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  1. Un TB Hotel es un cache, mediano o grande, con capacidad para contener bastantes bugs. En general está cerca de aeropuertos, puertos, estaciones de tren, etc. y tiene un alto tráfico de bugs. Es útil cuando se tienen bugs que necesitan salir del país para cumplir su misión, o para viajeros que van de pasada para dejar bugs en la zona. El objetivo del cache no es la búsqueda, y en general son fáciles de encontrar. -alf
  2. To me, if I don't have to literally dig (either with my hands or otherwise) it is fair game even if it is below ground level as the one you are showing us. I think the intent of the rule is to avoid damaging the area, and so we don't have to bring shovels. Personally I have found a couple that have actually required me to dig on loose dirt. I did not enjoy it. But I wouldn't object lifting a small log, a rock or a coconut shelf to grab a cache that is located in a preexisting cavity on the ground.
  3. Seeing it as a business, it wouldn't be a smart move considering that they commercialize the containers and TB tags that would decline as well if there weren't containers to hold them between cachers. They can, and probably will, do both. I see scenarios where a cache is not a possibility (inside museums, above a desert dune, under water, etc.), and challenges may work there. The pirate in me loves the thrill of the find and the expectation while I open a cache, even if I am the TNLN type. That's where the beach grotto and the trail side containers will continue to excel, because most of the community seems to like those. Even the cleverly hidden nano in plain sight to thousands of muggles is exciting in its own way, more than simply going to the place with my gps and snapping a photo standing there to check a challenge.
  4. It seems that we don't have many locals in this forum... I am in Heredia, and Conchal and Arenal are rather far from me, and I may move out of the country in the mid-term, so I wouldn't be a good prospect for an owner/caretaker. I believe geocaching needs to grow in the country and I appreciate you making the effort to set a couple caches while you were here. I may make a few too, provided that I have another geocacher to yield ownership to when I leave. I would recommend to look who is the owner of the caches nearer to your's location to see if they are interested in taking ownership. Also, if I find myself going around that area soon I may be able to rescue the TB and get it moving again. -alf
  5. I registered in January, but found my first cache a couple weeks ago. Now we are hooked. Not many caches in Costa Rica (much less well maintained), so even though we only have found a few, we are planning to start setting up some when we have about 50 finds. I was just shopping, and... are you guys into memes? http://shop.geocaching.com/default/review/product/list/id/823/category/88/ Yo dawg, so I heard you like logs, so we made a log cache to put a cache log in it, so you can log your log cache! -alf
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