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  1. Love seeing the dnf's/ But would love more the solved coordinates for puzzles.
  2. I remember at one time I saw where you could vote on suggestions and there would be information if the suggestion was being considered or would be in the next update, etc. I can't find that anywhere. Does anyone remember seeing this before somewhere? My suggestions, even though some have been mentioned by others before me. 1 Access saved files on the computer I like to save on the go and then log them when I get home. or sync lists between all devices, phones, computer, etc 2 Update all saved with only 1 click I love this idea 3 1 click to sign a cache with all your travelbug, not 1 by 1 Love this one, too, it's the reason I wait and log caches after I get home 4 Mass delete I like this one, too.
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