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  1. Team Alpha Omega/Creekfalls90,


    It is time for you put the mouse down, pick up your GPS, and go find caches. Find the type of caches you like, and go have some (get this) fun.


    Quit trying to share your "ever changing" opinion on this forum, and start finding caches.


    Stop your GeoRambling, and Start Geocaching.

    CreekFalls90 was once part of our team, but quit before he he ever got his first "actual" find. He got me into geocaching, and I stay in longer than he did. We had adopted the "Barren Run Falls" cache or are in the process of doing so, so that we can reactivate the account since the cache is closer to us than it is to him.


    And I hope I didn't come off making you think that I dislike micros, because I've only found one micro, so I haven't got the whole "grasp" of micros. I don't get to cache as much as I'd like since I don't drive, but I try to keep active in the forums while I'm not caching.


    Kit Fox, how many finds should I have before I'm allowed to use this keyboard again? :rolleyes:

  2. Personally, I don't trust TPTB to make the right decision on that one.

    I have a feeling that they would never pass a "geolaw" like that because it may bare down on the better cache hiders.


    But, maybe the better cache hiders spend a month planning the cache placement, and extra information for the site, and properly rating everything, etc. so this law will baredown on the "mailbox" hiders that jump in their car and throw every 35mm canister they've ever owned behind every mailbox for miles.


    I haven't found a micro besides the "multicache" micro. But I really don't think that micros are all that bad if well placed, but my idea is that you should have the size of the cache vary on where the cache is placed. If it's in the middle of a remote area, make it a large or regular so the "needle in the haystack" effect doesn't set in, but in the city or a heavily-trafficked trail in a park may have a small, micro, or nano.


    All we can do, if geocaching.com doesn't step in, is for cachers to be reasonable. Hide them in a worthwhile location, and let the size be reasonable for the area.

  3. There should be a "hiding limit" for cachers.  Like one hide per member per month.  To stop the 30 micros in one area.  To totally throw off the balance of large/regular/micro each is good in small doses, but if you overload an area with too many, you have made an impact on caching in your area.  No ONE CACHER, should be able to change the face of caching in their community.  Leave some hiding spots for the rest of us, and let us decide what we like so we can hide it.  The more variety the better.

    How about a requirement that when some has found 20 caches they must hide a cache before they log another find.


    I would like to see some caches hidden by those that have lots of finds but never place any, lets spread the cache maintance around a little more.

    Personally, I believe that rule would create even more lame caches than ever before.


    For the most part, it seems that the cachers that don't hide caches are the type that are happy with hunting, and have no desire to hide a cache. If you force them to hide a cache, I'd bet that a bunch of them would hide the quickest and easiest cache possible, i.e. a lame micro or such.


    I think that the best method is the current one...leave the hiding to those that enjoy it.

    Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that there be a mandate on how many you can hide at once, you don't have to hide any if you don't want to.


    man·date ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mndt)


    An authoritative command or instruction.

    A command or an authorization given by a political electorate to its representative.


    A commission from the League of Nations authorizing a member nation to administer a territory.

    A region under such administration.


    An order issued by a superior court or an official to a lower court.

    A contract by which one party agrees to perform services for another without payment.


    But you can only hide one per month as a limit. So more thought would go into hiding a cache, so the planning period could take a month, you hide it, and begin planning another. I just don't want to see someone grab 30 35mm canisters and put a slip of paper in each one, and drive around town and drop one every 528 feet. If they were limited to one, maybe they would put one in a place that was "neat" to visit. It doesn't have to be a hard terrain or diffuculty, but something someone would appreciate seeing, maybe a war memorial park. Maybe a roadside picnic area. I can't cache as much as I would like to but to many times have I read online, Micro This micro is hidden in Smithtown's Plaza, and the hint reads "under poles skirt". Don't knock micros, but knock lame caches, I've been planning my one cache since maybe June and haven't placed it yet. Cache quality is more important than cache size, and I think that may be what the OP is getting at. The size of the cache is in a direct variation with the areas "muggle traffic", sometimes a micro is absolutely neccesary, but make the cache something neat to find. If you place one in a guardrail on I-76 and you can drive up to it, "the hunt" factor, atleast for me is taken away, so the only thing I have left to hold onto is that where I'm going will have something fun to do for the day, or has a nice view, or anything that isn't drive within 2 feet of cache, sign the log, drive away. I'm not an experience cacher as many of you obviously are, but I'm just trying to emphasize the point all of you, or most of you, try to make.


    We don't hate micros, we hate lame. :rolleyes:


    Spell Check.

  4. I've been using the name omegabane for years now. I see a recent poster (Team AlphaOmega) also uses Omega in their name, which is interesting. My name basically means the end of the end or the death of the end.


    It actually originated with a friend of mine in high school who was using it as her password for her e-mail account or something. I thought it was a cool idea, so I stole it and it has become my online identity ever since.


    Some people have misinterpreted it to have religious significance - it does not. For me, it has come to mean that I never give up on things and that I'll take them to the very bitter end, and then beyond. Maybe I'll even go so far as to beat a dead a horse. Or maybe not.


    My name basically means the end of the end or the death of the end.


    This comes from Alpha and Omega being the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet.


    Some people have misinterpreted it to have religious significance


    You mean aside from God being listed as the Alpha and the Omega in the bible?

    Team AlphaOmega was originated from AO. Which is a member's initials, who started the screen name. Since MS and TS didn't show any neat names within a generator, and being a buff on Greek history, Alpha Omega seemed like a name to suit us. In NO way do we think we're "godlike", but sometimes I wished we'd change it because of some people misinterpreting it to think we're full of ourselves.

