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  1. Upload Field Notes from your Garmin Colorado What a GREAT feature. I starting to love my CO! Yeah, now it'll be real easy for urban cachers to upload "TFTC" logs, golly gee! Also maybe for rural poets to easier compile the list of caches that need some stories. Previously I used pen and paper to make notes when I found which cache, then spend time at gc.com finding the corresponding cache pages. Now if the field notes automatically casts a list of found caches in front of me, well that's an improvement. If it works that way
  2. The issue list needs some serious updating since the latest software update. Thanks Garmin!
  3. Tried it yesterday on my 300, and the device changed from an unusable brick to a piece of art Geocaching support is now quite OK. Haven't yet dared to go out with it, but "kitchen table" testing shows some serious improvement in GPX parsing performance. Also seeing the caches on the map, being able to log them as found, etc. are features that should have been there from the beginning. Also Scandinavic letters in cache descriptions display properly The only simple thing that I'm still missing is the ability to select the GPX file in use, so that I could have more than 2000 caches with me (prevents manual work and unnecessarily careful planning in the age of cheap SD cards).
  4. That's exactly what I mean! Selecting the current waymark or GPX file from a set of many would be enough. Further managing of the files (adding, removing, ...) could be done with an assisting computer. It shouldn't be difficult to implement, just a few lines of code I guess. That very small change would enable us to carry as many geocaches in the device as we want. I wonder why it hasn't been implemented already with earlier Garmin models?
  5. My main point was, that it's OK to limit the number of items per file, but not OK to limit the number of files, if you have capacity on the SD card or wherever. So, 1000 in use at any time but it should be possible to change to another 1000-point file on the go.
  6. I assume there still is the 1000-point limit in all kinds of files in Garmin, and no file manager in device to switch the used file on the field. How can I overcome it? Do I now need to choose: Colorado+laptop or a Magellan? This is not a problem for regular geocaching trips from home, but is for driving across a country/state without knowing the precise route and doing some ad-hoc caching on the way. I wouldn't like to stop every now and then to boot up the laptop just to change the waypoint/GPX file in use...
  7. Ah Ha. Cool! I just ran a test at "the kitchen table" and you can have a usable geocache .gpx file on the SD card. This is very good news. It means you could have multiple cards loaded with different cache .gpx files to switch out as needed. That's too complicated. Magellan eXplorist has way better support for geocaching than the Colorado. I have both and I thought getting a Colorado would have been an upgrade In Magellan there is a thing called file manager, so you can have 10000 different geocache/POI/tracklog/whatever files on an SD card (only the card size is the limit), then you just select which ones are in use at which moment. For example, I have all caches in my country chopped to 200 caches per file (which is the stupid limit in Magellan). But, I *can* have all geocaches to go, and I don't need a laptop with me if I do ad-hoc caching with my car. And it works fast when I choose a cache, look at cache information (no full descr. though), and all caches are visible on the map! I really hope that Garmin fixes things to the level that they promised in their advertisements, otherwise I'm back in Magellan's camp for good.
  8. Ehdin jo lähettää tuntemani golfkätköt listanpitäjälle, sorry en tiennyt ettei vanhoja hyväksytä Ei kun hyväksytäänpäs! Siis minun piti sanoa että vain jos ne on nimenomaan golfkenttää esitteleviä kätköjä alunperinkin. Eihän siinä olisi mitään järkeä laittaa toinen kätkö samaan paikkaan vain päästäkseen listalle. Mutta jos kätkö on muuten vaan lähellä kenttää, ja sinne pääsee näkemättä vilahdustakaan kentästä, niin ei mielellään sellaisia. Siis toki lisään nämä kätkösi listalle - kiitos! tr1976
  9. Ei kai tuossa kätkössä sinänsä mitään vikaa olisi, mutta eiköhän näiden sarjojen perimmäinen tarkoitus ole yleensä saada ihmiset laittamaan lisää kätköjä, joten en mielellään "konvertoi" vanhoja kätköjä tähän sarjaan. Ja tässä samalla tiedoksi niille jotka ihmettelee voisiko tylsempää sarjaa olla, niin voi ihan miettiä rauhassa että ketä kiinnostaa enemmän juna-asemat, ketä liikennemerkit, ketä hautausmaat, ketä Turun vuoristo ja ketä golfkentät. Jos keksit parempia, niin ihan kiva. tr1976
  10. Started a new series with WingedStone&Tora: Golf courses of Finland. We thought golf courses and their surroundings are often worth seeing. Why? Because - image is everything The first cache (Peuramaa, Kirkkonummi) is just published: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e7-fbd4d0395980 and there's the bookmark list (Golf courses of Finland) by me: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...53-e345fbd7aad1 So, find a golf course near you from here: http://www.golfpiste.com/kentat/?lang=fi and hide a cache! There are, however some rules: the cache should be in public area, i.e. not in the golf course, but near it. The parking lot, the clubhouse and the nearby surroundings are usually public area, but the actual course is not. So use common sense when hiding the cache! =[ Suomeksi ]====== Aloitimme uuden kätkösarjan WingedStone&Toran kanssa: Golf courses of Finland. Meidän mielestämme monet golfkentät ovat näkemisen arvoisia. Miksi? Koska "image is everything" Ensimmäinen kätkö (Peuramaa, Kirkkonummi) on juuri julkaistu: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e7-fbd4d0395980 ja minä pidän yllä bookmark listaa (Golf courses of Finland): http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...53-e345fbd7aad1 Siispä katso täältä: http://www.golfpiste.com/kentat/?lang=fi ja kätkötä lähikenttäsi! :-) Muista kuitenkin jotain sääntöjä: kätkö pitää olla julkisella alueella, eli ei itse golfkentällä, mutta sen lähellä. Parkkipaikat, klubitalot ja lähimaastot ovat yleensä julkisia alueita, mutta itse kenttä ei. Siispä käytä maalaisjärkeä piilottaessasi kätköä!
