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  1. Back in August this year we assisted Team Lash with a Travel Bug Transfer, we agreed to place Roundball Rowdie (TBF1F) in an Australian cache to help that bug continue on it’s travels around the world. We rather naively sent Booma Rang (TB1E17) to Team Lash so that they could place it in a Canadian cache so it would be a little closer to it’s goal; returning to Arizona. Unfortunately we have had no contact (despite numerous attempts) with Team Lash since we advised them that Roundball Rowdie had been place in an Australian cache . We believe that Team Lash may reside in the Toronto area, and would request anyone who knows this Team to help us contact them so we can help Booma Rang continue his travels. Any assistance than can be offered would be greatly appreciated, we sincerely hope that some dreadful calamity has not befallen them.
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