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  1. After you have generated the GPX file, you can load it into the GPS with this Custom POI loader, that is supplied by Garmin. Hope this helps. Happy Hunting, CJB4589 - Claire & Jim
  2. I purchased a 60CSx from them about a month ago. No problems. Very easy transaction. I ordered it on a Sunday evening, it was shipped the next day and delivered 4 days later. Not too bad! I looked for this unit for about 3 months. Reseached all the possibilities and GPSonSale had the best price, without a doubt. I would definately buy from them again. Happy hunting, CJB4589 - Jim
  3. Good news, if you're just using the compass/waypoint arrow, there's no problem. Some more bad news... the unit only comes with base maps installed. If you want auto-navigation, you need to install the detail maps. If you are using the standard 64mb card that shouldn't take long to download the maps onto it, but first you need to install them on your PC and un-lock them. Once you get going with the new unit... it's Great!
  4. I've been following this thread and I have the custom POIs working fine with my 60CSx. The only question I have is how do you do a mass delete of all the custom POIs? I can mass delete the waypoints and geocaches from menu selections on the GPS, but not these. Is the only way to get rid of the current ones to overwrite them with a new file of custom POIs? I am using GSAK and the GPX file. Thanks in advance, Jim
  5. I just bought the 60csx unit from GPSonSale.com It cost $369.00 plus shipping from Mesa, AZ. With the $50 rebate, that brings the price down to $319.00. Not too bad! Thanks for reminding me... I need to send in for the rebate Happy hunting, CJB4589
  6. My wife and I started out with the Etrex Yellow over 2 years ago. We managed to find over 500 caches with it. Ranging from Boston to Las Vegas. We have had NO problems with it. We find it to be very accurate. We switched to a Legend a while back only because we decided the mapping features would be nice and we got a fantastic buy on it. We keep the "Yellow" as a backup unit now and it's attached to the laptop for real time navigation. I have no problem recommending the Etrex Yellow.
  7. Yes there is. It's Delorme's Street Atlas 2004. I have this application along with Metroguide 4.02 installed on my laptop. I find the voice to be a little irritating at times though.
  8. I use a Legend with my laptop. If your laptop has a serial port then you will NOT need anything else to connect the GPS. If it has only USB ports, then you will need a USB to Serial cable. They can be found on Ebay. I have 3 different mapping applications: Streets & Trips, Mapsource, and Delorme's Street Atlas. I like the Mapsource best. I think the map detail is very good. I use the Metroguide version 4.02 with it. This version has an autoroute feature. The Delorme Street Atlas also has autorouting and it talks to you when it's time to make a turn. But it is not an intutitive program to use. All the software packages have their pros and cons. The best suggestion is to find someone who uses one and see if you can get a demo and then make a decision.
  9. The orginal version I installed is 3 and the updated with the 5.0 downloa. In version 3, there's no "full install" choice.
  10. Hope someone can answer this question. I no longer wish to use the CDs, how do I transfer all of the data onto the hard drive and access the maps from there? Thanks for the help
  11. The NEOGEOcachers' website is up and running. Still have some additions/corrections to make. Hope it generates a lot of response for the group.
  12. Hello All, A few of us are coming down to the Cincinnati area this weekend. We're looking for some fun caches to do. We kinda want the terrain rating at about 1 to 1.5. Nothing too difficult. We're kinda tired!! Any suggestions??? Thnaks for the help - Happy Hunting, CJB4589 - Claire & Jim
  13. A new club is forming in the Cleveland, Ohio area and we are looking for fellow geocachers to join our ranks. The purpose of this club is to promote geocaching in this area and have some fun by getting together. The club is register on Yahoo! Groups. The address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NEOGeocachers/ If interested please use the link to register. Thank you, CJB4589 - Claire & Jim
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