cache is there, we usually do decent at finding it.
  15. Cell phones are an absolute MUST in the woods. Sometimes having a phone, and not having a phone may boil down to life and death.
  16. If I remove it, will I get in trouble with GC.com?
  17. I searched for this, and nothing came up....so here we go. I own an Earthcache. Someone went into my Earthcache and put links and advertisments to Subaru and Geological Survey of America. What about no soliciting? What's going on? No one sent me any email asking me about this.
  18. Most cachers are generally friendly and wouldn't do such a thing...but there are always rotten apples.
  19. Don't listen to those meaningless "number fanatics" you refer to. They have no intentions of having a good time while caching, but just to up their meaningless find count to help cope with their overinflated egos. They harrass people a lot. My advice? Just cache how you want, place cache how you want, and don't mind them. Don't let them ruin your good time.
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