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  1. So CSx is mostly said here, big - for me though is the €200,- in price. Color distinction for streams and other information is indeed a good + so that should be a good reason to buy a color edition. How does that work with battery life, is it much worse then the non color version?
  2. I'm looking for a replacement for my Garmin eTrex Vista becuase of poor quality (rubber band around the gps is coming of etc.) and stumbled on the Garmin GPSMAP 60 and his brother GPSMAP 60 cs. I want to use the gps for geocaching but also for some basic navigation in the car (where it should calculate the route of course). As I can see the main difference between these three is the color display, sensor and it's memory and the difference in costs are quite big between the non color version and the color version (about €200,-) so I would like to ask some questions. Is the colour display really a big +? I used my garmin vista for almost 2 years now and my uncle has the GPSMAP 60 cs, I can see it's sometimes a bit handy to see the difference between waypoints but I also see it as a little extra. I used my vista a long time now and I never had a moment where I wished for a colour display. So can some users tell me the big positive and negative effects of a color display and a non-color display? As I stated earlier I want to use the GPS mostly for geocaching, therefor extreme acuaracy us not really necessary because other geocachers don't always posses of high acuaracy equipment. So that brings me the next question; for what do you need high accuracy? And last but not least, the memory. I'm not really familiar with maps and memory for a gps and that's why I don't know the sizes of a map. I live in Holland and that's where I am doing most of my geocaching (of course) once a year we go on vacation to a other country. Can the GPSMAP 60 contain the whole map of Holland (GPSMAP 60 has 24 mb memory)? Thanks in advance for the answers on my question and your help
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