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  1. I came across these at Petsmart today while picking up a little Christmas gift for the dog in my life. They are designed to be attached to the dog's collar with a small slip of paper containing contact information of the owner's. This could be a fairly nasty micro. Photographed next to a penny to show off the size.
  2. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...8b-2a06571c9dcf Looking at other logs, maybe it is a good thing that I cache alone and via bicycle. Something you are better off taking photos at arms length with a digital camera. And that it was a chilly day, meaning that I put the attire on over a sweatshirt as opposed to going all the way.
  3. I found this one in Winnipeg, Manitoba this past weekend. The cache listing: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ce-f9dde42f9df8 The container:
  4. At Unleashed: At I Recall Central Park In Fall. You can see the original hidey hole at almost the immediate left of the picture. Not cool, but this was posted before I re-hid the cache in the same park after a muggling, and it shows the new location. But my favourite was posted this weekend at Still Yet Another "Grand" Word Search:
  5. Thanks! The forest area looks promising. I've got a small army of travel bugs coming out with me, so I'm avoiding micros. I think I'll be lucky with staying not too cold at the game. My seat is under the Jumbotron, so that should block the frigid North wind. I feel so sorry for the people in the south side temporary seating.
  6. I don't drive (never had a lesson) I'll probably be getting my 200th cache tomorrow or Thursday, and only a handful were found via car (as part of a group cache event). I'm very fortunate that my town has bike racks on the buses, which opens up a great variety of options for cache hunting. The only problem is with hiding is that they have to be within a reasonable walking distance of a bus stop, so I can check on them during the winter in case of trouble when the bicycle is in hibernation mode. It is disappoining to bike through a cache-less tract that is just covered in hiding places, but no way to check on it if needed.
  7. I'll be in Winnipeg in two weeks time for the Grey Cup, and was wondering if I could get some cache recommendations to hit while there. I've planned to visit the Mint, and will get any caches in that vicinity. I'm open to anything else. I don't drive, so the caches will need to be in walking or public transit distance from the airport area where my hotel is. Thanks.
  8. A couple hints from the Cambridge, Ontario area. It was because of the first one that I always decrypt before heading out. 1. On a multi where you're searching for a micro: NOTE: LEG 1 IS NOT AT THE BIG SIGN, DUE TO WASP NEST. Thanks a bunch! I would have rather known that before I started examining the area around the sign. 2. It is not in the tree stump. Now that I know where it isn't, how about a hint as to where it is? Of course, I'm pushing it with the hint on a new cache. I'm using 'At a natural meeting place', and the cache is hidden under the intersection of two fallen trees.
  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/76937082@N00/...57594278597931/
  10. http://good-times.webshots.com/album/554450191jWHHRe For those of you wondering about the red van photo, "I brake for dumbass caches" is written in dirt on the window.
  11. One of these days, I will drop that little disposable camera off to get it developed.
  12. Unable to resist the urge: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...0a-d17e2305c84d
  13. Right now, I'm trying to resist the urge to head down to a section of the railway tracks a few blocks from my house, where there is a lot of discarded material from the tracks, and pick up one of several sections of a railway crossing barricade abandoned in this location, and make it into a travel bug. The barricade is surprisingly light, but it is over 4 ft long. Do you think 'Barry' is too cheesy of a name for it?
  14. If I had the nerve to head up at Devil Made Me Do It, I would have hit the 150 mark, but I still had a blast participating in a half-marathon. Ah, the joys of having to keep your canine from trashing the house instead of cache hunting. Although I think I did a good job as tour guide, though. Being close enough to hear the radio resulted in several communications along the lines of "Local guy says don't turn left here". I thought you would have continued on to the Unleashed/Fritz area to grab the 5 caches near that trailhead, so I swung by there on the bike this morning only to notice the lack of vehicles and thereby continuing on to the grocery store. I'm upset I had to leave right before the weedy Mt. Trashmore hunt, and I guess I was wrong assuming you'd find the trail into the High on Methane cache. I took a look for you as the bus went down Strasburg Road, and noticed the Red Jeep still parked about 20 minutes after leaving the group. Although I doubt I would have been much help, that is a cache that you either have to find in the spring when the weeds are non existant, or get very lucky the rest of the year. I took pity on the folks at Langdon Trails 2, since I really didn't want people in shorts hunting through the poison ivy, and just beelined to the cache. Ditto at pioneer park, just substitute weeds for poison ivy. I wish I'd stuck with the group through Petersburg/Fibonacci, so I could show everybody where I emerged after foolishly decided to find out where the trail ended. Anyhow, maybe I'll find a way to do the full enchilada next year. Mmmmm enchilada.
  15. Alright. Here's a local's critique of the final route. I'd do Eenie Meenie before Pinebush Hustle Bustle and Blue Moose View, continuing along Queen. There is some parking alongside Strasburg Road for the Mt. Trashmore cache. I might provide the final co-ords for "High on Methane", since one of the waypoints has changed since the placing. I'd do TBG #1 after those. Construction would make the journey from that to Gnarly Dudes a challenge. From TBG#1, go to #7, and then to Stonehenge, exiting at Trussler. I hate to suggest my own cache be removed, but I'd take out Victoria Park Tour. With the Blues, Brews and BBQ's Festival and construction, access to the park via car would be very limited. I'd move Bechtel Park until after Stumped Key Chains. There is no access to Bechtel off General Drive. You could also add, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - Stage 3 which is close to Lancaster and Bridge street. That's all I can think of now. I'll confirm the High on Methane situation.