  11. You've got a point and I've got mine. And my explicit wording is that I am *not* planning to abuse the license - I just wish more service even with higher fees. How about a platinum membership level to get this kind of service? $100/year? $10/gpx/state/country? Still I don't see what is the difference to printing the description on a paper, and going for the cache tomorrow when it's been disabled or archived... It's like visiting an archeological site then, right? tr1976
  12. What has happened to the US people? You used to be the pioneers. Going where no man had gone before. Finding business where ever. Now you're happy with what you have now. Watch out for a Chinese geocaching.com... -tr1976
  13. Using a bot script to download and parse gc.com web pages is in violation of the terms of use (TOU). Geocaching.com will block your IP address if this is detected. From their point of view using the existing pocket queries to achieve the same thing is also in violation of the TOU. However they limit the number of caches you you can download using a pocket query to 2500 a day and require you to agree to a license not to share the data in your PQs. Users that try to build their own off-line database from their pocket queries learn quickly that there may be stale data. If they accept the limitations and only use the database for their personnal use, GC.com allows this. Providing pre-canned GPX files with large number of caches for a fee might work if it include a license agreement that the data wouldn't be shared (similar to the license agreement for pocket queries) and acceptance of the fact that the PQ may contain stale data (archive, disabled, and no newly published caches). One issue that GC.com has with releasing stale data occurs when a land owner/manager asked that a cache archived so that people will stop hunting it. If this happens and you could download a pre-canned query containing this cache a few days later, GC.com may be opened to a lawsuit from the land owner/manager. This would be something like YouTube removing a video for copyright infringment but still allowing you to still download that video by downloading a zip file with all the videos posted on a given day. Come on. What is the difference to print out 30 000 cache descriptions ON PAPER than having them in digital form in a GPX FILE??? I can burn a video that is legal today on a DVD. If it get's banned tomorrow, do I have to burn my DVD? -tr1976
  14. Ummm, because it's against the Terms of Use and will probably get you banned from the site? Yes. I don't say I'm doing it, but I know there are sites that e.g. create stats like that. Sure. You can always create a "Nearest unfound 500 caches" pocket query. That's what I do also. Depending on where you live, the radius of the query results differs. That's not my point. My point is, if I come to US, I want to have the caches in my GPSr and go caching. I don't want to find starbucks for wifi. It is technically possible, but people here are stubborn to stick to what they have. OK, everything is fine now, let's not change anything. -tr1976
  15. I don't say I want to grab as much information as I want, whenever I want. I am saying, besides real-time data on the latest status of the caches (which I get from gc.com web pages), I could use slightly outdated data or "hints" or whatever you want to call the data, on areas where I have no connectivity to gc.com nor where I planned to go to. I am not a salesman. I will keep the discussion ongoing until someone answers to my very simple question: "Which is preferable: people writing bot scripts which are downloading data inefficiently by downloading and parsing gc.com web pages or people paying money to be able to download periodically updated zip files made available by gc.com and including data that is only possible to update through gc.com, which would keep gc.com as *the* place for the latest data?" I haven't yet seen an intelligent answer to this question. -tr1976
  16. Actually I think they want more web hits as that equals revenue from advertisers. I can load the ad 100 times before I can load the .zip. Next, please. I know they have thought of the idea but dismissed it. Remember the only real asset they have is the latest and greatest database full of caches. Giving it all away would not be wise. Allowing use without visting the web site is not wise either. - I'm guessing a little here but probably not far off. You're probably right. Having an X days old .gpx file doesn't change that. It's still the greatest. Please understand, that it is possible to get what I want by heavily loading gc.com. I am just proposing that giving it out easily helps everybody. You might be amazed at just how often you can find wi-fi access and cards to replace a broken one are frequently found for around $30 at many stores. Really not an issue. Kayaking in Alaska. Hiking in middle of Australia. I don't think so. Please get the idea. Or is relying on wifi access the idea of the whole thing? -tr1976
