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  1. <Eh, not worth it>

    You're right, it's not.


    This micro rant is getting old, this thread had the same micro bashing idea, and skyrocketed.


    I'm not a "fan" of micros either, but you've got to live with them.


    This is probably weird, advice from a newer person to a more experienced member, but here goes...


    Hide caches you would enjoy finding (I'm guessing 50 cal. to 5 gallon buckets) in alot of interesting locales that would be so good, let's call it not lame even, that you would inspire local cachers to hide caches THAT good, to "keep up with the Jones'" if you will.


    You're goal to serparate micros from "traditional" caches will never happen, so why try to make it.


    Instead, do something within you're power that's not complaining....hide more regular sized caches.



    2 cents. :anitongue:

  2. The way RR lands were deeded the RR most likely owns the hill above the tracks for a certain distance on either side of the center of the tracks. They may have never enforced this ownership but odds are they do own it.

    Is there a way I can find out?

  3. would the cache be on RR property?

    would you have to tresspass RR property to get to the cache?

    when looking for the cache could you easially end up on RR property?


    If you answered no then you can probably list a cache there. make sure you explain the location in a note or on the cache page, reviewers can only tell so much from maps.

    I'm not sure if the RxR owns all property through the hill, but lower down the hill, there is a PA State Gamelands boundry tag, which indicates the area I was in is the State Gamelands. But then again, the RxR runs through the gamelands. I don't think that bothers local commissioners too much, because the line is SPARINGLY used. I have never in my life seen a train go on the line, but it is still considered active apparently.

  4. I'm planning a cache to go on top of a hill that is known for a spectacular view of the Yough Valley. The hill is known as Tunnel Hill, because a Norfolk and Western line (Which recieves almost no traffic, however the do run inspection vehicles every so often to make sure it is safe) runs below it by about 100 feet in elevation through a tunnel that goes straight through the center of the hill. Climbing this hill does not require any walking near train lines, but an extensive hike up an almost cliff side. From the top, if you couldn't see the train tracks way down below you on the one side of the hill, you wouldn't know they were there. I knew of the policy that didn't allow caches within 150 feet of railroad tracks. Elevationally speaking, they fall under the category, but "air miles" possibly a few feet. I'm not sure geocaching.com's official stance on this particular subject. Whether it meant, air miles, or total distance away.


    Could a cache be placed at the scenic view on top of the hill even though on a map it may appear to be closer to railroad tracks than it actually is?

  5. Have you looked at the Geocaching Logo Usage and Trademark Information page, linked to from the bottom of every page on geocaching.com?


    It pretty much grants you permission for what you want, with a few limitations:


    - You must "portray Geocaching and Groundspeak in a positive light."


    - "the Groundspeak Geocaching logos may not be modified in any way."


    - "If the lifetime use of the design is less than 25 units, you may consider permission automatically granted. These items may not, under any circumstance, be sold. For larger numbers of items, please request permission by sending an email to logo@Groundspeak.com."


    I would suggest reading that page very carefully. The legalese really isn't that bad.


    Edit to add I am not a lawyer, but I slept with one a few times :lol:

    Those rules should be followed and everything should be fine.



    I'd love to do this cache someday.

  6. Don't know if this is the place for this but here goes --


    I can access MOCs. I can access the Off Topic Forum.


    My account says my status is basic member and I cannot log onto Waymarking.com. The message says I have to be a Premium member.


    I believe my membership renewed in May through Paypal.


    Is there a twilight zone between Basic and Premium for extra special people?

    Cookies will remember the information that will get you onto the Off Topic Forums I believe.


    You may jut be in a "grace period".

  7. Virtuals are just an excuse to not make an interesting cache.


    I've found a few virtuals, but I really think that an actual cache in the location would give me more satisfaction than emailing the color of a building to the owner.


    Waymarking make the separation of caches and cache-less caches.

