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  1. Can anyone help I haven't received any notifications since about august last year. I used to get them for all visits to my caches, movements of my trackables, new local caches etc. Have I turned something off?
  2. a4gom

    UK maps for smartphone

    Thanks Marty, I tried those but they give .img files and I couldn't get those to work. C:geo sends to need .map files. I've found them here on mapsforge When I downloaded them they had the extension.map.txt I just deleted the.txt bit and they work fine.
  3. Before I go on holiday I usually download some opensource maps for the area; tenerife, cyprus etc so i can use my smartphone without roaming. I'm off to the lakes (UK cumbria) this weekend and know there are areas where I will not get a signal. Are there any opensource maps I can download for the UK? I know you can download small areas from openstreet map but I'd prefer to download a larger area.
  4. Thanks for your help guys.
  5. Thanks very much I've found the http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/, i'll have a look at the others. Have you any knowledge of them, one better than the others?
  6. Hi guys n gals, we are off on our jollies to Cyprus shortly and I'm trying to get some maps for my Garmin Dakota 20. I've done a search and found some old posts but the links inc are now dead plus they were 6 or 7 years old so probably out of date. Anyone have any maps or know where I might find some please. Any assistance much appreciated. Andy
  7. a4gom


    Thanks guys I have some hard drives, i had a look and removed all the screws I could see but haven't got in yet. I'll keep trying. Keep them coming..
  8. I'm sure there are some topics which have covered this in the past but I've done a search and so far haven't come up with anything... Where can you find good strong magnets for little or no money? Any suggestions on what we can rip apart to find such items. I'm planing a few caches which will be magnetic but will be small not micro and want them to stick! I've done some caches which have really good magnets on, some of the magnets have been strange shapes so they were obviously designed for a specific use and removed from something. Any ideas gratefully recieved Cheers Andy
  9. Thanks for all the tips they have been very helpful, doubt i'll get round them all in a week. We've done Oan yer Bike, we rode over from Flowerburn where we were staying, the kids took the wife down the Calachy Downhill, she hasn't ridden a bike since she was a kid! There was a bike of screaming. We also did It does grow on trees GC1G2JX, not sure why we didn't do The Fairy Glen, probably didn't have the info for the questions on the gps. Thanks again for all you help.
  10. Thanks very much for your help, looks like there's enough to keep us busy in the woods then. I did the one at the end of the point earlier this year while the family were busy watching the dolphins and intend to pick the rest up this time. Lets hope the weathers good.
  11. Thanks thats a good start, I can see from the map there are quite a lot of caches down the centre of the black isle in the forests but I can't see what the terrain is like i.e. how hilly they are.
  12. Hi looking for a bit of advice from some cachers local to the above. We will be spending a week on the Black Isle at the end of Oct / begining of Nov. We were there earlier in the year and grabbed a few caches but our kids have lost interest a bit now the initial novelty has worn off and they have realised caching = walking. I'm looking for either short walks which might have something else to offer, fossils, caves, beach etc or easy mountain bike rides which would enable us to pick up a few caches along the way. (Circular routes would be preferential.) Not knowing the area we did upset the apple cart a couple of times when we were there earlier in the year doing walks which didn't look to long or arduous on the map but ended up been like an Everest expedition to the kids e.g. Eathie Fossil Beach and The Scottish Shilling Cache in one go. Any advice gratefully received.
  13. HTC Desire any good, anyone out there?
  14. Usually do my caching with a dakota 20 but every now and then I have a spare hour on my travels when I think to myself "if only I'd known I was going to have this hour, known where I would be and prep'd and brought my dakota with me." I have an orange phone provided by work, it's just a basic nokia, I've fancied an android phone for a while but don't want a contract as I don't use the phone enough to warrant it. So I'm looking for something I can put my works sim card in, something that will sync with outlook is a definite, a decent camera would be a bonus but apart from that I'm not that fussed. I'll play the odd game but nothing too clever and I won't be streaming live tv or anything like that. Whats the difference between Agps and gps? It looks like agps uses data / connection to the web to get your location? I'd like to be able to get an app or something which allows me to start up the phone download info on local caches then disconnect from the data source then just work of the phone is that possible. Is it possible for <£150 TIA
