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  1. The only caches I hold dear to my heart had problems all the way to and from the cache.
  2. I laughed at that comment too, but he did seem very humble about his approach. I don't know if I would (or could) be that humble if I ran a website this big!
  3. Hey all, I've been lurking for a long time, and caching through friends and whatnot. But, I've always held the sport close to my heart. I went to a conference at Penn State a few weekends ago and got to see Jeremy (yep, that Jeremy) give a talk about his experiences with Geocaching. This forum usually has perspectives of cachers, but the perspective of the founder of this site moved me to get back on here again, and load up my GPS for a spin. Here's the link: What do you all think? -TeamAO
  4. This is geocaching, there are literally no moral obligations. If numbers matter to you, log it as a find. If they don't but you want to log it, do it. One way or the other, the purpose of the game is for you to have fun. As long as you adhere to the guidelines, don't worry as much what is "kosher", beyond showing courtesy and respect to others. Logging a find on a cache you have been to is something I feel you don't need to "ask" to do.
  5. I used to have a big radius a few years ago before I took a break. But I lived in a rural area and not many were hidden, so most that were hidden I had found within maybe 20 miles. But, now I am in Connecticut and I feel like I could spend a few weeks of dedicated caching and not get out of a 2 mile radius.
  6. It's such a loose definition between the two, I feel it doesn't matter. A GPS is only accurate to maybe like +/- 10 feet (at least mine is) and if the clue sucks and its a micro, I just don't bother. I feel like at some point, if the cache owner can't just provide in the description enough info to make it findable (a clue that tries to provide help in the situation you're in the field and stumped, a lengthy description of what the cache is, why you are taken to this place, etc.), I wouldn't bother going out to look in the first place.
  7. There's something that feels substantial in finding an ammo can, that no film canister will ever fulfill. Ever if the location sucks, opening up the ammo can kind of just feels like geocaching the way it was meant to be done, at least IMO.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with and endorse this comment. aww face it, it gives you all something to do, a reason to stay online at night, a sense of community when you can team up against the new guy, even if he is a jerk in an online forum, where social rules do not apply, but people seem to think they should. in real life i think we would all be real good friends, Trust me. We wouldn't. I feel like in some way, due to the nature of this game (no forced social interaction), socializing of its members is always kinda awkward. Being good friends with everyone is a little ambitious.
  9. I haven't geocached in a while. But, if I remember anything other than being in the woods a lot was how baffling the politics surrounding this game is sometimes.
  10. Oh, I believe you, it all sounds like great fun. However, if it was all such fun, why do you need to log a bogus find to validate that fun? Isn't just the act of participating good enough? I don't believe anyone said "hey, stop having pocket caches", I think what was said was "Hey, stop logging finds on caches that are not legit." Well said!!!
  11. The sad thing is that this complaint has to be said. The fact of the matter is that if all geocachers excercised common sense, possibly all of the problems mentioned by the OP would have never arised. When I look at some cachers that have found thousands of caches, I have even took noticed one quit his/her job to go caching all the time. How healthy is it, to willingly (I' cannot confirm, but it sure sounded like it) give up a job to run around town writing your name on silly scraps of paper? It's a real shame altogether that people have to make a game that sounds like it used to be only about cool places, and turned it into a competition. My friends used to like to look for close caches, but they have looked around and saw the microspew, and have said, "Wanna go look a altoid tin in a dumpster and sign it?". I, myself, grew disgust because these same people called me everyday telling me they saw a cache online they just had to see for themselves because the location looked soooo cool. People throw around the phrase "Don't find them if you don't like them", but those same people are making it so the people who like to find good locations, harder and harder to do so. When I scan my area, if I had a cache search in 2003 for my local caches, they are all regular sized caches that are spread out, and all at locations that the owner described so well in the listing that, as a new cacher, I would have a blast doing. Now? Well, I've got a cache at Wal-Mart, a park n' grab park micro, a micro magneted to a bridge girder. I never see me, or my friends sitting around, reading a listing of a micro at Wal-Mart that says "In Parking lot, bring utensil." and ANYONE saying "That sounds so fun, let's go find that cache!" It's truly sad that caching has evolved, and all those people who said "Don't find them, if you don't like them" and say their way of caching doesn't effect mine, well it does. My style got hit by the tidal wave that is micros that have no reason of being placed besides there was an empty lampskirt. I'll keep on reading this thread, it has some good ideas in it. I do not see cachers using common sense for a while, possibly getting rid of statistics and using "ranks", as previously mentioned, so you know if DNF's are valid and such, but stats that everyone can see will inspire very dumb things of people.
