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  1. Hidden: 85 Found: 527 so... thats 1 hide per every 6.2 caches found. It's always nice to put back into the game, but remember it isn't the quantity, It's the quality, well thats what I like to see when I'm out hunting for them anyway, and thats also why I've archived a couple of my early rubbish ones!
  2. I take it you've never been out to find a teasel cache I thin k you'd have fun!
  3. Just found this whilst browsing Ebay! Click me! Is anyone that lazy
  4. Yep, they rent them out for private funtions believe it or not but as I said , I don;t know the costs at present, could be anything! i'll keep everyone posted
  5. We are considering the caves. Will be looking into how much it will cost first though but i'm sure we could up the numbers in there. Only a year to plan, so little time I think it might slightly annoy some people if we posted the next met now
  6. I've whipped up a quick page with a report on the Halloween Bash for anyone who is interested. Click here for the page... Nice to see so many people there enjoying themselves! Cheers, Dan.
  7. Congratulations guys! Was a pleasure to meet you yesterday!
  8. I've been browsing a few profiles recently and stumbled over a few odd cache finds which I don't know much about. I was just wondering where & when they originated & why, & could we possibly get something up and running for the UK?!? The things i've spotted so far are USA Geocoins & Moun10bike Coins (sure there are lots more!). Do they count as separate logs? and what are they for exactly?
  9. You just need to make sure that whatever you do won't result in people visiting pointlessly. Making it temporarily unavailable whilst you visit it, and move it, and then making it available again would be best here I would think. Also post a note in the logs or on the page saying what is going on. Archiving is only for when the cache is permanently removed. Hope that helps
  10. Well done Guys! Been a pleasure to accompany you both on many cache trips recently! Good luck hitting 600 before me... over my dead body bring it
  11. Thanks everyone It's been a pleasure doing all those caches! cheers to all who planted for me to find
  12. I've been in this situation and been given the same good advice. Unfortunatly there doesn't appear to be any way of getting them ALL to show though on any of the above options, I know because I have about 3 which don't come up. In the end The Hornet/Peter Howard aka the moderator of this forum did the honours for me using his advanced options and gave me a list including all the ones which wouldn't previously appear, so my advice is to send him an email (mention me and he should! remember) if the above doesnt work! hope that helps
  13. I find myself visiting the home page of geocaching.com atleast 3 times a day! I dont have links to any of the sections apart from the forums and use it to check the latest cache hides all the time
  14. Well done Alan, thats brilliant, so quick! Cheers also for hiding some really good caches along the way. A certain 'centre' piece was one of the best caches I have ever had the pleasure to do. Keep up the good work!
  15. Thats gutting news. I had the pleasure of Meeting Mark during a day out filming a vid for Geocacheuk with Pid & MCL. He was a really nice bloke & only interested in having a good time with what he was doing. Thought's go out to his family & friends. rest in peace mate, it was a pleasure knowing you.
  16. Well done SP! thats really good going! good luck hitting the big 300 sometime very soon! if you get a move on you might be able to hit it at the Halloween bash but that would be good going
  17. Hi All. I am off to sunny? Ireland on Saturday and would like to identify the caches which I will pass on my way accross country. Is there any good way of doing this that anyone knows of? For anyone who knows Ireland and it's caches well I am going from Rosslare to Miltown Malbay C.Clare. Thanks!
  18. Hi Stuey. I've had a little look and the best I can find is: THIS SITE It's just north of Milton Keynes which would give easy access to most of North and central Bucks. The most cached out area is around Aylesbury the County Town but there don't seem to be any caravan parks near there. You might find something by doing a web search. My site should help you pick and choose caches and show you where the best areas are. Visit: Bucks Caching and click the link for the interactive map. If you need any more help or want some tips for good caches feel free to send me a mail and I will do my best to help!
  19. My email notifications are totally scuppered currently! Havn't recieved any for four days and just checked my profile randomly and realised I had 5 finds that I had no idea about...?
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