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  1. :D Would like to trade for my personal ?


    We just received our second coin from the mint via Landsharkz. Thanks to Chris and Helen - these coins are beautiful!


    This is a coin for our daughter who is a St. Patricks Day baby.


    We minted 100 of these coins, they are not trackable, but are numbered. We will be trading them, using them as FTF prizes and dropping them in caches along our travels. They are polished nickle...




    the words say:



    "One leaf is for hope... The second for Faith... The third for Love... And the fourth for Luck!"


    "The search for a cache is more precious Than it's Treasure!!"




  2. have send you the order !


    The first set of Schuylkill County Geocachers Coins

    were a great success,,

    Thank you everyone !!


    I have had many people requesting more of these coins.

    However, This was a limited edition of only 100 coins, so NO MORE nickel coins will be produced !!


    So. to make everyone happy..

    We are minting a Limited Edition set of 100 Schuylkill Geocachers Geocoins

    They will be minted in 2-tone Gold/Silver


    for more information click




    Pictures are of previous edition minted in nickel


  3. Hi there -


    We are holding our first event early next month (GCWKWA) in the hopes that this will be just one of many annual event caches. We're very excited about it and hope to bring more caching and coin interest to the area. I've been told that SD was the last state to place a geocache, so you can imagine where we stand with coins - few and far between. I'm very interested in geocoins - probably stems from coin collecting as a kid - and I am trying to find a way to get some at the event to give away as well as have people discover coins (if they so desire) and hopefully generate some enthusiasm in geocache coins in general. This will hopefully bring in enough interest to have us create a state and/or event coin in the next year. We have a couple coins that will be showcased but I would really like to make this a big thing at the event so people can begin to see and explore other areas of geocaching - and get some coins moving through area caches. Our area needs some positive input right now, and bringing coins to the area could go a long way to helping and redirecting people's energies to the positive side of caching.


    If anyone has any coins they would be willing to sell (or you know of anyone selling coins), at what you think is a reasonable cost, please email me. I am only starting my personal collection (this could be trouble!) so I don't have anything to trade - yet - LOL! I am doing this out of my pocket but am hoping to pick up a couple of really cool coins to give away to attendees and to make this kickoff event talked about for months to come! And when we design our own coin - and I really plan to push for that - we will bring it to you for input and eventually at best price possible. Thanks so much for reading!


    Sorry for sending such a long list ! Take your time and hope you find some interesting coins!


  4. As announced I herewith want to start the sale of the Irish-Hunter coin.


    Again some information about the project:

    The coin consolidates my two major hobbies: My dog, an Irish Terrier and, of course, geocaching. The practical experience shows that it is possible to perfectly combine these two hobbies. On one side of the coin the head of my dog (3D) is displayed as well as the tracking no. (the coin will be traceable on geocaching.com), and on the other side the logo of a German Irish Terrier association whose member I am and from whom I got the authorisation for this project.

    This association is aiming at the preservation of the health of the breed, and therefore is supporting corresponding research projects. My support of this organisation is US$ 1,--/per minted coin sold by me as well as some coins of each type as there are some crazy Irish Terrier item collectors.





    But now back to what is probably of more interest:


    All together 250 coins have been minted: 200 in brass and 50 LE in gold

    The gold coins are only for trade.


    The coin will be traceable at geocaching.com with its own icon!

    As some coins will be given to the association, and some will be placed in caches, I am going to sell 150 of the brass coins.


    The price for one brass coin is US$ 8,50 (plus shipping 1-2 coins: US$ 3,50, 3-5 coins US$ 4,50)


    To order please send an e-mail with the following information to: irish-hunter@cityweb.de:


    Your GC-name

    Personal name and address

    Paypal address

    number of coins (limit 5 coins)


    I will send then a paypal invoice and the coins will be shipped within one week.




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