  12. The Railroad Bridge group has finally published a great working model that we hope everyone finds acceptable. The group is now up for Peer Review so please cast your votes and help support our groups publishment! Thanks, Matt of Team AO
  13. How can one join the group? I am a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's work.
  14. I have created a group for the category railroad trestles and bridges and am now hoping to get a solid base for my group. I will invite those that I know are interested in trains, but any that I forget please go here and join. We also will need a few more officers, so please anyone interested contact me! Cheers! Matt
  15. I find these things every single year. They are delicious to cook, and only a handful of people know that they exist, and even fewer know where to find them in my area. Good eatin'.
  16. Just making an observation. Weren't "get over it and go Waymarking" type responses to similiar questions in this forum the reason This thread was started in the Waymarking forums? No. That thread was started because someone wanted to bash Waymarking based on a feeling, and no concrete complaints which, when addressed, might actually help make the site better. I would beg to differ that the complaints are infact concrete. That "basher" has been a paying member since 2001, and a customer. It is his right to voice his opinion and expect to atleast get some positive feedback. Geocaching.com and Groundspeak is a business that relies on its paying customers, and if it wasn't for the "Charter Members" then the site would not be what it is today. To make the assumption that the idea that making finding a McDonald's off of a highway and scaling Mt. Everest equal endeavors is not right, I'm certain is a concrete complaint. You cannot compare apples and oranges. Too often do I see the bashing of people who try to better the site, instead of taking heed to their ideas and possibly trying to mold them and move the ideas towards the bettering of the site for everyone.
  17. I believe you are the role model cacher, and wish more people took things serious as you do.
  18. Agreed, the idea is one that is noble. I'm afraid, however, that if you put a lot of coins into one cache, there will eventually be a ransacking of the coins. It's a shame, though, because as you had said unless you buy the coin, it's hard to see what the coins look like and the hard work put into making the coins look so great. I'm afraid that there is no solution to this problem of coins being taken from caches for personal collection, because if we solved that one, then we could solve the problem with Jeep TB's all of a sudden "disappearing". People will always take fun from the game and take stuff, it's a shame, but it's the sad truth.
  19. I guarantee you that a cache page will not be listed if you cannot give coordinates to your cache. If you give the coordinates to the cache, and try to switch them every time the TB is moved to a new cache, then, the approver will have to readjust the coordinates, and eventually will catch on to the "moving cache". I think the TB idea is great, but as far as listing the TB as a cache, I really do not think the idea will fly with the approvers. Sorry.
  20. Finding a cave cache, and coincidentally finding the cache the same time a grizzly bear wakes up from hibernation.
  21. I buy my ammo cans for $3 for 30cal and $5 for 50cal. Those are fair prices in my region. I got them on www.calarmy.com
  22. My favorite is my North Face Hammerhead with Nalgene Hydration kit...perfect for day hikes. It's very light, and very comfortable... North Face makes a good product, and the backpack itself is only around $90.
  23. HAhahahaha! Then don't try for the caches that I mention in THIS thread. Wilderness caches are awesome!
  24. I think that if we had a category for railroad trestles and tunnels (active, considering there already is an abandoned tunnel category) then railfans and railroad photgraphers could come to this site to find these locations. One would not have to tresspass to photograph these areas since photographing a trestle one does not have to be on the railroad, and same as the tunnel. Is anyone else interested in having a category such as this? If a person in charge is willing to open the category I would be more than happy to manage this category! Cheers! Matt
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