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  1. Ok, so I got bitten on the a** by this today too!! spent a good couple of hours resurecting one of my archived caches along a disused railway line, wrote a new cache page up for it and posted the waymarks. Apparently one is within 0.1 of the end of another multi which I know for certain shows off a completely different point of interest, this is proof for me that situations do arise due to this rule that potentially stamp out a good cache or two. I have emailed the mod who told me the score and let him know the situation and am hoping for the usual helpfull ideas to get it up and running, will be a crying shame if I can't make it work! but yeah, summing up, I SEE YOUR POINT NOW
  2. Thanks for that. If you want to drop me am email i will see if i have anything that suits your needs. Unfortunatly the Ring is currently down for maintainance i need to go shopping for it and its not pay day till the 10th! Plenty more goodies out there though!
  3. Does this new cache offer something different from the existing cache? I do get a bit fed up with caches being planted so close to some of mine for seemingly the exact same reason eg I planted one there so people could see a church and some time later a new cache appears right next to it to 'show people the church'. You say it's a built up area so i'm guessing maybe there are two interesting things to see in the same 0.1 of a mile. In this case I would feel for you as people are missing out on something but if it's just a case of another cache for no good reason then maybe not...
  4. I try to write logs to a lenght that will atleast remind me what I was doing on a particular date when I look through my found list. It annoys me sometimes when I have written very little and I can't place the cache at all. However sometimes if a cache has really annoyed me - dumped down a muddy footpath in a bush for no apparent reason other than the planter wanted to hide a new one today and had time to kill, then I have no regrets in just putting a 1 or 2 word log. At the same time if I really enjoy a cache i'll spend ages writing a full on review! I think this is how it generaly works, the better the cache (and everyone has their own opinions on what makes a good cache obviously) the longer and more precise the log!
  5. I lost my enthusiasm a long time a go, mainly due to the amount of caches that were being planted 100 metres down a footpath under a pile of sticks for seemingly absolutly no reason, it starts to wear thin, I mean seriously, why??? I archived a big bulk of caches, adopted out another load and just did the odd one with mates when I was really bored. Recently I moved house and thought I would check out some of the local ones, there are now hundreds of new hides which I'm hoping will involve great new places and twists and turns. Whats really sparked my interest again is getting some of those archived caches back to their former glory. I had a great time re-doing one of my favourites today. At the same time I have kept archived those ones that didn't really have much to offer. If only every single cache had an interesting location to be found, or something original and independant about it, then these lulls might never happen. Maybe if people were more honest in logs when a cache is just down right pants would be good too because then you wouldn't have to waste your time, but people really don't like honesty all that much do they Any ways, i'm looking forward to seeing whats on offer now and hoping for a big upturn in cache standards!!! Hope everyone else hitting the walls breaks through it soon too!
  6. Hi all, and sorry to any one who has mailed me on this topic who I have not got back to, as Ben said I don't have internet in my new place and have to do a 30 mile round trip to my parents to get online. I would be quite willing to adopt any of these 3 caches out, perhaps I can pass my account details to Pid who could do the business for me. I don't however, have the details for interception so someone who has found the bugs and has the numbers needed and the final coords would need to pass those details on to whoever takes over and recreates the bugs etc. The ring is the one cache it would be really sad to see vanish in my opinion. If anyone wants to take that onboard I would be really chuffed but a new box is needed and all parts would need a maintainance visit. I just don't have the time any more unfortunatly, working split shifts means there just arn't the tim gaps there used to be and days off I have more important things like drinking to be doing As I don't have access to the computer on a regular basis if anyone is interested please send Pid an email and he can pass on my mobile number! Cheers, Dan
  7. Righty then! I have now put requests in for all the caches, I think (there were a lot of them!) I will check my list in a couple of days to check all have gone!) sorry, 1 minor change of plans, I decided to keep Hidden Remains, It got to be one of the best places in the whole county and I just realised, sorry Sensei. Pid, as I have already sent you a request for phantoms you now need to adopt and pass on to Rozy as it wont let me do anything with it. Thanks again everyone for your help in this! and also to all those who sent requests after I had handed them out who unfortunatly were too late. One tiny request, please don't delete the background music on the cache pages, it's just all so good Thanks, Dan.
