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  1. would you mind sharing those examples where groundspeak is the correct form?
  2. Argh, rampant abuse of cyrillic letters. "Geotsatstshing.tsom"? Why not properly "ГЕОКАШИНГ.КОМ"? Doesn't look exotic enough?
  3. Hold down the ALT key, type 0, 1, 7, 6 on the keypad (not on the numbers in the top row), and then release the ALT key. If you ever wonder how to type a specific character, use the "Character Map" that Windows provides. You find it under Programs->Accessories->System Tools. Find the character you want, and in the lower right corner it will show you the key combination. A lowercase ö, for instance, is ALT+0246. This has admittedly not much to do with geocaching.
  4. I see. You copied the coordinates wrong. Try to not alter the coordinates at all. No editing anything out, leave everything as it is, spaces, degree signs, everything. Just select "N 42° 32.969 W 071° 06.634", copy, paste into google maps, done. Here is what you did, and should not do: The coordinates are: N 42° 32.969 W 071° 06.634 You took the degree signs and spaces out, and you moved the decimal point. Now you get: N 42.32969 W 071.06634 This is obviously incorrect. If you want decimal degrees (and I see no reason why you would), then the proper conversion is N 42° 32.969 = 42° + 32.969/60 = 42.54948°, and W 071° 06.634 = 71° + 6.634/60 = 71.11057° HTH
  5. Can you give an example? If I copy any coordinate set from a cache page straight into Google Earth or Google maps, it plots the point right where it should be. No editing the degree sign out either.
  6. Right now it says: You are posting a "needs maintainence" log entry. This will add an attribute and alert the owner. Click "yes" to continue. Of course this should be "maintenance". Please fix it. I looked for a way to contact the authorities without posting to the board, but I couldn't find it. Is it contact@, support@ or webmaster@? Also, @groundspeak or @geocaching? Thanks.
  7. upload it to one of your caches, then link to it
  8. Once again, you are eminently free to hide huge stashes of just about anything on NPS land. Then, you are free to deal with the NPS on your own terms when they call you on it. You are not free to use the private entity geocaching.com to advertise those stashes on NPS land unless the people who run geocaching.com agree to. As of right now, they don't. Is that REALLY that hard to understand?
  9. Or a lot more often. There are a lot of sadistic people out there. If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason. - Jack Handy.
  10. You may want to take a look at this discussion.
  11. This has been brought up before. Personally, I'd rather read each individual's feelings and experience about my cache, than get spammed with four, five, or six identical log entries. If they are old enough to have an account, or if you want to manage one for them, then someone needs to write separate logs for each account. Your log entries, to a very great extent, are the hider's only reward for hiding a cache. Show your appreciation and write good logs. Shouldn't the kids practice their typing and creative writing skills?
  12. Let me translate that properly: My god, I'm feeling sick. Rarely have I seen so much trash posted in one place. This kind of Bush-ism we could really do without. It's nice to know that there probably still is an occasional friendly American. Keep it up guys. "lol" Considering the current political climate in the world, am I the only one who sees Mr. Godwin here? For some reason I feel like I need to point out that despite appearances there actually are friendly Germans who do understand the issues at hand.
  13. Okay, I'll bite ... how do you know they are female? There are many reference sources. As an example, the Department of Entomology of Cornell has information about Tick Biology for the Homeowner. Look about a quarter of the way down the page.
  14. Last night I pulled eight female American dog ticks off my legs after walking through a couple hundred feet of knee high grass in shorts. Ain't she a beaut?
  15. Uh-huh. No. Why would you get all worked up about other people playing games?
  16. Posting about it on the forums is obviously not going to do any good. The scale of the problem suggests that the perpetrators are quite familiar with geocaching in general, geocaching.com, and they are likely to monitor the forums as well. Other than making you feel nice and warm inside and giving the impression that you "did something," kicking off a thread about it is only going to acknowledge the perpetrators' efforts, and give them useful input as everyone chimes in with "well, if I was going to do it, I would do X." Specifically, posting here is not going to stop the activity or identify anybody as the culprit. Since the problem is so severe, my course of action would be to keep it as quiet as possible in public places, and try to deal with it locally, with the help of trusted cachers who know the respective locations. Set up honey pot caches, involve the reviewers and Groundspeak. They have the resources to actually recognize patterns connected with disappearing caches. Keep quiet publicly. Maybe you'll identify who is behind this. There are lots of legitimate reasons why people oppose caching, but they should have the backbone to stand up for it. I wish you luck. Ah, peer pressure at its best. "I see there are 3 people watching my caches. Two of them have identified themselves. The third one must obviously be up to no good. Let's find him out and burn him!" Please no.
  17. I need an updated XML file to pass to findstats as an argument, I haven't found another way to interact with findstats. The idea was to generate a series of successively shorter versions of the AFPQ -- what it would have looked like had I downloaded it yesterday/the day before/before I logged my recent finds. I could bypass findstats and calculate the centroid myself, but then I'd need to import the respective functions for distance calculations from somewhere, or implement them myself -- something I hoped to avoid. Thanks, I'll look into that. Thanks for that, I'll take a look. Be aware though that this is going to get you more ignorant questions, beginning with where one'd get a compiler for it. I will go and see how far I can understand it. Thanks for the quick response.
  18. Because the new revision of fizzymagic's findstats program calculates the "centroid" of one's finds, I got an idea. For fun, I would like to calculate the centroid of my finds as it evolved with time. It would also be amusing to see if and how the centroids of cachers who do or don't cache together converge (or not). Useless? Sure, but fun to play with anyways. So I started to look into scripting. This is the idea (pseudocode): - take the allfinds PQ, read it into a hash table loop { - determine (next) most recent day with log entries (via sort) - write the (pruned) hash table back to gpx/xml - run findstats and parse its output - store centroid for the most recent day - remove all entries from the hash table for caches that were found on the most recent day } as long as there are entries in the hash table The result would be a table containing all days for which there were any logs, and the associated centroids. Although I'm comfortable with scripting (Perl) I didn't get very far. I have no trouble reading in the AFPQ via XML::Simple, also the data manipulations are no problem, but when I try to write it back to a gpx/xml file, findstats aborts with a generic "This program has terminated..." error message. This happens whether or not I did anything to change the data, i.e. a simple $href = XMLIn('filename', ...); $xml = XMLOut($href, ...); print $xml; will result in XML that findstats can't successfully read. There are options that can be passed to XMLIn() and XMLOut(), but I'm flying blind on what's appropriate there. So here are my questions: - Is this something that could be done with the existing findstats (e.g. does it allow command line switches restricting dates)? - Where do I learn (gently) about the Groundspeak xml schema so that I have a better idea what happens when I read in/write out gpx files? Thanks.
  19. Seeing that my cache submission was just rejected because it made use of quasi-religious sounding verbiage although it had no actual message, I'd be -- scratching my head if yours got approved.
  20. Wow, somebody noticed. Thanks everyone!
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