  17. Actually "yes". At Yellowstone Village, Mammoth Hot Springs and probably a few other select spots. The real problem is that you won't find anything other than virtual caches there because they tradtional geocaches are banned in US National Park areas. OK. That was just an example. What if you have wifi everywhere, all the time. Then your device with the wifi interface breaks. Then what? Stop geocaching and start drinking beer? -tr1976
  18. You don't. Others might. This way, it's clearly the seeker's problem. It's better to have some coordinates with you than nothing. Helps finding something. TPTP = "The Powers That Be", which makes little grammatical sense (often, as in this case, because English has moved on since the version of the Bible, from which it comes, was translated), but is one of those "pre-canned" English expressions with a meaning. In this case it's a euphemism - of sorts - for those parts of the multi-billion dollar Groundspeak empire where decisions get made. And as always, Wikipedia is your friend. Thanks. English is just one of my foreign languages so bear with me The reasoning could be debated, but it won't be, at least for the time being. It's been raised countless times and I think that the chances that TPTB™ will suddenly say "You know what? You're right!" are fairly minimal. From the cacher's point of view I can see a number of advantages, but firstly, we don't have the big picture, and secondly, we don't have to sell our houses if we pick wrong. The other issue with pre-run PQs is that it would cause a line to form from here to the moon of people saying "can I have all Trads older than six months in Maryland" or "all letterbox hybrids in Canada not placed by this one guy I don't like". (I have a solution for that: PQs you define yourself! ) OK... If they wan't more hits to the DB then it's fine. It's their business. I know it's quite difficult to say "hey, that's right, I didn't think of that, but I'll implement it for you". And, as I said in the beginning, further filtering of the database is up to the users. As long as the area is covered everything is fine. Dont get me wrong: I always prefer on-line access to gc.com, but if it is not available, then it's really really really nice to have stored (even outdated) cache coordinates and descriptions. So, even with the new service, I would use gc.com as much as today, and I am quite sure all (interactive users) would. Cheers, tr1976
  19. Jeremy has made his thoughts on this pretty clear. I don't see it happening. Do you have a link to the topic with the reasoning? Thanks, tr1976
  20. Because the website may be out of reach during the whole trip. How do you see printed cache descriptions being up to date? Do you have wifi in Yellowstone? I don't mind if even 1% of the caches get disabled or archived after downloading the database if the database consists of 10K caches and I can find 100 without extreme planning. tr1976 Either way, TPTB are on record saying that this will not happen. What is TPTB? What is the reasoning? Is it better that everybody writes their own script that crawls through all cache pages of Michigan than gc.com offering a Michigan.zip? Yeah, just buy new servers. tr1976
  21. Because the website may be out of reach during the whole trip. How do you see printed cache descriptions being up to date? Do you have wifi in Yellowstone? I don't mind if even 1% of the caches get disabled or archived after downloading the database if the database consists of 10K caches and I can find 100 without extreme planning. tr1976
  22. I added a new topic to forums regarding pre-run PQs. If there was just state.zip and country.zip which could be downloaded to the laptop then the problems would be gone...
  23. Hi all, I'm wondering whether it would make sense to offer pre-run pocket queries to at least the premium members? They could be updated daily or weekly, and one query could cover e.g. one US state or a country. I am quite certain that it would reduce the DB server load in gc.com save people's time figuring out the pocket query combinations to cover an area There are currently several sites leeching stats from gc.com in unoptimal ways as there is no real API for 3rd party sites. Those could also use the same zip files and more load would be away from the DB server again. This was a free hint, but I could pay twice the premium membership fee if this service was available. Best regards, tr1976
  24. Thanks! Good working methods... Luckily I have started to plan well ahead, so I can try things and tune up the PQs and all the devices, and learn from the best well ahead BTW, I assume GPRS data connections work in GSM cell networks in US & Canada, so that would extend the area where I can be on-line with my laptop from the WLAN hotspots only. The download rate is not as great but we're talking in a ten minute scale anyway. However, while washing the dishes, I came up with the thought, that why wouldn't GC.com offer the premium members pre-run PQs of each state/country? That would ease up the load on the database server as people would do most of the filtering on their own PCs. Maybe I'll set a separate thread on that. Cheers, tr1976
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