  8. Hello again! well thanks to the people who replied and offered to take on the caches, thats a really kind gesture which I appreciate, and thanks for the kind words too ahh your going to make me cry... I have now had offers on all but three caches, these being: Cross Country in Radnage The Witches Stone in Speen and Creepy Graveyard, which I think I will hang on to after all, a lot of centimental value! Any takers for the other two??? There may have to be ome fisticuffs at dawn over some of these so if you chat amoungst yourselves about who gets what I would appreciate it. For certain caches I have given them to certain person because of a good reason which I'll state below! So... Burnt at the Stake - Sensei or Simply Paul (fight fight fight) Three Locks - Alibags or Sensei (handbags at dawn) Overlooking his manors - Nick Pick or Simply Paul (cage rage) Hidden Remains - Simply Paul or Sensei (sort it down the dojo) Fortified Flora - Sensei A Bishops Affliction - Simply Paul Remaining Ruins 1&2 - Sensei Entology - Alibags (She has looked after this on past occasions, thanks!) Tim & Jons 1&2 - Simply Paul Whiteleaf Cross - Bek & Ian (They asked especially for this one, no probs!) Gravity Hill - Simply Paul (He told me the correct location after a blunder so fairs fair!) Sleeping Saints - Sensei Treasure Map Mystery - Alibags Three Counties Peak - Beds Clangers Rural Decay - Beds Clangers Masquerade - Beds Clangers Blackpools First Cache - J Stead (You made it possible!) Penns Missing Monument - Nick Pick Phantoms of Cryers Hill - P.I.D.D.I Pit Stop Charity cache - Nick Pick (To make numbers fair!) If the people stated above are completely happy with that please post that you are and i'll do the business (cheers for pointing me in the right direction Peter!) * Rubber Chicken - Forgotten souls is not going anywhere don't you worry, I will still take care of 5-10 caches which I love to bits, the Ring for instance, thats going to the grave with me your welcome to take on Mandeville picture hunt but to be honest i'm sure you could plant a better one of your own around there, it was only a 10 min job put together for the first bucks meet! Cheers me dears, Dan.
  9. Hi all. As you may or may not have noticed I have not been doing much caching recently, mostly due to Work and lack of enthusiasm, I suppose I hit the wall pharisee once spoke about. Any howz, without going into that too much I have decided it's time to dispose of a lot of my caches because I don't feel it's fair for them to be floating around when I don't have the time to care for them any more. I have archived some of my caches which I feel offer very little to visitors and plan on keeping a small amount which are close to my heart either because they have centimental value or took a lot of work putting together. Pid aleady has a load under his belt and therefore doesnt want to take on any of ours which were under both our names but kept on my account, this is fair enough because we always said we would take care of the caches in our own accounts. Therefore, I would like to put the following caches up for adoption! Please mention below if you are interested in taking on any of the caches below and perhaps the UK mods would be good enough to get the ball rolling on moving them to different accounts. Thanks to everyone who visited the caches! Burnt at the Stake - A multi in amersham with a grusome tail behind it and a nice monument for visitors to check out Cross Country - An impressive monument located on the ridgeway path near Wantage Fortified Flora - A park in Gerrards Cross with interesting walls built in trees!?! A ishops Affliction - Interesting Ghost story multi set in Fingest near Wycombe Remaining Ruins 1 - Remains of a church set down a footpath not far from northchurch and tring Entology - I adopted this so it would be good to see this one in ashridge go to a good home, Alibags? Tim & Jons First - I brought this one back from being archived because it held good memories for me and pid, set in ashridge. Whiteleaf Cross - Stunning Views and the site of a huge chalk cross on the hillside overlooking Princess Risborough Gravity Hill - Interesting spot where your car rolls up hill, or does it?!? very close to tring and Halton. The Witches Stone - Set in speen, the resting place of a highwayman, with or maybe local woman, haunted apparently?!? Creepy Graveyard - One of the first 'get the numbers off the gravestone' caches. Great spot in Ellesborough. SleepingSaints - A well which apparently rested the body of a saint on her way home after death to her birth place in Bierton Treasure Map Mystery - Caching without coords here with the use of a treasure map in Ashridge Three Counties Peak - The highest point in Beds Rural Decay - Some stunning landscape at an old Quarry not far from Leighton Buzzard Three Locks - Cache by the locks close to Soulbury and Stoke Hammond Blackpools first cache - Found by J Stead after the coords were lost this has a place in a few cachers hearts, I would be honoured if the man himself would take this one on! Penns Missing Monument - It pains me to let this go but oh well! Great location in Penn Pit stop charity cache - One of the very first charity caches which are now banned, it's raised loads of money for good causes, lets hope it can continue to! Tims no 2 - Alsobrough back from archival, this is set in ashridge and uses steps and compass work to find the stash Phantoms of cryers hill - Ghost stories in the area around wycombe, I think Pid does want this one, so first dibs to him. Masquerade - This is set at the resting place of the treasure from the book masquerade. Very very close to one of Pharisee's, you want it you got it! Overlooking his manors - A nice monument high on the hills around Wycombe Remaining Ruins Two - Cache using grid reference, a bit different but a good laugh! Hidden Remains - Another it pains me to give up, a disused pumping station and disused church down a long forgotten footpath! * personal note to SP, can you take on the two punters caches... Apologies if this post is a little long winded, unfortunatly so was my cache list! Any caches which are not claimed will be archived and removed. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help out! Dan.
