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  1. Hi - does anyone know if GS has changed the format of PQ Zip files - having problems umpacking them into Cachesense on my Blackberry Curve - although torch seems okay ?? thanks in advance
  2. Not sure how to do the calibrate - however I remembered I had a Bluetooth GPS so with the App "Bluetooth GPS" it happily connected using the "Enable Mock GPS Setting" on the app giving a 3 or 4 metre accuracy (on Google Sat) and the same on Cache sense which is good enough I have downloaded an App GPS Status and there is a tool which manages the A-GPS status and there is an option than Resets to clear all cached data (cold start) - would that help ? Thank you
  3. Hi - wonder if someone can help Someones given me there old Android phone (model above) running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.bvkg3 to try out for caching ( selling it for £ 50) Howwever I'm a little concerned about the GPS accuracy which appears in Google Maps and Cachsense App to be only around 30- 50m best (blue circle on Googlemaps) and on Cachesense it gives a read out of the number of Sats it's seeing and the best is 5 whereas my wife's Sansumg Ace gives often up to 11 or 12 on the same app. Is this an issue with this phone and if so is their a fix as apart from that it's fine or is it a non starter this model for caching ? Thanks very much
  4. RubyandCo


    Hello Following on from the 31 days in August Promotion I checked my souvenirs and found my August ones - and many others including 4 US States and the Rhienphalz in Germany all which I have visited and found Caches in. The thing that I'm wondering is that I've found many caches in different "Regions" in the UK - mine is Eastern I've found them in Kent, London and other places around the UK - therefore why don't I get a souvenir for each region or is it because it's my Home Country they don't appear (although I've found one in Malta and didn't get a souvenir) ? Not a big deal but just curious
  5. Hi there Hope this is the right place to post this Just came back from a trip to Germany from the UK I use a Blackberry with Cachesense - as we were out of the country I pre loaded PQ onto it and disabled data services as the cost can be a bit silly. However it seemed to take a few days to settle down and work properly as at first it couldnt pick up the Satellites - am I right that Blackberrys and probably other smart phones uses the data services to help pin point where it is and tell the GPS where to look ? If that's the case I guess it might be best to try and get a roaming deal for next time I go ? On the same subject do stand alone GPS have the same issue or are they made in a different way so they can lock onto Satellites wherever ? Thank you in advance Mark
  6. Hi there I recently found a series of caches which used magnetic signs but you actually wrote on the back of the sign on a printed log on the back(not a piece of paper in the back). I've contacted the CO a couple of times but he hasn't replied so was wondering if anyone had come across these before and if so where could you buy them - I'm in the UK Thanks in advance
  7. that makes sense if the cache has disappeared into the ether anyone who had found it would have their stats knocked back Good answer - but as someone else suggested a "show active caches" toggle would be a good idea thank you for the sensible answers which sadly you don't always get on forums
  8. Hi there Is it possible to delete Archived Caches to give an accurate total of owned caches on my profile page - I have had to archive several caches over the last few months and have created some more so the profile is giving a falsh indication of how many active ones I have . Thank you Rubyandco - UK
  9. ... just thought of a way round this - why doesn't Groundspeak offer 2 free months membership to anyone affected by this a a goodwill thing ?
  10. Hi there I've got a cache on a breaker by the sea which is one of those coke bottle home made things which unfortuantely is not completely waterproof.... .... could anyone suggest a totally waterproof container please ? I've had Alum Bisons in the past and found even these are not even rain proof but i may have just been supplied cheap ones I'm in the UK so if it's an online supplier it would be better from here Thanks in advance
  11. Although somewhat unrelated to the issue, the system can not let you know of someone got FTF as it can only tell when someone has logged the cache, not if and when it was found. They'd logged the cache ok - refreshed the cache on Blackberry when I found the cache and there it was which is when I started to wonder if the system was down - so anyone else having issues ?????
