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  1. Well done, it was nice to meet you yesterday, glad you managed to get to the 200 mark!
  2. For anyone interested, there should be something a little bit special (event wise) coming shortly so no need to wait till next year! keep your eyes posted to the new listings for the next month or so
  3. Thanks to everyone for coming! There must have been about 40 visitors during the day! Glad you all had fun
  4. Well done!!!! Looking forward to meeting up once again tommorrow, I shall buy you both a celebratory drink!
  5. Going by last years, people were coming and going all day long and in the end it lasted around 7 or 8 hours so i'm sure there will be a few straglers left over by the time you arrive! Hope to see lots of people there tommorrow!
  6. Quite an appropriate time for this subject to start as just the other day.... Whilst doing a house of Boo cache on Tuesday me and my mate Richard, who was out on his second cache trip, had just found the cache and were returning to the car. We were on a hill surrounded by a Golf course but there was no one about and it was very quiet, civilisation wise. We rounded a corner and to our surprise, about 50-100 metres in front of us, walking on a footpath running adjacent to the one we were walking, was a completely nude, very suntanned, bald man. At first I thought 'nude rambler' and had a little laugh to myself but 5 seconds later he turned, clocked eyes on us, and ran full pelt into a large area of bushes! All very random! I did add a warning to the cache page just in case he makes it a regular thing.
  7. All working fine now thanks to you guys and a little advice from my techno no it all friend mr piddington cheers.
  8. I think the problem i'm having is that the computer doesnt seem to know it has a serial - usb convertor attached, every time I plug it in now it asks me to install new hardware, and when I click ok it fails to find anything and says it couldn't install. I'm guessing if that worked then the rest would be a doddle... hmmm
  9. I am trying to upload an update to my vista which I just downloaded from the garmin website. My cable connects to a serial port. My computer doesn;t have one so I purchased a convertor cable which connects serial to USB. When I run the update program it asks me to select a com port which my unit is attached to but it can't find it anywhere?!? could someone advise me, I am lost! Cheers, Dan.
  10. Hey Peter, happy 81st! Here is a webpage which you may find usefull in coming months! http://www.daysmedical.com/catalogue.php?id=7 cheers Dan
  11. ONCE AGAIN! Well done andy, seems like I write a well done to you every week! good luck hitting the big 1000 sometime soon:)
  12. bumma I think I will have to email someone up above...
  13. Nope I've tried pressing nearest caches on a cache page and no archived ones showed up, I've tried inputting coords, going from waypoints aswell as Postcodes. For some reason none will show up for me! I'm gutted! I do remember that there used to be an option to include archived caches when searching from geocaching.com but this is long gone. How exactly did you manage to see the archived ones Peter, am I missing something? cheers.
  14. Thanks for the tip off, I just did a search and sure enough there was an option to include archived and non available caches in searches. However, on searching the archived caches which I know of didn't appear so there must be a fault with something? does anyone else know of a way I could find a list of archived caches?
  15. Is there a list of archived UK caches anywhere? I am really interested to see if there were any caches near to me that became archived before I started caching and that I have therefore never seen! I have tried the normal search method, It says at the bottom that archived caches will appear as normal in red with a line through them, but none ever appear!?!
  16. HI there! I think some people do this to show that the bug has travelled with them from cache to cache. It will keep the miles adding up without actually dropping it off. I know this can be annoying as I have had it happen to myself with one of my bugs. I was recieving about 5 log notes a day via email saying that it had been dropped then picked up straight away. In the end I was praying that the carriers at the time would just release it and give my inbox a break! I don't think any one would do it just to be annoying though and atleast it lets the TB owner know that the bug is in safe hands
  17. I am really interested in hitting the summit of Snowdon, but only by foot i'm afraid After doing Nevis I set myself a goal of reaching the peaks of England, Wales, Ireland and N.Irelad also! i'm sure you lot will have a really good time though, nice idea!
  18. Working as a chef I get to take home tubs whenever I like every single week we go through containers large to small and all waterproof. Many of these tubs can now be seen hidden in the Buckinghamshire countryside :(
  19. For fair reason I have now had a cache held in the approval que since 4/22/2004. Is this a record? or can anyone beat it!
  20. I'm going to be the new Home counties Rep so same to everyone caching in Bucks & Beyond Let me have your stories, achievements etc!
  21. With real difficulty! It got to the stage recently when I had 9 that needed something doing within about a week, had to spend a whole day doing the rounds. It can get a little depressing so thats why I called planting quits a few months ago, apart from the one biggy coming later today
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