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  1. What information is critical for you to access while caching offline?


    basic content (description, hint)

    Yes very much so

    map tiles




    cache photos

    not usually unless really stuck photos take up too much space so I opt out usually

    log photos

    not sure




    Of all the current information available offline, what do you never use?

    I pretty much use all the features of the Paid App


    What information do you wish you had access to, but don’t currently, while caching offline?

    My most wanted thing is to be able to see what is in my saved files that I save offline on my computer. I like to log my caches after I get home and it would be able to access them on my computer. I have had the Paid App crash and I lost all my saved files including all the puzzles that I had solved and challenges I had signed. Impossible to retrieve them.


    A better way to visit your travel bugs within the app.


    Way to rearrange the order of your saved files.


    Mass delete caches in saved files. I like the file I use the most on top for my routine caching but hate having to clear it out one at a time.


    Refresh the entire saved file instead of one at a time.

    Distance to cache with more accuracy example. .15 or .19 instead of just .1 Like android app does Distance is usually further than what it states


    How would you do things differently than the current offline functionality on the Paid Geocaching App?

    Search results larger than 30




    How large of an area do you usually save for offline caching? (10 miles/km, 100 miles/km)

    I save sometimes 100 miles or more it just depends if it is local or road trip.


    Do you favor high resolution map tiles that take more space to store and longer to download OR lower resolution map tiles that take less space to store and are quicker to download?

    I like the high resolution because I usually save my offline caches before I leave home. I never know what the phone reception is going to be where I am going.




    Do you read logs while caching offline?

    Yes a lot of the time, especially when I get stuck


    How many logs do you read?

    Sometimes all of them if that is what it takes


    Would an ability to customize the amount of logs you have access to help? (Ex: 5 or 10 most recent logs, the first and last few logs on the cache, only Found or DNF logs)


    Customize might be nice but with the option to change it on the fly




    Do you save images when you cache offline? How important are images while caching offline?

    I don't usually only because of the time and space they take up, but will try to pull a few up if the reception is good


    How many images do you usually save?

    None see reason above


    Which images are more important? Cache owner images or cache log images?

  2. Caching since Jan 2011


    Elements offered on the current cache page:


    Basic Details:

    I see no need to change these


    Additional Details:

    I'm good for all these, too



    All good, I like to see how many are watching, it gives me an idea of dnf's that people don't log.


    Owner Tools:

    All good


    Existing Community Requests:


    All are ok, some I don't use but might in the future


    ****This might be better in the map thread. I would also like to see a list of the caches on the map page that you can organize, see at a glance, like on the iphone mobile app


    ****I would like to see is more interaction between the mobile apps and the website. I would like to pull up my saved files and to back them up and to be able to see them on the computer. I use my iphone for caching and it has served me quite well for over 4 years.

  3. I remember at one time I saw where you could vote on suggestions and there would be information if the suggestion was being considered or would be in the next update, etc. I can't find that anywhere. Does anyone remember seeing this before somewhere?


    My suggestions, even though some have been mentioned by others before me.


    1 Access saved files on the computer

    I like to save on the go and then log them when I get home. or sync lists between all devices, phones, computer, etc

    2 Update all saved with only 1 click

    I love this idea

    3 1 click to sign a cache with all your travelbug, not 1 by 1

    Love this one, too, it's the reason I wait and log caches after I get home

    4 Mass delete I like this one, too.

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