  15. I think I've got it now, miss understanding the description on the button in track manager. It now appears to be displayed all the time , thanks
  16. I'm sure it's probably covered on here somewhere but I've tried various combinations in my searches and not come up with the answer yet. I'm sure this has many uses but for my example I want to show the stage routes for a rally on my dakota 20 over the o/s maps, Like shown here I have created a route on base camp and this does do it but I can't find it on the dakota to manage it i.e. turn it on / off, the line it draws is also two thick so it obliterates the details of the track, it also puts a symbol at every point I have used to create the route. I have converted it to a track which is better, when I view the track on the map it is a nice narrow line but it's only accessible from the track manager and doesn't show all the time so its not really usable whilst out on the ground for directions. I also created the track from the route so it seems I have to have the route showing, if i delete the route the track goes as well? Is there an easy way to create a thin line which shows over my o/s maps like on my link above? TIA
  17. I might be jumping the gun but it looks as though I've lost one of my trackables It was only young, it joined the fold in June but didn't make it into a cache until July when I dropped it off in Corfu on holiday. It was picked up and taken to Germany where it travelled around the town of Wolfenbüttel in Lower Saxony managing a total of 978.5miles. It was placed in its 8th and final cache on the 12th of September where it would appear it has met its end. The cache ($pieluhr)has now been compromised, the container and it's contents with the exception of the log have all gone. The log was left in a puddle close to the site. Please join me in a minutes silence .... RIP Lets Offroad!! (TB413V9) 29th June 2011 ~ 12th Sept 2011, 75 days young.
  18. I'm asking it to give me caches I haven't found within a 2mile radius of the 191 mile route I will be taking and changed the slider to 1000 caches each side, these are the only things I've defined on the sheet. I don't know yet where we will be stopping, there are plenty of caches along the route and I was hoping that I could just turn on the gps when we were contemplating a stop and pull over close to a few caches. I've done a screen shot to demonstrate what I mean, you can see plenty of the green dots for caches which have not been picked up. It's not a motorway (interstate) so no issues with clicking up the miles to get to an adjacent cache.
  19. I'm off to on holiday on Thursday and I've run a pocket query for the area we will be staying in with no problems. I've tried to run a query along the route we will be taking to get there and it hasn't been so successful. The route shows up OK and I've left everything as standard i.e. not altered the type of cache, .... the query has been created but it's not selected all the caches along the route, it's missed some on the road it's self and close by and chosen some which are out much further away? There doesn't seem to be any reason or consistency. I don't think we'll have much time whilst travelling to pick many up but i'll be really annoyed if I stop and find out afterwards there were more really close by that we've missed. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  20. We are visiting Corfu next week for the week , i will have a car to do a little sight seeing and hopefully pick up a few of the caches . I have garmins worldwide base map on my dakota 20 but it's rubbish for Corfu. Are there any better maps available?
  21. Thanks for the reply, thats great news
  22. There is probably a simple answer and I'm sure if I search long enough i'll probably find it but can anyone explain whats going on here. Yesterday I got an email to say that one of my trackables had been placed in a cache. "Cache Kart" Great news I thought as the same person has been carrying it around logging it at every cache he's visited since I let it loose a month or so ago. I've tried to look at the cache and the log but the page opens with "An Error Has Occurred" where the cache name should be and "N/A" where the cache ref would be. It says Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published. and You Are Not Logged In [You are not logged in. You must be logged in to view this content.](even though I am logged in!) and that there have been [99,999 Logged Visits] What does all this mean? Where is my trackable?
  23. Probably doesn't answer your question but I've just picked up a dakota 20 with full GB 1:50k maps and whilst the maps are good they are only good to a point when zooming in, zoom in too far and they get very blurred. Whilst talky toaster / topo maps don't carry as much info they are better in they aspect as the roads, paths, streams etc remain as a thin line. HTH
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