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  1. Since my internet at home is down I can't post pictures.. but my sadness of the day before quickly passed as I got a new mailer yesterday! Thank you so much Drneal! The coin from the math trade came (Rochester Maze GPS coin)and it's very neat. I hadn't seen the coin before but I'm from Rochester NY. It has the Rochester Museum and Science center logo on the back which is pretty cool. It's not dog themed but this one was local and intriqued me! The big surprise though was not this neat coin that I knew was coming! It was instead the hitchhiker in the envelope with that coin. A lovely "Kathy's Coin" has been added to my collection. It's just stunning!! Even more beautiful then I could have imagined. I'll treasure it and keep a place in my binder next to it for the new one when it comes out! thank you!
  2. I called my post office and the guy basically laughed at me.. said it could be anywhere. I tolk him I know it's a long shot and he said he couldn't give me the number to the sorting station.. but he did take my info and said he'd call the nearest one. I told him roughly what it was (what I thought it was anyhow) so we'll see.
  3. My mialbox brought me a wonderful surprise.. and a very sad disappoinment yesterday. Sivota graciously sent me a surprise coin in the mail that she had gotten on a trade and thought would fit into my collection! (Thanks for thinking of me!!) Sadly the mailer was torn and only the card was left in the envelope.
  4. Lovely coin! I like the antique silver, then antique copper, then copper. :-)
  5. So I got home yesterday to find a mailer on my front porch (my mailman doesn't use the mail box so my front porch is my mailbox). I was confused since I haven't ordered anything recently and I know it's too quick for the math trade mailers.. so I picked it up and took it inside. Well I flipped it over to open it and gasped when I saw a big rip in the back of the envelope. I quickly ripped it open and read the beautiful card.. from Sivota who thought of me when she got a coin in a trade that she graciously thought would fit into my collection and sent my way. Sadly there was no coin in the envelope. It escaped somewhere between the USA and the Netherlands Thank you so much for thinking of me! I don't even know what coin it was! (don't know if I want to now I might just be sadder to know what was almost mine! )
  6. Whoever said you can't buy happiness never purchased a puppy!
  7. Yeah.. I just spent $100 on doggie meds and flea/tick preventive. My geodogs would appreciate a with drawl if you post your bank account info..lol.
  8. The first thing the post office guy said to me as I was handing him four international packages was "any going to cananda".. I said yes.. then stopped and said.. actually no.. not this time lol. Two Netherlands, one Germany, and one Spain.
  9. Bacon is never pointless! In fact bacon is the food that makes other foods worth eating!! My response to someone's thread in the off topic section about bacon!
  10. All 7 packages sent today for the math trade- after 1/2 hour of packing them up at a picnic table outside of taco bell.. there were a couple of arguments with the packing tape I brought.. but I won so they should be all on their way! No coins going to Cananda (thank goodness!) but there were two to the netherlands, one germany and one spain among the USA state bound envelopes. Enjoy!
  11. congrats to all who recieved this nice coin. And a nicely timed send for Drneal! Nice job mystery giver! It is quite neat!
  12. This is turning out to be an interesting mission already.. hehe.. there's evil mayhem.. and someone has already asked me to find out their mission reciepent's shirt and shoe size. I'm waiting for someone to ask me to find out the age old the "boxers or briefs" for their receiver.. hehe...
  13. Don't worry if it's difficult to get a coin that the person is looking for.. some people have very specific hard to find want lists.. mainly because they have been collecting for so long! If you can find a type of coin that fits something that they enjoy outside of geocaching I'm sure they'll enjoy the mission you put together. :-) Remember it's about creativity so if you have to be creative and find something that isn't on their want list that's ok! I don't think anyone in this mission will be upset if you can't find a coin they need.
  14. Love the Manatee with the duck ring! Can you tell me more about it?
  15. Cute package of Keewee birds, a koala bear, & 3 sheep brought me some fun presents. They came bearing Some yummy pineapple chunk candy, a New Zealand key chain, and postcard and some nice coins: A beautiful Jack Russel Terrier Sun Catcher Coin A New Zealand Flag Micro And the traveling keewee's Mission GeoTag #3 Thanks for this cute mission!
  16. I posted the coins that didn't make the math trade lines in the normal trades thread. If anyone is interested in any of these coins and didn't get them in this math trade please feel free to contact me. I primarily collect dog and sheep coins.
  17. Math trade has been calculated so I have the following coins that didn't make the trade lines up for grabs. I collect dog and sheep coins. You can check out my profile for the coins I currently do have. Thanks! COINS AVAILABLE FOR TRADE: Beijing Observatory Brawny Bear Clan Caching in the Holidays Snowglobe Denver Benchmark Micro Geo Olympics Geocide Geocoin Hawaii Micro Hibiscus Holiday Lights (green glitter) Lost Coast Cachers Made in China Geocoin Not another Micro 2007 Nutcracker 2008 Northern Atlantic Lobster Geocoin (Green & Orange) Not Another Micro 2007 Geocoin (grey, brown, tan camo) Prairie Towers Red Cross Geocoin Reel Cito Geocoin Team Legoes 2006 10 10 10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin
  18. Should note that I'm updating my have/want list as we speak since I got 7 new trades coming in the math trade!
  19. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
  20. Hmm.. why are you rolling your eyes? Bad match?
  21. I've PM'd everyone with their mission assignments! Thanks to all for joining! now the fun begins!! Let me know if you did not recieve an assignment.
  22. "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." -dead poets society
  23. What a great tribute to pay to someone you love! Reading your posts and how much you talk about Kathy loving animals I would say the dog park is a very touching memorial and she would have loved it! Congrats on the opening of the park I know that you have worked so hard on opening for the community and in honor of your wife's memory! I don't have one of the originals (though I think it's beautiful and would hope to some day obtain one)but I can't wait to see the coin that you come up with this time around!
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