  8. Are there trackable coins (via GC.com) other than these?


    Colorado Geocoin

    GB Geocoin

    Geowoodstock Coin

    German Geocoin

    Michigan Geocoin


    USA Geocoin


    Maryland is to be but not shipping (is that correct) ?

    I'm buying some Maryland Geocoins and have been told that they are trackable.

  9. We're redoing the travel bug design to add the new Groundspeak logo. We're also changing the manufacturing method to allow us to print alphanumeric codes, making it more difficult to figure out. The tags will be more rectangular but we'll still be using the same aluminum material and printing method.


    How is the text? It needs to be straight and to the point.




    The front of the tag will have the barcoded travel bug logo as it is now.

    I agree, it is straight, and to the point.

  10. When Clinton didn't renew a bill that scrambled GPS signals, users could have better accuracy with their GPS units. Someone in the northwest hid a cache in the woods and posted the coordinates online. People found it, the rest it history.

  11. Email them to edit the cache log. And to remove the spoiler. If they don't, delete the log, and later they can re-log the cache with less information that ruins the trip for following cachers.

  12. I'm getting ready to hide my first cache and i'ts going to be a good one. First to Find prize is a $100.00 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods. It was originally going to be a Garmin eTrex, but I decided to let the FTF decide what they wanted.


    My question is: Would I be allowed to make a multi-cache where dates that historic buildings were constructed would need to be gathered and entered into a hidden web address to find the final coordinates?


    Coordinates for all locations would be listed in the cache listing but each one would need to be visited to find the dates to enter into the web address for the final coords. ie: www.webpage/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx.


    Please help, I am very excited to get started.


    Thank you,


    Make sure the placement of the cache is legal, and the rest can all fall under a "puzzle" description.

  13. Rdut and I are going to Shawnee State Park in October. I have found the zip code for the park, but obviously, the zip code is also for the area around the park. My question is:


    Is there a way to pinpoint the area that you want to find caches? I would love to be able to search on "Shawnee State Park" and get all the caches that are listed for that area.



    Get the coordinates for the park, and go to Hide and Seek caches and search for nearest caches to that point.

  14. I plan on planting a cache soon. i was wondering when i plant it say its a tradital cache. but later i want to make the same cache harder, can i change it to a multi-stage and add the pill containers someplace else to lead to it.


    so in simple words can i later change it from a traditonal cache to a multi-stage one?


    thanks for the help :lol:

    You can make a traditional, then later make a puzzle cache that requires you to find the first cache to recieve coordinates to the cache.


    I'm working on that for my new cache.

  15. Once you get within 30 feet, get your compass bearing and follow it. Once you get to the approximate destination, use your keen eye, instincts, and if you REALLY need to, use the hint.

  16. I'm still a noob and I've found 55.


    With age comes wisdom, you can find 500 in two days, but that still doesn't show much about how much you know about the game.


    Stick with it, keep caching, people will respect you for other reasons than just finds alone.

  17. I've had next to dead batteries and accuracy to 10 feet. Age may make a difference because the older the GPS you use the less likely it has WAAS and other accuracy aiding abilities.


    Usually bad accuracy has to do with tree coverage, terrain, and cloud cover.

  18. :lol: smfoard@netzero.net I need HELP!!! I am interestered, but I have no one to share this with. I do not understand whats what. I do catch on easily but I need to learn from some one who knows or someone who doesn't mind making misakes with me. I bought a GPS, I have a compass, I have the disire, and even hiking boots bu this is "Greek" to me. Someone please help. I am a 53 year old single female with no friends who share this intrest. I am a retired Air National Guard photographer living in the Tucson area but I do drive and am willing to travel to "learn" or work with a group. Please don't leave me out of the fun. I missed the Saussage Deli night because I was working. I work PT at Lowes. But I have a fairly open schedule. I want to walk the walk and talk the talk. I want to get out meet people. Is anyone looking for me??? so-sosharon

    Just contact a user in your area with many finds and see if you can go on a couple hides with you so you can get the hang of it.

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