  12. Have feeling that the Groundspeak alerts may be down again - I've had several finds on my hides today but no alerts and also had one of a new cache on watch and it didn't let me know someone had got FTF before I got there (grrrr) Checked Spam and tried sending myself emails and all is well and another nearby Cacher has the same problem.....
  13. ....I really wanted to post here just to see if I was just being a bit grumpy and to a certain extent I am and really just wanted to "think out loud" so it's interesting to read the different views It's really not for me to decide what's right and whats wrong with another CO's hide - what I've read here has made my mind up to not pursue this further but I really appreciate the input Thank you
  14. Food for thought there - thanks everyone - I just don't do them but I'm concerned about an accident putting Geocaching on the front page for the wrong reasons - we're already having local councils getting heavy about caching and I don't want it getting worse for the averager cacher/CO Knowshad's mention of GSpeaks 1.2.2 is the best way of looking at this.
  15. That's interesting - thank you however as I'm well known to the local reviewer as a cache owner I'd still be a little reluctant to email as he knows me by name ! The caches I'm refering to are 5/5 but I'm wondering if 5/5's should involve more research from the reviewer and details from the CO before being published in the first place ? One of these recent caches all the listing says is "small nano that will have you on your knees looking for a bit" Photos on logs show finder crawling along the edge of a major road bridge high above another road ! perhaps this subject is worth a seperate post ?
  16. Hi there Just wondered what the world Geocaching family thinks of this idea.... It always amazes me how some caches get published which quite frankly are downright dangerous. Often the CO's are very vague on the listing and it's only apparent once the logs come in that they are in very irresponsible places eg on bridges above roads, rivers etc. I realise that extreme caches in involving all sorts of efforts needed in isolated areas are a popular challenge for some and should be encouraged but I'm talkng about Urban Areas where anyone can get to them. I realise that the reviewers can only go on the facts they are given and can't follow up every cache they publish but I've wondered about the idea of a "Report Cache" button which would be forwarded to the local reviewer who could then check logs and follow up if required. Ideally this would be anonymous and have select buttons for the reason you were doing this and a space for brief details. I realise that GS T&C more or less say "own risk" and there is the difficulty rating to go on but I worry about younger cachers especially during holiday times could be tempted to try something really daft - I don't won't to be a kill joy are the Anti Fun Police but it is something that concerns me Thoughts anyone ?
  17. ..... we are taking a coach tour in September between the above city's and was wondering if anyone could give me the likely route so I could do PQ for the journey. We are taking in the JD Distillery on the way to Nashville. Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Mark UK
  18. Had this reply from developer There is a display bug when the main the list is sorted it sometimes shows duplicates, these will disappear if you do a refresh "statistics only", this will be fixed in the next update. Cheers, Bruce This fixes it ok on my one - I've worked out what it does when you click on a cache is checks for updates / new logs etc in real time after you've downloaded the cache or PQ - obviously the refreshed cache should delete the old one but as I have said using the statistics refresh solves it. I'm using OS 4.6 on a Curve - it may just be a oddity with mine but Bruce is aware of it. The other thing you can do now is - assuming you have a strong enough signal - is to do a search in the field by checking the "search geocaching" option" in the search function using nearest cache using GPS and do it that way - handy if you just end up some where and you want to see what's around I had the older version and think it's an amazing app and has i find it so good to use - now it's connected to "live" at any time you can refresh a cache in the field and log online - the Radar function is still the most useful tool on it - not bad for $ 10 !!
  19. .... it is powered now by Geocaching Live though...
  20. ok thanks - did'nt realise that - will see what happens.....
  21. ... have emailed creator re this - Bruce Rees noramlly answers pretty quick but thought I'd try here too.... When the connection to Groundspeak is enabled when I view a single Cache entry when I come out of it there is a duplicate entry in the list. It doesn't appear to do this when Groundspeak connection is off - just wondering if it's for some reason downloading a duplicate , however I can't see immediately why - anyone else getting this ... Am using a Curve running I think OS 4.6
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