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  1. Yep, I have it hidden away somewhere! still makes me laugh. There used to be a link to a video feed on the bbc website but thats probably been removed by now.
  2. Im probably just having a blind moment here but can someone draw a ring around the 'man' on the pic for me, I can't see anything
  3. Could it perhaps have been very cold where you were planting? Because possibly you've caught your breath as you exhaled, sounds stupid but it happened to me when I took a pic inside the Canadian Red Cross memorial hospital ruins, home of the cryptic souls crews first decaying hospital cache which is now archived. Check out this pic, looks a little creepy at first but it was just me!
  4. Well done mate, been a pleasure caching with you and finding your hides over the last few months. Good luck hitting the 400 mark ASAP!
  5. Bloomin Eck LIS that was fast work! Looks like I'm playing catch up again Well DOne!
  6. My fondest memory of this type is when I had planted a new cache on a hill directly behind chequers. I took Pid up there the next day to show him the spot and got him to have a look for it. There is a big aerial perched on the peak surrounded by a wooden enclusure, and pid decided that it must be inside. He opened the gate and started looking around. Less than 2 minutes later I spotted a pair of very bright lights at the foot of the hill but assumed they must be on the road not far away, how wrong could I be, it was a 4 by 4 and it was going at about 60mph straight uphill towards us! The gate must have had an alarm or similar on it and now we looked like potential terrorists Pid suggested doing a very quick runner but there was no way I was running because we really would have looked dodgy, so we just stood there and watched as 2 armed policemen got out of the vehicle with there massive guns close at hand. We were asked for our details and they checked them via their computers. I explained what was goin g on and they told us it was private property. What really took the buscuit was that I then had to ask to get my lunchbox! I think they saw the funny side in the end but it was an experience I will never forget
  7. Neither was I ok I take it were the only people on line... how sad that we are having a conversation at 1.45am via a web forum appologies to all other users who are reading this garble!
  8. I know of one to come before you go jumping in there
  9. Anything atall would be brilliant, provided it had the option to allow users to add caches themselves. If not then one person would become bogged down with entering data which could take years for the amount of motorways! We don't even really need maps, but they would be a bonus. My original thoughts were just to have a list of motorways with junctions which could be clicked revealing near by caches. Simply Pauls forum idea was the best I had had too. If teasels stuff can't allow user entries then I am happy to set something up and supply space on buckscaching for it but like I said, I wouldn;t know how to write the coding for a user entry log system
  10. I totaly agree! Night caching is the way forward It certainly adds some atmosphere to creepy locations and your right about getting caught, there are far less muggles about at night time to bust you!
  11. A blast from the past i know... but read this, if you havn't before it's a bit of a stunner! The Story of Blackpools First!
  12. I always have the problem that when i'm going on a day trip or something similar and I want to cache on the way, I find it very difficult to locate caches. I usually resort to leaving a note here asking if anyone knows of any in a particular area but wouldn't it be nice to have a website which listed all the motorways and busy main routes in to uk, and the caches which could be found along them, by nearest junction as one example. I have been thinking about setting this up for a long while now but already spend so much time updating my buckscaching.co.uk site I really don't have too much time left! Is there anyone out there that would fancy setting something up with me. I was hoping to make it a system where the roads were listed and then people could add caches themselves, kind of in the way a log is added to a cache page when a cache is found, (I wouldn't know where to start writing the code for that!) Any interested parties send me an email at dan@buckscaching.co.uk Thanks!
  13. A tour of the local area, elaborate puzzle, girl held in chains? Sounds like a Simply Paul number to me
  14. That is a joke, can't say that i'll be placing a bid for that one...
  15. At long last! Well done Peter! Only 1000 to go til the big 2000
  16. I'm heading down to Winchester tomorrow with SP & Pid to do some caching and was wandering if anyone knew of any caches along the way on the A34 between Bicester & Winchester Itself, that would break the journey up a bit but not take up much time? Any help apreciated
  17. I would be a definate yes, but there is no way I could ever get a Saturday off work, during December. Hope it's a great night though!
  18. Yep, i'm quite happy to help out. Should be a laugh
  19. Wasn't that your mission statement when you started caching???
  20. Well done Pid! good to see you bagging 300 at last Good luck bagging the 400 sometime soon. I'm also looking forward to a few more of you easy hides, ones like hartfelt wishes, you know the quick cache and dash's Cheers matey!
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