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  1. I was reading the online version of "Todays Cacher" and came across this letter.


    "Hi Jerry,


    I got the first printed Today's Cacher today and just wanted to give you a digital pat on the back. It really looks great. Please relay how impressed I am to your crew. Really fine job.


    Also, just wanted to say I totally agree with you. I've actually been considering archiving a couple of my older caches that rarely get visited anymore. Most of them were hunted by the active locals some time ago and they do seem to become stale over time.


    Your discussion with Brian in the magazine made a lot of sense. I have often thought it would be nice if some of the really old caches in the area weren't there anymore so I would have more ares to choose from for new caches. New cachers really do have very little unused area in Winston-Salem to hide their own.


    I think I'm going to consider a limit on the amount of time I leave my caches out there. Even if no others use the areas I free up, I can always come up with something else fresh and new to do in those areas.


    Anyway, I really just wanted to let you know how great I think the magazine looks. Nice work!


    Dave "



    I'm torn up by this topic. Should it be considered destroying a part of "geocaching history" per se? Or should it be done to keep the game fun for people running out of news caches in the local area?

  2. I think advice about setting geocaching rules should come from people who actually geocache instead of professional forum posters. How about some kind of rule about cache find to forum post ratios.

    I'm kind of under my own "lockdown" until I get 100 finds for the forum, but this really got me mad. I'm 14, and cannot drive, I can't cache whenever I want to, and I often have alot of time in the summer, so I read about cache finds, look through pictures, and hike locally often. I've read up and down forum threads, and have hiked hundreds of miles locally and try to uncover history in the places I hike for neat hides I plan to place. I don't have 500 finds, but I feel I am no less of a cacher than any other just because I really love to geocache and don't have the ability to hop in a truck and go to one. These forums are, for the most part, the closest I can get to geocaching. I would love to drive around from dusk till dawn, geocaching with my friends and having a good time, but my mobility limitations cause me to only cache when I have a ride to it. I'm sure I'm not the only under 16 cacher who feels limited in their caching abilities due to lack of a drivers license. I recently found alot of micros, and have confirmed my belief, that I prefer strapping up for a 5 mile hike than a micro hidden in a tree. I, personally, don't get any self-satisfaction with finding a micro as I do finding a regular sized cache far out in the wilderness, not to take anything away from those who are not able to get to these caches, or just enjoy a good micro. I think the point I'm trying to make is that I do not appreciate someone telling me that because I spend my time in forums because it's as close to geocaching I can get sometimes to geocaching, to knock my opinion on micros because it has no "validity" because I've only found 40 some caches. I don't expect many of you to sympathize with this situation, but understand, sometimes to cachers like me talking about geocaching is almost as good as geocaching when you don't have the option to get in a car and drive 20 miles to get a cache.



    Back into my little hole for a while. :laughing:;)

  3. Topo is $100. City Select is $140. I would suggest buying retail because you might have already registered software, which makes you unable to update you software. Garmin's updating policy is if a update came before you have a dated reciept for when you bought it, the update is free. So I'd definately go retail on anything, except for maybe the TOPO.

  4. I'm not a "pro" on GPS's but I wanted to know, when all these people have 60C Garmins and not many people have to Vista C, I wonder if I should return mine and buy a 60C. Would that be a good decision? What's the upsides of both?


    I'm kinda lost on 60C's, I do like the 60CS, but not enough money. <_<

  5. I can't live without high-def color. Magellan's have good reception, but they're hard for my simple mind to understand so I go Garmin. The expandable SD slot for the Magellan's are awesome because you can have up to, I believe SD makes up to a 1GB, so you'll like it.


    Good job on the purchase.

  6. Here's a few that'll get you by.....


    FTF-First To Find

    TFTC- Thanks for the Cache

    TNLNSL-took nothing left nothing signed log

    TPTB- The Powers That Be (Jeremy and the Geocahing Upperclass)

  7. Point izzz... the best part about this game is that each can play it any which way they like. After all, there's no prizes for most caches found - so it's always perplexed me why some seem hell-bent on judging how others play the game.

    Well said.

  8. Memory usually isn't an issue, you can change maps out and I put on TOPO for 3 states with my Vista C. We have a 60CS and the memory is good enough to put on the City Select maps for a 1,000 mile trip. The 60CS has a whole lot better quad-helix antenna than the 76CS.


    Another deterent (Spell Check?) of the 76CS is how BIG it is. I saw one in the store and I felt like I was holding a light saber. Portability should be a factor inthe decision.

  9. I own a Vista C with City Select and TOPO and where ever I am, navigationally speaking, I own! I can do a search for nearest restaurnts, every road is in the up to date, auto routing is 1000x better than with the TOPO. I don't have Navigator, but City Select is awesome in my view.

