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  1. Thanks for that. The new page ( April 2017) doesnt show watchlist or favourites like the old page, so a few more clicks to make, folks.
  2. Yes, perhaps the second email prompted action which is good!? I was a bit quick to ask, you're right, but annoying that the TB appeared to be there as children enjoy this cache. Most of the Trackables I've released are now marked as missing, but one came to light buried deep in a premium members caching bag. They couldn't apologise enough and even put some extra miles on it to make up the journey. Sadly it's gone to ground again. Ah well.?
  3. I won a TB and put it in my cache. The finder (7 finds) took it but clearly doesnt know what to do with it. As the cache owner I have emailed twice but if its still in the inventory for another week I will mark it missing. This is disappointing behaviour from a new cacher. I rather like the idea of changing the title of the TB to Hops The Frog PERMANENTLY SQUASHED and marking it as missing.
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