  10. Can you explain what happened, I'm not following this post sorry.
  11. That Vid was a cracker. Cheers for putting it together Lordelph! As for next year, there is talk of a non pub location for the event but no firm plans as yet so you'll just have to wait and see
  12. Nice idea but to be honest I can think of better things to spend 30 odd quid on!!!
  13. I was just checking out one of my caches under Pids name and read what we had made the starting contents. I must add that this was a long time ago and adding food/drinks wasn't really frowned apon but still... The cache contains/ed: A Tim and June Teddy that really needs rescuing! A spooky Gnome 2 packets of Cola sweets 3 Lollipops 2 Orange Cartons Some Tissues for Hayfever sufferers And a ketchup sachet Tut tut tut Dan & Pid. Has anyone else ever found a cache stuffed with food stuff or something really naughty???
  14. Oh well, if no one wants the tickets i'm puting my name down for their share of the food first It is promising to be a great night so I hope some one, or two! will take these tickets!
  15. Sometimes it's almost essential to phone a friend. I remember doing a certain series of caches on the Isle of Wight with Pid, where completing a cache in the North, SOuth, East and West allows you to complete a final set of coords for the center. Some of the questions at each part we would had never have known so thank goodsness Mr Pharisee was there to save the day. Personally it kinda does my head in when something so important rest on the answer to a question you just might not know the answer to. What if you have travelled 100 miles, have no phone and to continue you need the answer to a question you have no idea about? I did a cache like this a couple of years back and had to abandon because one of the numbers we needed to complete the set of coords was 'the meaning of life'? great if your a hitch hikers guide to the galaxy fan but at the time we had no idea and left with our tails between our legs!!! Oh well - it was only a hunt for a lunchbox after all
  16. Thanks for the ideas, I think I will look into the cruise liner as we want to make the journey part of the holiday!
  17. This isn't really geocaching related other than I will be doing a couple when i'm over there but I have reached a dead end and I thought who better to ask than a bunch of folks who like getting out and about. I'm trying to plan a trip to the Algarve in portugal next year. This would be pretty easy apart from the fact I don't do flying I have searched and searched for ferry links to anywhere in portugal and I have hit a brick wall. Does anyone out there know if ferries even go to portugal from the Uk or if I could get one to spain then portugal? I would drive down from Santander in Northern Spain, but I really don't think I could handle driving on the wrong side of the road for 18 hours!!!! Any help greatly appreciated!
  18. Hi, this topic has been covered a few times actually. I think the general consensus is that if a cache has something individual to offer then there is usually room for it. Personally the only time when I think an area is 'saturated' is when there are loads and loads of similar caches with nothing of great value to offer the finder. Think of an interesting way to hide it, create some funky camouflage or make it cryptic, something that will make it stand out, this way I doubt you will receive any complaints.
  19. I agree that it's probably a good idea to leave almost everything in place as some people have said above, someone out there must be interested, but it is annoying returning to a cache which you planted with decent swaps to find it overflowing with mctoys etc (yes i know some people collect them!!! ) I've found the best way to avoid rubbish is by theming my caches. I have planted 3, 2 of which are book swaps and 1 which went missing which was a cd swap. It clearly states that only books or cds - whatever the theme, can be transferred. From logs I think I have found that people liked this idea, and the standard of swaps is always high. I'm not suggesting every cache should be like this but I'd like to see a few more here and there
  20. The first 5 visitors couldn't bag this one NON ADVERTISED CACHE I had to revisit and check it, and post a spoiler pick before it was bagged!!!
  21. It's a shame when people resort to digs in logs, it's always nice to recieve an email explaining what peoples problems were, and from that point you can adjust your caches pages and make changes. I think it's good to remember sometimes that people put a lot of effort into placing caches for people to find. It's a friendly game and there are very few occasions where a 'rude' log can't be replaced by a friendly email. Remember, it's just a hunt for a lunch box, there are people starving out there...
  22. I've rated all the caches I’ve visited, I like the page a lot and I would definitely use it to find a good cache if I was visiting another part of the country. I see what some people mean when they say that different people look for different things in caches though, thus making the results un-helpful if you’re looking for something in particular. Perhaps it would be a good idea to be able to score caches in categories as well as overall. That way we could see the top hundred views, the top hundred walks and the top 100 hundred scary caches (ok that ones just for me ) I know this would probably involve lots more work! Thanks for setting it up guys, much appreciated!
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