  10. The 60CS can mount with the belt clip on your dashboard on a cell phone clip and we have a suction cup mount. When you get close to an interection it beeps, zooms in really close to it, shows you where to turn, and tells you the name of the street to turn on to. Granted it has MapSource Topo and City Select, but it's great for handheld and in-car navigation.

  11. I'm 14 and sometimes I cache alone.  These are my "precautionaries" that are a must incase of a run in ith a "weirdo".


    *cell phone

    *knife (for protection)

    *15 pound fanny pack full of geocaching essentials that if they met said weirdos head at enough speed should hold him down for a while


    In my little experience I haven't encountered anyone, but I've always thought of what I'd do in the situation.  The best thing you can do, is know what you would do in the situation if it occured.

    Suppose the weirdo is packing? :rolleyes:

    Well let's say that a member of our team is licensed to "pack" too.

  12. Bump up to $250 if you can, and get the Vista. It'll be a good investment since it has all the options (barring the color screen) they have for Magellans and it's a terrific GPS for it's price. If you need to stay below $200, go eTrex Legend, we own one and I rely on that to get me out of the woods many times (geocaching or not) and it's NEVER let me down.


    Garmin's are the only GPS's I've been exposed to, but I'd never buy any other for how good the ones we own are for me. (Knock on wood.)

  13. I'm 14 and sometimes I cache alone. These are my "precautionaries" that are a must incase of a run in ith a "weirdo".


    *cell phone

    *knife (for protection)

    *15 pound fanny pack full of geocaching essentials that if they met said weirdos head at enough speed should hold him down for a while


    In my little experience I haven't encountered anyone, but I've always thought of what I'd do in the situation. The best thing you can do, is know what you would do in the situation if it occured.

  14. I just replaced my computer.  No serial jack.  Where do I buy a USB cable that connects to the GPS so I can use Mapsourse, National Geographic, GSAK, etc to transfer data?  Any "heads up" problems I should be aware of?  tks  Alan.

    If your present cable is for SERIAL RS-232 connection.... Get a USB to SERIAL converter at local computer store....


    Usual procedure is to load USB/SERIAL drivers from CD before plugging in converter...


    Only problem may be port number assignment for USB/Serial converter may be different than port number used in normal serial communications.


    More information in SOFTWARE forum....



    BestBuy carries them, and I'm pretty sure CompUSA does too.

  15. Be careful not to drop it! It's not very tough. 


    Not sure where you got that. I'm using the H20 right now and it gets bounced around pretty good. I'm sure the Pro is similar.

    If you buy a carrying case and a lanyard ($20 all-together) you shouldn't have problems dropping it, and if you do, the case should protect it pretty well.

  16. Get the coordinates for the places you are stopping and do an advanced search with the coordinates as the point to search from. If you don't know exactly where you are going it's hard to know which ones are close, unless you have internet in your Blackberry or someother cell phone with easy internet access.

  17. Team Alpha Omega/Creekfalls90,


    It is time for you put the mouse down, pick up your GPS, and go find caches. Find the type of caches you like, and go have some (get this) fun.


    Quit trying to share your "ever changing" opinion on this forum, and start finding caches.


    Stop your GeoRambling, and Start Geocaching.

    CreekFalls90 was once part of our team, but quit before he he ever got his first "actual" find. He got me into geocaching, and I stay in longer than he did. We had adopted the "Barren Run Falls" cache or are in the process of doing so, so that we can reactivate the account since the cache is closer to us than it is to him.


    And I hope I didn't come off making you think that I dislike micros, because I've only found one micro, so I haven't got the whole "grasp" of micros. I don't get to cache as much as I'd like since I don't drive, but I try to keep active in the forums while I'm not caching.


    Kit Fox, how many finds should I have before I'm allowed to use this keyboard again? :rolleyes:

    I kind of find selective memory amusing. And I QUOTE


    CreekFalls90 Posted on: Jul 5 2005, 02:17 PM


    Replies: 785

    Views: 15,297 Team AlphaOmega, has no signifigance rather than someone might figure out that it means the beginning and the end. Which then would represent that this team will last through anything. I'm looking for a 5/5 in my SW PA area. IF ANYONE READ THIS IN THAT AREA>>>MAKE ONE!!!! We're all about the challenge. CreekFalls90 is just my forum name, named after the waterfalls in my backyard.

    Yeah, it's a team. He used to be in it, when you read a post by Team AlphaOmega a possibility of one of seven people will have had the chance to write it, as well as email. But, CreekFalls90, apparently, is no longer geocaching and just hikes with the GPS. I'm "Master Sherpa" which I used to log with the online logs but I'm just sticking with in cache logbooks signing. And coincidentally enough, the only cache Mark had logged was never actually logged.


    I need to change this password, so only I know it. :ph34r:

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