  16. I've also transformed some trash I'd found while out cache hunting into an actual cache. Mind you, it took me almost 11 months between finding the trash and turning it into a cache. It was a heavy plastic tobacco container that I washed out. Trash out. Cache in. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...af-f497cd3cc80c http://img.geocaching.com/cache/435483ab-c...5f889c2fa85.jpg
  17. A couple toys which became nice travel bugs: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=232056 http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=227721 Outside of that, a Sudoku puzzle book.
  18. I'm going to count myself as "in" for a half day, unless you hear otherwise. If you want the answers for "X-Marks the Spot", let me know.
  19. I've updated the best route to include the Cambridge caches. I added the general location of "Where'd I Leave My Keys", and added a couple caches in that area. As said before, it is a little far from the route. Also, Eenie Meenie is back in play. I made a slight alteration to the Kitchener portion of the route to remove some overlap. I'm hoping to do a dry run via bicycle of much of the Kitchener route on Friday. At the same time, I'm looking to place a cache specifically for the Marathon, and it is looking more likely that I'll try a half day of cache-ing and revisiting local caches. The only problem is that I work as a temp, and I won't know anything for certain until a few days prior. http://members.419eater.com/~homerjfong/Route.txt
  20. Last year, I was quite fortunate to have brought everything on the flight to Vancouver, since the fine folks at Air Canada left my luggage behind in Toronto. I had no desire to use it aboard the flight, though. But no problems going through security. The only problem was that my luggage never did get out to Vancouver, and I had to head out in the rain to do a last minute trade of a travel bug that might have not been allowed aboard the return flight: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=118918
  21. Here's a quick attempt to create a route for the caches located as part of the Kitchener-Waterloo portion of this. http://members.419eater.com/~homerjfong/Route.txt
  22. More route input. I'm still questionable about doing this, since I've got a lot of the caches, but I still think it might be interesting to do a portion of this, just to see other cachers experience ones that I have. Since I'd probably bicycle to the starting location if I did, would somebody be able to load it into a van for as long as I stayed? Eenie Meeny, if it back up by the caching day is solved along the route. For a couple of Multis, you don't have the 4th leg of the TBG series on the list and the Diamonds series is still out of order. Since I hid Breithaupts, I can give you a slight hint that it would fit perfectly between Woodside and Stumped Key Chains. The first point is just a couple blocks from the Woodside, and the final is in the same park as Stumped. Information on the other one can also be found online. Edit: Sorry, hit POST too soon. #9 (Where'd I Leave My Keys) is a couple kilometers from the co-ordinates provided, and not really along the route. #39 TBG #1, should probably follow the Trashmore/Methane double. Also, at least one of the waypoints for High on Methane is wrong, and I don't know if there has been corrections made. There is enough information still to find. #95, Just Another Ammo Can, could follow #44, X Marcs the Spot, with the group then going down Lackner Blvd to the trailhead for Fritz/Signals/Unleashed. I have a Members Only Cache - Krazy Homer's Used Cars that I'll un-members-only by the big day. It might serve as a replacement for By The Lake, which might be missing. The hider has not been active recently either. I might check out the hiding place over the next few days to confirm its presence/lack thereof. Missing caches: #4, #16, #20, #25, #35, #37, #38(See above) Lengthy caches that can't be done via car: #41, #83 (and thusly, #85) Concerning Planes Trains, as stated the stages are spread out. The first 3 are close to other caches on the list, but I'm hesitant to post too much of a spoiler. If you want, drop me a note and I'll give more information via PM. I might try to do some sort of street route for the K-W caches at some point. Edit #2: For a meeting place to start, I'd recommend Pinebush Hustle Bustle as a start. Lots of room to get parked and organized. Then onto Blue Moose, WT17-Cambridge World Tour, Charcoal, Bevy, and the canoe/wade to Grand Adventure. This is under the assumption that Eenie stays disabled. Edit #3: There will be a festival on in the downtown Kitchener area on the weekend of August 12th, including Victoria Park. Parking might not be possible, thus "Victoria Park Tour" might have to go as well.
  23. I got my first ever FTF tonight. The cache itself was no problem whatsoever. I opened the cache. Signed the log and traded travel bugs. And then I went to put the cache back. This is where the problem started. I couldn't find the lid for it. I looked on top of the small logs in the area. I checked all over the ground. I checked in my pockets. I checked in all the little hidey holes to see if I placed it in there, and the holes on the ground to see if I kicked it in there. No luck whatsoever. The only fortunate thing is one of the travel bugs was in a large Ziploc bag so I could seal the cache in that and replace it in a manner somewhat safe from the elements. Could someone please post a story of greater foolishness so I don't feel so dumb?
  24. If someone is willing to load my bicycle in the back of a van, I'd put myself as a definite maybe. Even though I've found a good number of caches on the list. I could always hold off on local caches for a bit. A few more things, A "Grand" Adventure is a wade to/canoe cache. Also, the Grand River was quite high in the spring, so the cache might not even be there any more. The Devil caches and the Langdon Trails can be done together. I'd move TBG #1 - Where it all begins between High on Methane, Low on Air and Stonehenge. You can continue down Homer Watson to the area of the TBG 1 cache, then go along either Highland or Ottawa streets to Stonehenge. Stonehenge is in a maze of side streets, though. Unleashed is along the same trail as On the Fritz and Bootlegged_signals - 01. The Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend caches are out of order. Mind you, I found the Final without using the information from #2.
  25. In a related question, if I were to sign up for a monthly membership, would it be possible to stop it over the winter months and then resume the subscription again in the spring? Since I generally cache via bicycle, it is not worth it for me to be a premium member during the winter, since I'm rarely visiting this site. Thanks.
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