  5. I haven't found many caches, but the caches I have found, I've never used the description. In my experience, or lack thereof, the GPS will get you there, and with TOPO and CitySelect on the GPSr's we have no trouble mapping a way in. Sometimes, if you go out unprepared, again in my experience, or lack thereof, it's more adventurous.


    Just my opinion.

  6. In the OP's original example I'd probably do both solutions: 40°07.421 20°20.837 and 40°07.800 20°20.168, then drop them into Expert GPS (or google maps!) and DeLorme Street Atlas & eyeball the locations for the likelyhood of having a cache.

    Agreed. Find which coordinate is closer, and if one is 50 miles away from you, it's probably wrong.

  7. There are too many possibilites of how a person may interpret the problem data.

    There is only one result for the equation presented by the OP.


    If you have "multiple interpretations," you may need to brush up on your math skills.



    You can interpret it in all the ways listed above.


    You don't know what the person who hid it intended to be interpreted. Maybe they didn't assume that people will interpret in mathematically. There are variables in every situation.

  8. There are too many possibilites of how a person may interpret the problem data. The hider should most definately clarify with an example.






    Solve Like







    If the hider doesn't demonstrate you will have cachers running all over the place and DNF's will pile up so quickly that no one will attempt the cache because it's either too diffucult or they don't read the logs just assume it's taken by the multiple DNF's.


    Always remember, even if you tell some exactly what to do, you can still make the problem diffucult, but don't leave the problem out in the open.

  9. Oh Boy!  I love getting complaints about order of operations!


    A=3, B=5, C=6, and D=1.

    N 40° 07.(A+D)(D+1)D in real math would = 40*07.8


    W 020° 20.(B+A)A(C+D) in real math would = 020*20.264


    Did I get it right?


    I've had to explain geo-math a few times to folks.  Its lots of fun!


    :anicute: Where did you learn to do math like that?

    Oops, misread the equation for the second one, it shoud be 168. Sorry.

    But to elaborate:


    When evaluating arithmetic expressions, the order of operations is:


    * Simplify all operations inside parentheses.

    * Perform all multiplications and divisions, working from left to right.

    * Perform all additions and subtractions, working from left to right.


    Now, I'll admit I screw up my math stuff all the time. :lol:

    Thats why Dean does the math and I don't.

    But when I see an equation like that, what it tells me to do is completely different from what most folks seem to see. Math is kinda like that for me.


    I know that I can ignore everything before the 07. so I see the parahtheses and go:



    (now the magic happens and you multiply the () stuff together)



    Which gives me 40 degrees 07.8


    For the second part I see:





    And the 40.078? Just fill in zeros? If the cache hider went into that much detail that might have been kind enuff to allow you to multiply by 100 so you don't just have to "assume" because doing the order of operations and just adding things together it's 3 slots for numbers may be 100 miles apart. So, with gas prices the way they are, and the range of the two answers apart, this cache will quickly find my ignore list if the hider doesn't give me a more specific answer.



    PS...I don't have an ignore list, it was used for dramatic effect. :huh:

  10. I think that GeoCaching, if it gets too big, could possibly end up with alot more cache vandals. If GPS's start showing up in all phones, people can see something on the news and "play a trick on those people". I like to see expansion, but with advantages always comes disadvantages.

  11. This cache of mine uses various equations to solve for the coordinates.


    I have included checksum values in the hint so people can see if their answers are correct.

    I like the idea of instilling some math into caches. So that we can brush up on our arithmatic, which we all need sometimes.


    A challenge makes the cache all the more worthwhile.

  12. Let’s say, A=3, B=5, C=6, and D=1.


    “The final cache is at:

    N 40° 07.(A+D)(D+1)D

    W 020° 20.(B+A)A(C+D)”


    You couldn't argue that in "real-world math" you would simplify the parenthesis (didn't spell that right :anicute: ) then multiply everything together, which on the west coordinates would turn up a 3 digit number but the north coordinate would be 1 digit. But if they're playing a REAL tricky game the top may be regular coordinate adding, and the west coordinate may be "real math", just to throw you off. In that case it would be.


    N 40.07421

    W 020.20168

  13. Oh Boy! I love getting complaints about order of operations!


    A=3, B=5, C=6, and D=1.

    N 40° 07.(A+D)(D+1)D in real math would = 40*07.8


    W 020° 20.(B+A)A(C+D) in real math would = 020*20.264


    Did I get it right?


    I've had to explain geo-math a few times to folks. Its lots of fun!


    :anicute: Where did you learn to do math like that?

  14. *Garmin GPSmap 60CS

    *Vista C

    Both with City Select & Topo Maps

    *Few bottles of water in "Polar" water bottles to keep them cool all day

    *Leatherman Multi-Tool

    *SureFire Combat Flashlight

    *Lensatic Compass

    *Aluminum Hiking Staffs

    *Waterproof Hiking Boots ALWAYS!


    *Cell Phone


    *Cache Page

    *Breathable T-Shirts


    *Walkie Talkie

    *Sony Cybershot

    *One of our MILLION knives

    *Knowledge of Topographical Maps for surrounding area and sites to see


  15. A stainless steel water-tight can would work well. It won't rust over time and cause holes in the surface, you can paint them fairly well and the paint will hold. If the lid is water-tight water damage is very unlikely. These are more expensive than ammo boxes though, but ammo boxes will rust over time too.

  16. I'm in the market for a GPS, and I read the poll on what GPSr's people have , 60c comes up very often. Which makes me think it must be good. Vista C rarely comes up, but side-by-side comparison makes me think it may be better. I can't tell which one would be better for overall hiking and geocaching. Would the Vista C's digital compass, altimeter, and barometer make me better off on a hike? I'm lost on this topic.



    Which one is better overall?

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