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    Now, how do you spell ALUMINIUM???


    No, you should ask "How do you SAY aluminium?"

    Like this maybe? A-LOOMY-NUMB? I prefer the correct version.

    How about PLUTONIUM or URANIUM? ;)



  2. We have four seasons ................



    And some times in Melbourne we even get all of them in one day <_<

  3. I'm just glad we don't have to share the bush with anything that going to rip your head if you get in it's way. That forgetting about Drop Bears of course icon_razz.gif


    "No matter where you go..... there you are."

    Buckaroo Banzai

  4. Yes, they do seem to like to appear out off the air con. Vent at the time most likely to cause you to have an accident.


    "No matter where you go..... there you are."

    Buckaroo Banzai

  5. Just in case you’re wondering why the Sydney Funnel web is such a cranky customer, you only have to look at his prospects (it’s usually the male that bites people). As soon as he is mature he leaves the nest in search of a mate (that’s why you’re more likely to be bitten by a male as the females don’t usually leave their nest, and can live up to ten years). Once the relation ship has been consummated the female kills the hapless male. Wouldn’t you be a just a little cranky if you knew that was coming? icon_eek.gif


    "No matter where you go..... there you are."

    Buckaroo Banzai

  6. You'll only find them in and around certain areas of Sydney, hence the name Sydney Funnel web. Spiders in the rest of Australia are relatively harmless by comparison. So come on down and have some fun.

  7. Given the actual AUD value of the unit (Approx. AUD 250.00, based on the figures you've mentioned), there should be no issue with Taxes. At that value it would fall below the threshold at which duty and GST are collected. The rule for mail is the value must be bellow AUD 1000.00, and the combined amount of duty and GST that would otherwise be collected must be less than AUD 50.00. So so long as the cost of postage is less than AUD 200.00 (GST is payable at 10% on the value of the product + any duty payable [in this case in duty on GPSr is 3%] + freight and insurance).


    Hope that helps. How do I know all this? I'm a Customs Broker.


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