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  1. When I plug my Oregon 650 into base camp nothing shows in storage even though I have about 20 geocaches loaded. Garmin want me to send it back for a refurbished 650. This has happened before and I am now on my second refurbished in 5 years same problem. Also recently loaded geocaches not showing in my computer. All caches show on GPS and I can use it. Not happy about getting another refurbished as this seems to be a problem with them all. Thinking of getting a Oregon 750. Any advice very much appreciated
  2. Can anyone help me please. I have downloaded Garmin POI loader on my PC. On my old nuvi it was so easy to put PQs into my nuvi using a macro. Have been unable to do it on this model. I used Macro Nuvi_GPX_by_CT.Gsk.I get a box come up Nuvi GPX Exporter for Garmin POI Loader. From there Im stuck. I click BUILD GPX Files Then I click Run POI loader. Nothing happens. I have managed to download some caches without using a macro but all the caches go into My Favourites. I am over 70 and not good with technology so finding this very frustrating. Can anyone explain in detail what I have to do. I have obviously gone wrong somewhere. Thank you in anticipation.
  3. Suddenly having problem Downloading GPX file into GSAK. When I click on GPX on cache page a file downloads but its Memory Map. Cant find anywhere to go into GSAK. any ideas please
  4. re my previous post. I have had another go at the GSAK Macro Map_V3.gsak and found I had not opened the OS map. It works really well super OS map so I don't think I shall be bothering with the map enhancements until Groundspeak sort it out
  5. Ive tried the alternative on GSAK Macro and it works though not as detailed as GME. I have no OS on my maps at all now. Been in touch with Groundspeak no solution to the problem at all. They are saying one of my scripts is likely broken. So I uninstalled GME and reinstalled and the problem is still there. I run Greasemonkey and have had no problems up till now. Support have not replied to my last email so I can only assume they are having problems
  6. A great alternative although I'm hoping it gets sorted on GME too as I use it a lot for 'official' footpaths etc and many other things.
  7. A great alternative although I'm hoping it gets sorted on GME too as I use it a lot for 'official' footpaths etc and many other things.
  8. I have Memory Map GB 2014 disc version. Am unable to Transfer a Pocket Query into memory Map using a Macro via GSAK.I have run Macro rMME which is recommended by Follow The Arrow got as far as instruction #2 Display in Memory Map generation. This box is not there so I am unable to tick it. I have re installed Memory Map in case it had not installed properly but has made no difference. Have any of you any idea why this box is not there. I have ticked all the other boxes. I am not very good at technology so find this difficult. Pretty sure I have followed all the instructions. Any help much appreciated.
  9. Can no longer get my OS maps. Stacked icon still there loads of maps but no OS. I use Firefox and Greasemonkey when I check manage user script it say GME installed I checked that Leaflet is ticked and that's ok. Tried to un install and re install GME but still it has gone. I am not very competent on the computer so would appreciate some advice.
  10. I have been using OS maps on geocaching map enhancements with no problems.For a couple of weeks now no map shows when I go into OS only caches . I use Firefox and my GCE is now up to date version 0.6.4. I have this version on my laptop as well as my desktop PC.Can anyone advise me please
  11. I downloaded the OS map three weeks ago and it has been working fine. Today when I opened View larger Maps, the link on the top right of the map had gone so I am unable to get OS maps. Any ideas as to what has happened.
  12. Wow !!!After been advised by a fellow geocacher to download OS maps from Google Chrome I decided to give it a go. Its quite amazing so easy to download and use. I tried at first to download it from Firefox but had a problem with greasemonkey.Caused all sorts of problems with my PC. After doing a quick security scan I found that there were lots of infected cookies. Took me ages to sort the problems out.Is there anyone out there who has had the same problem.Thank you for this great app. barbycats
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